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2008   TOWSEY M, '‘All partners may be enlightened and improved by reading them’: the distribution of enlightenment books in Scottish subscription library catalogues, 1750–c.1820.', JSHS (2008) 20–43.
  WILKINS-JONES C ed, The minutes, donation book and catalogue of Norwich City Library, founded in 1608., Norwich : Norfolk Record Society (2008) pp xiii + 337.
  WOODSON-BOULTON A, 'Victorian museums and Victorian society.', History Compass (2008) 109–46.
  AUCHMUNTY R, 'Early women law students at Cambridge and Oxford.', Journal of Legal History (2008) 63–97.
  DARROW MH, 'In the land of Joan of Arc: the civic education of girls and the prospect of war in France, 1871–1914.', French Historical Studies (2008) 263–91.
  EMERSON RL, Academic patronage in the Scottish Enlightenment: Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews universities., Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press (2008) pp x + 638.
  EVERS CW & KATYAL K, 'Educational leadership in Hong Kong schools, 1950–2000: critical reflections on changing themes.', JEAH (2008) 251–64.
  GOODMAN J, 'Conservative woman or woman Conservative? Complicating accounts of women's educational leadership.', Paedogigica Historica (2008) 415–28.
  HARWOOD WA, The college as school: the case of Winchester College. BURGESS C & HEALE M eds, The late medieval English college and its context., Woodbridge : York Medieval Press (2008) 230–52.
  HUNTLEY D, 'Richmond, the American International University in London.', British Heritage (2008) 178
  KEOGH D & MCDONNELL eds, The Irish College, Rome, and its world., Dublin : Four Courts Press (2008) pp xi + 296,il.
  LAMMERS BJ, '‘The citizens of the future’: educating the children of the Jewish east end, c.1885–1939.', Twentieth Century British History (2008) 393–418.
  LE MAY K, 'The pupils of the Threadneedle Street Church's charity school 1719–1802: part 1.', Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland (2008) 107–21.
  MARTIN J, 'Engendering city politics and educational thought: elite women and the London Labour Party, 1914–1965.', Paedogigica Historica (2008) 397–413.
  MOORE M, 'Social control or protection of the child? The debates on the Industrial Schools Acts, 1857–1894.', Journal of Family History (2008) 359–87.
  OTTEWILL R, 'Cotton versus Ashmall: a microcosmic view of the 1902 Education Act.', HER (2008) 84–94.
  SANTESSO A, 'Playful poetry and the public school.', Eighteenth Century Life (2008) 57–80.
  STEPHEN E, 'The introduction of English-language education in early colonial Hong Kong.', History of Education (2008) 383–408.
  SUTTON AF, The Hospital of St Thomas of Acre of London: the search for patronage, liturgical improvement, and a school, under Master John Neel, 1420–63. BURGESS C & HEALE M eds, The late medieval English college and its context., Woodbridge : York Medieval Press (2008) 199–229.
  TOMLINSON D, 'Education in eighteenth-century Colchester 1700–1815.', Essex Archaeology and History (2008) 116–36.
  TSCHURENEV J, 'Diffusing useful knowledge: the monitorial system of education in Madras, London and Bengal, 1789–1840.', Paedogigica Historica (2008) 245–64.
  WAMAGATTA EN, 'African quest and struggle for high schools in colonial Kenya: the case of the abortive Kiambu Local Native Council Central High School at Githunguri, 1926–34.', JAAS (2008) 345–62.
  WESTERN MR ed, Diary of an Edwardian school: Slade School: the first 100 years., Studley, Warwickshire : History into Print (2008) pp xvi + 328.
  WILLEMSEN A, Back to the schoolyard: the daily practice of medieval and Renaissance education., Turnhout : Brepols (2008) pp 324,il.
  WILLIAMS HG, 'Welsh students at the Borough Road Training College, Southwark, 1843–58.', Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion (2008) 73–95.
  SHARP JS & CLARK JK, 'Between the country and the concrete: rediscovering the rural–urban fringe.', City and Community (2008) 61–79.
  STERCKX M, 'Agorafobie of ‘agorafilie’?: publiek beeldhouwwerk van vrouwlijke makelij in Parijs, London en Brussel, 1750–1950.', Stad (2008) 1–22.
