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1976   SEALEY R, A history of the Greek city states ca 700-338 BC., Berkeley : California UP (1976) pp xxi+516, il
  LOVEDAY LC, A history of the Nelson Thomlinson School, Wigton, Cumbria 1714-1976., Wigton : Nelson Thomlinson School (1976) pp 218, il
  DAY RA, 'Urban distance cognition: review and contribution.', AU (1976) 193-200.
  MERRIAM PG, 'Urban elite in the far west: Portland, Oregon 1870-1890.', Arizona and the West (1976) 41-52.
  UNWIN RW, 'The Aire and Calder navigation: Pts 1 & 2.', Bradford Antiquary (1976) 53-86; 151-86.
  McCLUSKY J, 'The city as force: three novels by Cyprian Ekwensi.', Journal of Black Studies (1976) .
  ROSS DR, 'Beer and synergism: a tale of two cities.', North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies (1976) 57 -72.
  WILKENFELD BM, 'New York City neighbourhoods 1730.', New York History (1976) 165-182.
  SELLER M, 'The education of immigrant children in Buffalo, New York 1890-1916.', New York History (1976) 183-200.
  SCHNEIDER JC, 'Public order and the geography of the city: crime, violence and the police in Detroit 1845-1875.', Journal of Urban History (1976) 183-208.
  TUCEY M & HORNBECK D, 'Anglo immigration and the hispanic town: a study of urban change in Monterey, California 1835-1900.', Social Science Journal (1976) .
  KLOPPENBORG A ed, 'Vancouver: pioneer days, 1860s-1890s.', Urban Reader (1976) 4-31.
  SAMBOURNE RC, Exeter: a century of public transport., Falmouth : Glasney (1976) pp 104, il
  Exploring Halifax, Toronto : Greey de Pencier (1976)
  Bristol past and present. a pictorial record of the ancient city of Bristol., Oxford : Oxford Illustrated (1976) pp 63, il
  GROSSMAN A, 'The Warsaw Ghetto uprising in the American Jewish press.', Wiener Library Bulletin (1976) 53-61 .
  A picture of Horsham., Chichester : West Sussex Library & Archives (1976) pp 30, il
  PARROT EV, A pocket history of Rickmansworth., Rickmansworth : Author (1976) pp 14, il
  TAYLOR DV, Blacks in Minnesota: a preliminary guide to historical sources., St Paul : Minessota Historical Soc (1976)
  BEVIS TA, The Ipswich bellfounders., Hadlow : J Hannon (1976) pp 10
  HUGHES M, The small towns of Hampshire: the archaeological and historical implications of development., Southampton : Archaeological Committee (1976) pp 154, il
  LEWIS PF, New Orleans: the making of an urban landscape., Cambridge, Mass : Ballinger (1976) pp xiv+115, il
  ARCHDEACON TJ, New York City 1664-1710: conquest and change., Ithaca, NY : Cornell UP (1976) pp 197, il
  GEORGE MD, London Life in the eighteenth century., Harmondsworth : Penguin (1976) pp 457
  WEBB DM, 'Andrea Biglia at Bologna, 1424-7: a humanist friar and the troubles of the church.', International History Review (1976) 41-59.
  PRESTON RP, 'W. E. Gladstone and his disputed election expenses at Newark 1832-1834.', Thoroton Society Transactions (Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire) (1976) 73-9.
  MATTHEWS R, There's no better place than here: social change in three Newfoundland communities., Toronto : Peter Martin (1976)
  MOORE K, Those of the street: the Catholic Jews of Mallorca: a study in urban cultural change., Notre Dame, Ind : Notre Dame UP (1976) pp 288
  SMITH WC, Tredegar my town: the collected jottings of W. C. Smith., Risca : Starling (1976) pp 115, il
  WHITE D & CRIMMINS T, 'Urban structure, Atlanta.', Journal of Urban History (1976) 231-52.
  KING E, Old times revisited in the borough and parish of Lymington., Winchester : Shurlock (1976) pp 321, il
  GRANT RCM, Horse and buggy days in Maintown., Gardenvalle, Q : Harpells (1976) pp 172, il
  JORDAN WC et al, Order and innovation in the middle ages: essays in honor of Joseph R.Strayter., Princeton : Princeton UP (1976) pp xii+582
  CLARK P, 'English urban history, 1500-1780.', Urban History Yearbook (1976) 37-8.
  DAUNTON MJ, 'House-ownership from rate books.', Urban History Yearbook (1976) 21-7.
  ROULEAU B, Le trace des rues de Paris., Paris : editions du CNRS (1976)
  STELTER GA, 'Current research in Canadian urban history.', Urban History Review (1976) 27-36.
