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2003   LEVENE A, 'The origins of the children of the London Foundling Hospital, 1741-1760: a reconsideration', Continuity and Change (2003) 201-35
  BEWLEY MR, 'The new world in unity: Pan-America visualized at Buffalo in 1901', New York History (2003) 179-204
  DANBORN DB, 'Flour power: The significance of flour milling at the falls', Minnesota History (2003) 270-85
  PEREZA D, BERG KM & MYERS DJ, 'Police and riots, 1967-1969', Journal of Black Studies (2003) 153-82
  XIONG VC, 'Recent approaches to studies of pre-modern Chinese urban history', Journal of Urban History (2003) 187-98
  SUGRUE TJ, 'Revisiting the second ghetto', Journal of Urban History (2003) 281-90
  KORNBLUH AT, 'Cities of the future/The future of cities', Journal of Urban History (2003) 483-93
  MCNAMARA K, 'Painting the town', Journal of Urban History (2003) 802-10
  ROSENTHAL A, 'Urban networks, global processes, and the construction of public life in nineteenth-century Buenos Aires', Journal of Urban History (2003) 760-66
  GERVAIS D & GAUVREAU D, 'Women, priests, and physicians: family limitation in Quebec, 1940-1970', JInH XXXIV (2003) 293-314
  MCNEILL D, 'Mapping the European urban left: the Barcelona experience', Antipode (2003) 74-94
  TAYLOR D, '‘Bill-O’ and ‘the Fox’: Linkage and leverage in postwar Harlem politics, 1945-1950', Afro-Americans in New York Life and History (2003) 47-68
  BENAVIDES A, 'Sacred space, profane reality: the politics of building a church in eighteenth-century Texas', South Western Historical Quarterly (2003) 1-34
  JONES A, 'The Gloucester music meeting of 1781: glimpses of Gloucester and the triennial music meetings in the letters of Mary Yorke', Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (2003) 243-66
  BROADWAY J, 'The probate inventory of Phillip Greene, a restoration brickmaker in Gloucester, 1685', Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (2003) 233-41
  FLETCHER SR, 'Public dreams, private means: Cincinnati and its southern railway, 1869-1901', Journal of Transport History (2003) 38-58
  THOMPSON VE, 'Telling ‘spatial stories’: urban space and bourgeois identity in early nineteenth-century Paris', Journal of Modern History (2003) 523-56
  ZISKIND MP, 'Labor conflict in the suburbs: organizing retail in metropolitan New York, 1954-1958', International Labor and Working-Class History (2003) 55-73
  BRODIE M, 'Free trade and cheap theatre: sources of politics for the nineteenth-century London poor', Social History (2003) 346-60
  POOLE A, 'Debt in the Cranbrook region in the late seventeenth century', AC CXXIII (2003) 81-93
  BUNKER R & HOUSTON P, 'Prospects for the rural-urban fringe in Australia: observations from a brief history of the landscapes around Sydney and Adelaide', Australian Geographical Studies (2003) 303-23
  BLOCKER JS JR, 'Building networks: cooperation and communication among African Americans in the urban Midwest, 1860-1910', InMH XCIX (2003) 370-86
  OTTERSTROM SM, 'Population concentration in United States city-systems from 1790-2000: historical trends and current phases', Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (2003) 477-95
  MCGURTY EM, 'City renaissance on a garbage heap: Newark, New Jersey, and solid waste planning', Journal of Planning History (2003) 311-30
  BALDWIN PC, 'Women and the urban landscape', Journal of Planning History (2003) 263-72
  COHEN L, 'Is there an urban history of consumption?', Journal of Urban History (2003) 87-106
  RAVEN N, 'Chelmsford during the industrial revolution, c.1790-1840', Urban History (2003) 44-62
  WALTON JK, 'Current trends in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Spanish urban history', Urban History (2003) 251-65
  CAMERON EA, 'Glasgow’s going round and round: some recent Scottish urban history', Urban History (2003) 276-87
  GOLD R, 'The black Jews of Harlem: Representation, identity, and race, 1920-1939', American Quarterly (2003) 179-226
  GRIBAUDI G, 'Naples 1943. Espaces urbains et insurrection', Annales Histoire, Sciences, Sociales (2003) 1079-104
  DANNS D, 'Chicago High School students’ movement for quality public education, 1966-1971', Journal of African American History (2003) 138-50