  STOBART J, 'Manchester and its region: networks and boundaries in the eighteenth century.', Manchester Region History Review (2008) 66–80.
  WARREN I, 'London's cultural impact on the English gentry: the case of Worcestershire, c.1580–1680.', Midland History (2008) 156–78.
  CLARKE HB, 'Taking a long-term view: a note on Richard III and Dublin.', Ric (2008) 54–7.
  KUSENBACH M, 'A hierarchy of urban communities: observations on the nested character of place.', City and Community (2008) 225–49.
  KYLE CR., 'Afterword: remapping London.', Huntingdon Library Quarterly (2008) 243–53.
  MARTIN AM, 'Sewage and the city: filth, smell, and representations of urban life in Moscow, 1770–1880.', Russian Review (2008) 243–74.
  NEWLAND P, 'Global markets and a market place: reading EastEnders as the anti-docklands.', Journal of British Cinema and Television (2008) 72–87.
  ZECKER R, Metropolis: the American city in popular culture., Westport : Praeger (2008) pp 286.
  BHATTACHARYA S, G.W.M. Reynolds: rewritten in 19th-century Bengal. HUMPHRERYS A & JAMES L eds, G.W.M. Reynolds: nineteenth-century fiction, politics, and the press., Aldershot : Ashgate (2008) 249–60.
  BRIDGAM EA, Spaces of the sacred and profane: Dickens, Trollope, and the Victorian cathedral town., New York : Routledge (2008) pp ix + 192.
  BROADWAY J, 'Aberrant accounts: William Dugdale's handling of two Tudor murders in The Antiquities of Warwickshire.', Midland History (2008) 2–20.
  CUEVAS S, Babylon and golden city: representations of London in black and Asian British novels since the 1990’s., Heidelberg : Inter (2008) pp 245.
  DALY S, 'Spinning cotton: domestic and industrial novels.', Victorian Studies (2008) 272–8.
  GAUHAN M, 'Palatable socialism or ‘the real thing’? Walter Greenwood's ‘Love on the Dole’.', Literature and History (2008) 47–61.
  KENNEDY-ANDREWS E, Writing home: poetry and place in Northern Ireland, 1968–2008., Woodbridge : D.S. Brewer (2008) pp xii + 306.
  LEVINSON J, Exiles on main street: Jewish American writers and American literary culture., Bloomington : Indiana University Press (2008) pp x + 239,il.
  MARGIOLES E, New York and the literary imagination: the city in twentieth century fiction and drama., Jefferson : McFarland (2008) pp viii + 198.
  MAZZENO LW, The Dickens industry: critical perspectives 1836–2005., Woodbridge : Boydell & Brewer (2008) pp 317.
  NEWMAN K, '‘Goldsmith's ware’: equivalence in A chaste maid in Cheapside.', Huntingdon Library Quarterly (2008) 97–113.
  KILDAY A-M & WATSON KD, 'Infanticide, religion and community in the British Isles, 1720–1920.', Family and Community History (2008) 84–99.
  KILDAY A-M, '‘Monsters of the vilest kind’: infanticidal women and attitudes to their criminality in eighteenth-century Scotland.', Family and Community History (2008) 100–15.
  LERWIS ME, 'A traitor's death? The identity of a drawn, hanged and quartered man from Hulton Abbey, Staffordshire.', Antiq (2008) 113–24.
  LUCJETT M, 'The ‘wide awake citizens’: anti horse-thief associations in south central Wisconsin, 1865–1890.', Wisconsin Magazine of History (2008) 16–27.
  LYNCH J, Deception and detection in eighteenth-century Britain., Aldershot : Ashgate (2008) pp xiii + 218.
  MCCLIVE C, 'Blood and expertise: the trials of the female medical expert in the ancien-régime courtroom.', Bulletin of the History of Medicine (2008) 86–108.
  MCGLYNN S, 'Violence and the law in medieval England.', History Today (2008) 53–9.
  MACHIELS C, 'Dealing with the issue of prostitution; mobilizing feminisms in France, Switzerland and Belgium (1875–1920).', Women's History Review (2008) 195–205.
  MCMAHON R ed, Crime, law and popular culture in Europe, 1500–1900., Cullompton : Willan (2008) pp 288.