  Aberteifi y dref: Cardigan the town., Carmarthan : Dyfed Library Service (1976) pp 36, il
  HULL RW, African cities and towns before the European conquest., New York : WW Norton (1976) pp 138
  PINI AI, La popolazione di Imola edel suo territorio nel XIIIe XIV secolo., Bologna : Patron (1976) pp 211
  SESSIONS WK, Printing in York from the 1490s to the present day., York : Author (1976) pp viii+165, il
  HUNT LA, 'Committees and communes: local politics and national revolution in 1789.', Comparative Studies in Society and History (1976) 321-46.
  RUSHMAN G, 'Towards new cities in Australia (recent developments).', Town Planning Review (1976) 4-25.
  McTAGGART WD, 'Urban policies in an Indonesian city: the case of Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi.', Town Planning Review (1976) 56-81.
  WARD G et al, Memories of old Walton and Weybridge., Walton : Walton & Weybridge Local History Soc (1976) pp 49
  SALMON M, 'L'Enfant and the planning of Washington, DC.', History Today (1976) 699-706.
  LINDGREN C, 'Nathaniel Hawthorn, consul at Liverpool.', History Today (1976) 516-24.
  WISEMAN TS, Sheffield., Huddersfield : Advertiser (1976) pp 44
  VAISEY D, 'Court records and the social history of seventeenth-century England.', History Workshop Journal (1976) 185-90.
  SAMUEL R, 'Local history and oral history.', History Workshop Journal (1976) 191-1208.
  OSBORN G, Cowper country: an introduction to the town of Olney, and the immediate neighbourhood., Olney : Author (1976) pp ii-xii + 96, il
  HEUTZ DE LEMPS C, Géographie du commerce de Bordeaux à la fin du règne de Louis XIV., Paris : Mouton (1976) pp 660
  SHELTON BK, Reformers in search of yesterday: Buffalo in the 1890s., Albany : New York State UP (1976) pp vii+245
  PARTNER P, Renaissance Rome 1500-1529: a portrait of a society., Berkeley : California UP (1976) pp xi+241, il
  DABNEY V, Richmond: the story of a city., Garden City : Doubleday (1976) , [repr 1990]
  STRACHAN AJ & BOWLER IR, 'The development of public parks and gardens in the city of Leicester.', East Midlands Geographer (1976) 275-83.
  LONG NE, 'The city as a system of perverse incentives.', Urbanism Past and Present (1976) .
  MOWAT RD, All's fair: the story of Ontario's oldest fair and its home, Williamstowns., no publisher (1976) pp 111, il
  BUCHANAN RA, Brunel in Bristol, in McGrath P & Cannon J eds, Essays in Bristol and Gloucestershire history., Bristol : Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological Society (1976)
  KORNHAUSER D, Urban Japan: its foundations and growth., London : Longmans (1976) pp xiv+180, il
  FOSBROOKE TD, An original history of the City of Gloucester., Dursley : A Sutton (1976) pp viii+238, [repr] il.
  HEIGHWAY CM, Ancient Gloucester: the story of the Roman and medieval City., Gloucester : Gloucester City Museum (1976) pp 18
  SWIFT R, Anti-Catholicism and Irish disturbances: public order in mid-Victorian Wolverhampton., Lexington : Kentucky UP (1976)
  LANDER P, In the shadow of the factory: social changes in a Finnish community., Cambridge, Mass : Schenkman (1976)
  'A supplement to the London inhabitants list of 1695 compiled by staff at the Guildhall Library. Pt. 2.', Guildhall Studies in Londonl History (1976) 136-57.
  'Early Methodism in Gainsborough.', Epworth Witness (1976) 150-4.
  NUSSBAUM R, 'The ring is smashed: the New Orleans municipal election of 1896.', Louisiana History (1976) .
  'Lutterworth in 1509.', Leicestershire Historian (1976) 17-25.
  WHITEHEAD D, The book of Worcester: the story of the city's past., Chesham : Barracuda (1976) pp 3-48, il
  FERNOW B ed, The records of New Amsterdam from 1653 to 1674., Baltimore : Genealogical (1976) 7 vols
  KEARNS RHB, Silverton: a brief history., Broken Hill : Broken Hill Hist Soc (1976) pp 76
  PRUIS A, The canals of Amsterdam., New York : Peebles (1976) pp 127, il
  LYNCH LG, The changing face of Ellesmere Port., Ellesmere Port : Author (1976) pp 119, il
  MARCHIONE WP, 'The 1949 Boston charter reform.', New England Quarterly (1976) 373-98.