  POPKE EJ, 'Managing colonial alterity: narratives of race, space and labor in Durban, 1870-1920', Journal of Historical Geography (2003) 248-67
  KIDD TS, '‘Let hell and Rome do their worst’: World news, anti-Catholicism, and international protestantism in early-eighteenth-century Boston', New England Quarterly (2003) 265-90
  DOSH P, 'Violence, spatial segregation, and the limits of local empowerment in urban Latin America', Latin American Politics and Society (2003) 129-46
  PERKINS RA, 'Emigration to North America from Torquay', Devon Historian (2003) 20-24
  EDELSTEIN M, '‘Laying the foundations for the regeneration of the Empire’: the first municipal elections in the biggest cities of France during the Revolution', French History (2003) 251-79
  KARMEL J, 'The market moment: Banking and politics in Jeffersonian Pensylvania, 1810-1815', Pennsylvania History (2003) 55-80
  MANZ S, 'Migranten and internierte. Deutsche in Glasgow, 1864-1918', German History (2003) 225-6
  BECKERT S, 'Democracy and its discontents: contesting suffrage rights in gilded age New York', Past and Present (2003) 116-57
  SLAVISHAK E, 'Civic physiques: Public images of workers in Pittsburgh, 1880-1910', Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (2003) 309-338
  GREGOR N, '‘Is he still alive, or long since dead?’: loss, absence and remembrance in Nuremberg, 1945-1956', German History (2003) 183-203
  BROWN RM, 'The cemeteries and the suburbs: Patna’s challenges to the colonial city in South Asia', Journal of Urban History (2003) 151-73
  SILVA CN, 'Urban utopias in the twentieth century', Journal of Urban History (2003) 327-32
  BLOCKER JS JR, 'Tidy pictures of messy behaviour', Journal of Urban History (2003) 472-82
  FORSELL H, '‘Paying the rent’: a long-term perspective on changes in an everyday pattern, Stockholm 1850-1939 with a comparative European outlook', Journal of Urban History (2003) 85-101
  RIBHEGGE W, 'City and nation in Germany from the Middle Ages to the present: the origins of the modern civil society in the urban tradition', Journal of Urban History (2003) 21-36
  OTTERSTROM SM, 'The influences of transportation and geography on the settlement and development of Lake County, California', Journal of the West (2003) 21-33
  OGBORN M, 'Mapping the metropolis', Journal of British Studies (2003) 119-26
  BECKETT J, 'City status for Swansea, 1911-69', Welsh History Review (2003) 534-51
  MCSHANE C & TARR J, 'The decline of the urban horse in American cities', Journal of Transport History (2003) 177-98
  KAIKA M, 'Constructing scarcity and sensationalising water politics: 170 days that shook Athens', Antipode (2003) 919-54
  CROWDER RL, '‘Grand old man of the movement’: John Edward Bruce, Marcus Garvey, and the UNIAl', Afro-Americans in New York Life and History (2003) 75-114
  WALKOWITZ JR, 'The ‘vision of Salome’: cosmopolitanism and erotic dancing in central London, 1908-1918', American Historical Review (2003) 337-76
  WILLIAMS MA, '‘The new London Welsh’: domestic servants 1918-1939', THSC New Series (2003) 135-51
  ELLIOTT M, 'Opposition to the First World War: The fate of conscientious objectors in Leicester', Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society (2003) 82-92
  SMALLMAN-RAYNOR M, NETTLETON C & CLIFF AD, 'Wartime evacuation and the spread of infectious diseases: epidemiological consequences of the dispersal of children from London during World War II', Journal of Historical Geography (2003) 396-421
  FUCCARO N, 'Ethnicity and the city: the Kurdish quarter of Damascus between Ottoman and French rule, c.1724-1946', Urban History (2003) 206-24
  STOBART J, 'Identity, competition and place promotion in the Five Towns', Urban History (2003) 163-82
  CACERES G & SABATINI F, 'Para entender la urbanización del litoral: el balneario en la conformación del gran Valparaíso (siglos XIX y XX)', ARQ Santiago (2003) 50-52
  ACTON B, A history of Truro. Volume 3: Exploring the city - and around, Truro : Landfall (2003) pp 104, il
  SMITH T, A History of Haxby. Rev ed., York : William Sessions (c. 2003) pp vii + 86, il