  MARTIN L, 'Boredom, drugs, and schools: protecting children in gentrifying communities.', City and Community (2008) 331–46.
  MUSSON A, Court venues and the politics of justice. SAUL N, Fourteenth century England V., Woodbridge : Boydell Press (2008) 161–77.
  PENN N, '‘Close and merciful watchfulness’: John Montagu's convict system in the mid-nineteenth-century Cape Colony.', Cultural and Social History (2008) 465–80.
  ROUSSEAU GS, 'The kiss of death and cabal of dons: blackmail and grooming in Georgian Oxford.', Journal of Historical Sociology AND Journal of Historical Studies (2008) 368–96.
  SHOEMAKER RB, 'The Old Bailey Proceedings and the representation of crime and criminal justice in eighteenth-century London.', Journal of British Studies (2008) 559–80.
  SHORE H, Punishment, reformation, or welfare: responses to ‘the problem’ of juvenile crime in Victorian and Edwardian Britain. JOHNSTON H ed, Punishment and control in historical perspective., Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan (2008) pp 158–76.
  SMITH N, Warrior kings: the South London gang wars 1976–1982., Clacton on Sea : Apex (2008) pp viii + 229,il.
  STOBART J, 'The local demography of deviance: crime, illegitimacy and prostitution in Britain 1700–2000.', Local Population Studies (2008) 15–21.
  TROTTER H, 'Dockside prostitution in South African ports.', History Compass (2008) 673–90.
  WANROOIJ BPF, 'Josephine Butler and regulated prostitution in Italy.', Women's History Review (2008) 153–71
  WERNER A ed, Jack the Ripper and the East End., London : Chatto & Windus (2008) pp 287,il.
  WHITE M, '‘Rogues of the meaner sort’? Old Bailey executions and the crowd in the early nineteenth century.', London Journal (2008) 135–53.
  WILLIAMS O, 'Exorcising madness in late Elizabethan England: the seduction of Arthington and the criminal culpability of demoniacs.', Journal of British Studies (2008) 30–52.
  WYATT I ed, Calendar of summary convictions at petty sessions 1781–1837., Bristol : Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (2008) pp xxii + 530.
  YETTER L, 'Criminal knowledge: mapping murder in (and onto) early modern metropolitan London.', London Journal (2008) 97–118.
  ARNADE PJ, Beggars, iconoclasts, and civic patriots: the political culture of the Dutch Revolt., Ithaca : Cornell University Press (2008) pp xiv + 352.
  BEIER AL & OCOBOCK PR eds, Cast out: vagrancy and homelessness in global and historical perspective., Athens : Ohio University Press (2008) pp 408.
  BRESSEY C, 'Down but not out: the politics of the east end poor and those who investigated their lives (review essay).', Journal of Urban History (2008) 688–94.
  COUSINS M, 'Poor relief and families in nineteenth-century Ireland and Italy.', History of the Family (2008) 333–426.
  HALL R, 'The vanishing unemployed, hidden disabled, and embezzling master: researching Coventry Workhouse registers.', Local Historian (2008) 111–21.
  HAZIRJIAN LG, 'Combating need: urban conflict and the transformations of the war on poverty and the African American freedom struggle in rocky Mount, North Carolina.', Journal of Urban History (2008) 639–64.
  HURREN ET, 'Whose body is it anyway? Trading the dead poor, coroner's disputes, and the business of anatomy at Oxford University, 1885–1929.', Bulletin of the History of Medicine (2008) 775–818.
  LEVENE A, 'Children, childhood and the workhouse: St Marylebone, 1769–1781.', London Journal (2008) 41–59.
  MCDONOUGHA S, 'Impoverished mothers and poor widows: negotiating images of poverty in Marseille's courts.', Journal of Medieval History (2008) 64–78.
  PITHOUSE R, 'A politics of the poor: shack dwellers’ struggles in Durban.', JAAS (2008) 63–94.
  QUINN M., 'A failure to reconcile the irreconcilable? Security, subsistence and equality in Bentham's writings on the civil code and on the poor laws.', HPT (2008) 320–43.
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  MACKNIGHT V, 'For king, for country: changing ‘good’ behaviour in Victoria, 1930s and 1950s.', Australian Journal of Politics and History (2008) 55–68.
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