  CHERUBINI G, La proprieta fondiara nei secoli XV-XVI nella storiografia italiana., Norwich : Jarrold (1976) pp 28, il
  NELLES HV, 'Public ownership of electrical utilities in Manitoba and Ontario 1906-30.', Canadian Historical Review (1976) 461-84.
  GRESHAM CA, 'The township of Neigwl.', Caernarvonshire Historical Society Transactions OR (1976) 10-42.
  CEBULA J, 'Kennedy Heights: a fragmented hilltop suburb.', Cincinnati Historical Society Bulletin (1976) .
  HOOTON J, 'Hull subscription library closure and sale.', Library History (1976) 11-12.
  LEWIS DL, District of Columbia: a bicentennial history., New York : WW Norton (1976) pp xiii+208
  OLSON SH, Baltimore., Cambridge, Mass : Ballinger (1976)
  PEPPER T, 'D'ye mind the day': pictures and memories from yesterdays 'Belfast Telegraph'., Belfast : Blackstaff (1976) pp 2-108, il
  IRWIN RT ed, A history of Randolph township., Hicksville, NY : Exposition (1976) pp xi+204, il
  Beautiful valley: a history of Wilmington and district 1876-1976., Wilmington, SA : Wilmington District Centennial Committee (1976) pp 207, il
  MORRISSEY LJ, 'English pageant wagons.', Eighteenth Century Studies (1976) 353-74.
  JALLAND P, 'The 'revolution' in northern borough representation in mid-fifteenth century England.', Northern History (1976) 27-51.
  PENNA AN, 'Changing images of twentieth century Pittsburgh.', Pennsylvania History (1976) 49-63.
  TAYLOR AS, Scarborough Fair., Milnthorpe : Author (1976) pp 79, il
  DE GRAND A, 'Women under Italian fascism.', Historical Journal (1976) 947-68.
  ROY PE, 'The preservation of the peace in Vancouver: the aftermath of the anti-Chinese riot of 1887.', British Columbia Studies (1976) 44-59.
  BARTON DR, 'Religious censuses.', Bulletin of Local History (1976) 29-30.
  HAAG J, 'Blood on the Ringstrasse: Vienna's students 1918-33.', Wiener Library Bulletin (1976) 29-33.
  BOTZ G, 'National Socialist Vienna: antisemitism as a housing policy.', Wiener Library Bulletin (1976) 47-55.
  LEVENTHAL FM, 'The urban landscape.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1976) 485-94.
  STORCH RD, 'The policeman as domestic missionary: urban discipline and popular culture in Northern England, 1850-1880.', Journal of Social History (1976) 481-509.
  POULSEN C, Victoria Park: a study in the history of East London., London : Stepney Books (1976) pp 128, il
  QUAILE BG, A century of unity., Author (1976) pp 38
  POWER PC, Carrick-on-Suir and its people., Dun Laoghaire : Anna Livia Books (1976) pp 192, il
  LOUW PVJ, Wagon tracks and orchards: early days in Sandton., Johannesburg : Donker (1976) pp 136, il
  CRAWFORD CW, Yesterday's Memphis., Miami : EA Seemann (1976)
  McIVER SB, Yesterday's Palm Beach., Miami : EA Seemann (1976)
  MASSEY D, 'Class, racism and bussing in Boston [Mass].', Annales (1976) 37-49.
  PALMER WM, Cambridge Castle., Cambridge : Oleander (1976) pp 40, il
  REEVE A, Cambridge., London : Batsford (1976) pp 184, il
  ATKINS P, Guide across Manchester: a tour of the city centre including the principal streets and their buildings., Manchester : Civic Trust for the North West (1976) pp 108, il
  Hale and around: its past in pictures., Altincham : Sheratt (1976) pp 90, il
  BORDES M ed, Histoire de Nice., Toulouse : Privat (1976) pp 510
  VOORSANGER J, 'The relief work in San Francisco.', Western States Jewish Historical Quarterly (1976) .
  NUTTGENS P, York: the continuing city., London : Faber (1976)
  OMRCANIN I, Zagreb, Croatian Spring., Philadelphia : Dorrance (1976)
  SPINDEL DJ, 'Anchors of Empire: Savannah, Halifax and the Atlantic Frontier.', American Review of Canadian Studies (1976) 88-103.
  BRYANT K, 'Cathedrals, castles and roman baths: railway station architecture in the urban south.', Journal of Urban History (1976) 195-230.
  PETERSON JA, 'The city beautiful movement: forgotten origins and lost meanings.', Journal of Urban History (1976) .