  ARNESAN E, Black protest and the great migration: a brief history with documents, Boston : Bedford/St Martin’s (2003)
  DAVIS B, Chesterfield: past and present, Stroud : Sutton (2003) pp 128, il
  SLOANE B, HOADE S & with CLOAKE J et al, Early modern industry and settlement: excavations at George Street, Richmond and High Street, Mortlake, in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames, London : Museum of London Archaeology Service (c. 2003) pp xii + 91, il
  TWIGG A compiler, Francis Frith’s Glamorgan. Rev ed., Salisbury : Frith (2003) pp 115, il
  BARNES-PHILLIPS D ed, Hands of Friendship: the story of Reading’s twinning links, Reading : Corridor (c. 2003) pp 160, il
  BOYDEN PB, Joint stock resort: Walton-on-the-Naze and the Coast Development Corporation, 1897-1915, Bromley : EH Boyden (2003) pp 73
  MIDDLETON WD, Metropolitan railways: rapid transit in America, Bloomington : Indiana University Press (2003)
  O’NEILL G, Our street: East End life in the Second World War, London : Viking (2003) pp xiv + 300, il
  JENKINS J, Provincial modernity: local culture and liberal politics in fin-de-siecle Hamburg, Ithaca, N.Y.; London : Cornell University Press (2003) pp 336, il
  JEFFREY C, Rainham born and bred, Romford : Ian Henry (c. 2003) pp 78, il
  WHITE J, Rothschild buildings: life in an East End tenement block 1887-1920, London : Pimlico (2003) pp xvi + 301, il
  PURVIS B, Salisbury: the changing city, Derby : Breedon (2003) pp 176, il
  COOKSON G, The townscape of Darlington, England : V.C.H. (2003) pp x + 198, il
  HILTON G, A portrait of Kenilworth in street-names (2nd edition), Kenilworth : GM Hilton (c. 2003) pp viii + 58, il
  MCPHEE S, Bernini and the bell towers: architecture and politics at the Vatican, New Haven/London : Yale University Press (c. 2003) pp xi + 353, il
  KAPLAN L & KAPLAN CP, Between ocean and city: the transformation of Rockaway, New York, New York/Chichester : Columbia University Press (2003) pp xv + 237, il
  LEMMON AE, MAGILL JT & WIESE JR, Charting Louisiana: five hundred years of maps, New Orleans : Historic New Orleans Collection (2003) pp xxii + 383, il
  COSH M, Edinburgh: the golden age, Edinburgh : John Donald (2003) pp x + 1105
  MUNFORD AP, Iron & steel town: an industrial history of Rotherham, Stroud : Sutton (2003) pp 159, il
  SPELLISSY S, Limerick in old photographs, Dublin : Gill & Macmillan (2003) pp viii + 120, il
  MANSEL P, Paris between empires, 1814-1852: monarchy and revolution, London : Phoenix (2003) pp viii + 562, il
  RIGGS A, Portsmouth: a shattered city, Tiverton : Halsgrove (2003) pp 96, il
  REID S, Quebec 1759: the battle that won Canada, Oxford : Osprey (2003) pp 96, il
  MCHUGH TJ, 'Hospitals and Huguenots: confessional coexistence in Nîmes, 1629-85', European History Quarterly (2003) 5-27
  DUFFY G, Sham to rock: growing up in Forties and Fifties Dublin, Bakewell : Aengus Books (2003) pp xxiii + 268
  SHAW J, Street names near Lichfield, Lichfield : George Lane (2003) pp 48, il
  ROBERTS D compiler, Swansea: it’s yesterday once more, Derby : Breedon Books (2003) pp 223, il
  WOODCOCK G compiler, The book of Tavistock: celebrating a distinctive Devon town, Tiverton : Halsgrove (2003) pp 167, il
  MORTADA H, Traditional Islamic principles of the built environment, London : Routledge Curzon (2003) pp xx + 186, il
  BÉGOUT B, Zeropolis: the experience of Las Vegas, London : Reaktion (c. 2003) pp 126, il. Translated by Liz Heron
  WEBER T, 'Anti-semitism and philo-semitism among the British and German elites: Oxford and Heidelberg before the first world war', EHR CXVIII (2003) 86-119
  FONG T, 'Epidemics, racial anxiety and community formation: Chinese Americans in San Francisco', Urban History (2003) 401-06
  NOVACEANU D, 'Lezama Lima regresa a la Habana', Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos (2003) 35-42
  COMO DR, 'Predestination and political conflict in Laud’s London', Historical Journal (2003) 263-94
  SIMPSON LMA & BRANDEE B, 'Main Street/Market Street historic district, downtown Houston', Public Historian (2003) 113-15
  VAN DER WESTHUIZEN GL, Swart verstedeliking (black urbanisation)., Baltimore : Johns Hopkins UP (2003)
  OATES J, 'Durham and the Jacobite rebellion of 1715', Durham County Local History Society Bulletin (2003) 25-34
  BENBOUGH-JACKSON M, 'Ceredigion and the changing visitor gaze c.1760-2000', Cer XIV (2003) 21-41
  SINCLAIR M, San Francisco: A cultural and literary history, New York : Interlink (2003)
  SANDLER MW, Straphanging in the USA: Trolleys and subways in American life, New York : Oxford UP (2003)
  ABRAMS R, The first world series and the baseball fanatics of 1903, Boston : Northeastern UP (2003)
  HOMBERGER E, The historical atlas of New York City: A visual celebration of nearly 400 years of New York City’s history, New York : St Martin’s (2003)
  WATSON AD, Wilmington, North Carolina, to 1861, Jefferson, NC : McFarland & Co. (2003)
  KAY AC, 'A little enterprise of her own: lodging-house keeping and the accommodation business in nineteenth-century London', London Journal (2003) 41-53
  TURVEY R, 'The London County Council’s river steamboat service', London Journal (2003) 54-73
  SHOCKLEY MT, 'Working for democracy: working-class African-American women, citizenship, and civil rights in Detroit, 1940-1954', Missouri Historical Review (2003) 125-58
  CROMARTIE M ed, A public faith: Evangelicals and civic engagement, Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield (2003)
  SELF R, American babylon: Race, power and the struggle for the postwar city in California, Princeton, NJ : Princeton UP (2003)
  KUTLER SI, Dictionary of American history, 3rd edn, New York : Charles Scribner’s Sons (2003)
  RANSBY B, Ella Baker and the black freedom movement: a radical democratic vision, Chapel Hill : U of North Carolina P (2003)
  NEWMAN SP, Embodied history: The lives of the poor in early Philadelphia, Philadelphia : U of Pennsylvania P (2003)
  WATERS J, 'Flexible citizens? Transnationalism and citizenship amongst economic immigrants in Vancouver', Canadian Geographer (2003) 219-34
  MUTCH A, 'Magistrates and public house managers, 1840-1914: another case of Liverpool exceptionalism?', NH XL (2003) 325-42
  BAILEY R, 'The Pratt Street riots revisited: a case of overstated significance?', Maryland Historical Magazine (2003) 152-72
  HARGREAVES JA, '‘Long to reign over me’: changing attitudes towards the monarchy in Halifax from the golden jubilee of King George III in 1809 to the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002', Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions / Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society (2003) 98-123
  BROWN WM & BALDWIN JR, 'The changing geography of the Canadian manufacturing sector in metropolitan and rural regions, 1976-1997', Canadian Geographer (2003) 116-34
  JUDSON SM, '‘Leisure is a foe to any man’: The pleasures and dangers of leisure in Atlanta during World War I', Journal of World History (2003) 92-115
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  ADLER JS, 'On the border of snakeland: Evolutionary psychology and plebian violence in industrial Chicago, 1875-1920', Journal of Social History (2003) 541-60
  HOSKIN PM, 'Diocesan politics in the see of Worcester, 1218-1266', Journal of Ecclesiastical History (2003) 422-40
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  JONES A, 'Brecknock at the crossroads – journalism, history and cultural identity in nineteenth-century Wales', Br XXXV (2003) 101-16
  STARR L & WATERMAN CA, American popular music: From minstrelsy to MTV, New York : Oxford UP (2003)
  BIRCH EL, 'One hundred years of city building: New accounts, new interpretations', Journal of Planning History (2003) 273-77
  KOTVAL Z, 'Opportunity lost: A clash between politics, planning, and design in defense housing for Pittsfield, Massachusetts', Journal of Planning History (2003) 25-46
  VAN DE PUTTE B, 'Homogamy by geographical origin: segregation in nineteenth-century Flemish cities (Gent, Leuven and Aalst)', Journal of Family History (2003) 364-90
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  POTTER H, The Cromford Canal, Stroud : Tempus (2003) pp 128, il
  MORGAN D, The illustrated history of Cardiff’s suburbs, Derby : Breedon (2003) pp 192, il
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