  GOLDFIELD DR, 'Urban-rural relations in the old South.', Journal of Urban History (1976) 146-69.
  LAFRANCE M, 'Evolution physique et politiques urbaines: Québec sous le régime français.', Urban History Review (1976) 3-22.
  INGHAM JN, 'Rags to riches revisited: the effect of city size and related factors on the recruitment of business leaders.', Journal of American History (1976)
  PLATELLE H, 'Cambrai et le Cambresis au XVe siècle.', Revue du Nord (1976) 349-82.
  GRAIG J & FROSZTEGA J, 'The distribution of population in Great Britain by ward and parish density, 1931, 1951 and 1961.', Area (1976) 187-90.
  MARSDEN P, 'Two Roman public baths in London.', London and Middlesex Archaeological Society Transactions (1976) 1-70.
  NOBLETT W, 'From Sheffield to North Carolina [emigration of Sheffield radical in 1795].', History Today (1976) 23-31.
  PILBEAM P, 'Popular violence in provincial France after the 1830 revolution.', English Historical Review (1976) 278-97.
  DYSON T, 'London 800-1216.', London Archaeology (1976) 366-8.
  MORRIS J, 'London's decline A.D. 150-250.', London Archaeology (1976) 343-4.
  CHAPMAN SD, 'Workers' housing in the cotton factory colonies 1770-1850.', Textile History (1976) 112-39.
  COOK RA, 'The mystery of Leeds Central station.', Railway and Canal Historical Society Transactions (1976) 15-19.
  HOLDEN CC, Cromer: the cutting of the gem., Cromer : Poppyland (1976) pp 24, il
  BENNETT JD, 'The story of Simpkin and James.', Leicestershire Historian (1976) 6-12.
  SIEGEL A, 'Brothels, bets and bars: popular literature as guidebook to the urban underground 1840-1870.', North Dakota Quarterly (1976) .
  CHALONER WH & RICHARDSON RC, British economic and social history: a bibliographical guide., Manchester : Manchester UP (1976) pp xiv+160
  PHILIPS D, 'The Black country magistracy 1835-60.', Midland History (1976) 161-90.
  JORDAN WC, Supplying Aigues Mortes for the Crusade of 1348: the problem of restructuring trade, in Jordan WC et al. eds, Order and innovation in the middle ages., Princeton : Princeton UP (1976) pp 165-72
  MAAS CW, 'German printers and the German community in Renaissance Rome.', The Library (1976) 118-26.
  STURGESS RP, 'Context for library history: libraries in 18th century Derby.', Library History (1976) 44-52.
  KNOTT DH, 'Thomas Wilson and the use of circulating libraries 1797.', Library History (1976) 2-10.
  RALPH E, The Society 1876-1976, in McGrath P & Cannon J eds, Essays in Bristol and Gloucestershire History., Bristol : Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological Society (1976)
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  'The trains done been and gone': an Annapolis portrait 1859-1910: a photographic portrait., Boston : DR Goldine (1976) pp 94
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  HORGAN P, The centuries of Santa Fe. [Reprint of 1956 edn]., Santa Fe : W Gannon (1976) pp xiii+363
  HARRIS W, 'Work and the family in black Atlanta, 1880.', Journal of Social History (1976) 319-30.
  NIMMO A, The Knysna story., Cape Town : Juta (1976) pp xiii+152
  HALLIWELL GM & PERSSON MZD, Three score and ten 1886-1936: a history of the Swedish settlement of Stockholm and district., Saskatoon : Modern (1976) pp 161, il
  BARNSBY G, A history of housing in Wolverhampton 1750-1975., Wolverhampton : Integrated Services (1976) pp 72, il
  SHOGAN R, The Detroit race riot: a study in violence., New York : Da Capo (1976)
  BECKWITH I ed, The Louth riverhead: a case study of the development of an industrial and commercial quarter in a Lincolnshire market town in the period 1750-1850., Louth : Louth WEA Branch (1976) pp 29
  SHAW DV, The making of an immigrant city: ethnic and cultural conflict in Jersey City, NJ 1850-1877., New York : Arno (1976)
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  DAWSON T, Tramway treasury: a pictorial history of Accrington and district tramways 1886-1932., Accrington : Author (1976) pp 65, il
  BRAZIER A, Twickenham in the 1890s: a railway man's memories., Twickenham : Borough of Twickenham Local History Soc (1976) pp 25
  BRENT CE, A short economic and social history of Brighton, Lewes and the downland region between the Adur and Ouse 1500-1900., Lewes : East Sussex CC (1976) pp iv+27, il
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