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1977   WALTON J & CARNS DE, Cities in change: studies on the urban condition., Boston : Allyn & Bacon (1977)
  GILLON EV, A New England town in early photographs: 149 illustrations of Southbridge, Mass, 1878-1930., New York : Dover (1977) pp 171, il
  FOX K, Better city government: innovation in American urban politics 1850-1937., Philadelphia : Temple UP (1977)
  FOGELSON RM, Big city police., Cambridge, Mass : Harvard UP (1977)
  STEWART IR, 'Politics and the park: the fight for Central Park.', New York Historical Society Quarterly (1977) 124-55.
  JORDAN JP, 'Women merchants in colonial New York.', New York History (1977) 412-39.
  AMINZADE R, 'Breaking the chains of dependency: from patronage to class politics, Toulouse, France 1830-1872.', Journal of Urban History (1977) 485-506.
  TILLY LA, 'Urban growth, industrialization and women's employment in Milan, Italy, 1881-1911.', Journal of Urban History (1977) 467-84.
  UDOVITCH AL, A tale of two cities: commercial relations between Cairo and Alexandria during the second half of the eleventh century, in Miskimin et al., The medieval city., New Haven : Yale UP (1977) [60] pp 143-62
  WINSTONE R, Bristol in the 1920s. [2nd edn]., Bristol : Author (1977) pp 68, il
  MITCHELL JC & CORNFORD J, 'The political demography of Cambridge 1832-68.', Albion (1977) 242-72.
  ISSEL W, 'Class and ethnic conflict in San Francisco political history: the reform charter of 1898.', Labour Historian (1977) 341-59.
  DENNIS RJ, 'International mobility in a Victorian city.', Institute of British Geographers Transactions (1977) 349-63.
  BROOKS NF & WHITTINGTON G, 'Planning and growth in the medieval Scottish burgh: the example of St Andrews.', Institute of British Geographers Transactions (1977) 278-95.
  DUNBAR J, A prospect of Richmond., London : Michael Joseph (1977) pp xiii+223
  POOLEY L, Bracknell before the new town., Bracknell : A Sharp (1977) pp 17, il
  CRUMMY P, 'Colchester: the Roman fortress and the development of the colonia.', Britannia (1977) 65-106.
  FALKUS M, 'The development of municipal trading in the nineteenth century.', Business History (1977) 134-61.
  DUNLOP DC, Lincoln Cathedral., London : Pitkin (1977) pp 24, il.
  RUBINSTEIN D, Socialization and the London School Board 1870-1904: aims, methods and public opinion, in McCann P ed., Popular education and socialization in the nineteenth century., London : Methuen (1977) pp 231-64
  THRUPP SL, The city as the idea of social order, in Grew & Steneck, Society and history., Ann Arbor : Michigan UP (1977) pp 89-100 [521]
  BROWNELL BA & GOLDFIELD DR eds, The City in southern history: the growth of urban civilisation in the south., Port Washington : Kennikat (1977) pp 228
  BRUCKER G, The civic world of early Renaissance Florence., Princetown : Princeton UP (1977) pp xii+526, il
  EVANS HM, New Tredegar in focus., Risca : Starling (1977) pp 163, il
  ORTALLI G, La famille à Bologne au XIIIe siècle, entre la realite des groupes inferieurs et la mentalite des classes dominantes', in Duby & Le Goff, Famille et parenté., Rome : Ecole française de Rome (1977)
  New York in the nineteenth century: 321 engravings from 'Harper's Weekly' and other contemporary sources., New York : Dover (1977)
  LETHUILLIER JP, 'Les structure socio-professionelles à Falaise à la fin du XVIIIe siècle.', Revue d'Histoire et Economique Sociale (1977) 42-69.
  SCHIESL MJ, The changing role of public administration in Los Angeles 1900-1920, in Ebner & Tobin, Age of urban reform., Port Washington : Kennikat (1977) pp 102-16
  BROWER DR, 'L'urbanisation russe à la fin du XIXe siècle.', Annales, Economies, Sociétés, Civilisations (1977) 70-86.
  D'OLIVE AL, 'Reminiscences of Ten Mile: a south Mississippi saw mill town.', Journal of Mississippi History (1977) 173-84.
  CARSON E, 'Customs records as source for historical research.', Archives (1977) 74-80.
  COX BJ, The book of Evesham: the story of the town's past., Chesham : Barracuda (1977) pp 3-148, il
  LOWERSON J & MYERSCOUGH J, Time to spare in Victorian England., Hassocks : Harvester (1977)
  POWELL N, Travellers to Trieste: the history of a city., London : Faber (1977) pp 3-172, il
  DUNLEVY JA & GEMERY HA, 'British-Irish settlement patterns in the U.S.: the role of family and friends.', Scottish Journal of Pllitical History (1977) 257-63.
  DUNDON G, Old Gosford and district in pictures., Gosford South : Author (1977) pp 100, il
  ADAMESTEANU D, L'antico aspetto del terreno delle colonie di Metaponto, Heraclea, Sybaris e di alti centri indigeni della Lucania, in Duval & Frézouls, Thèmes de recherches., Paris : CNRS (1977) pp 347-77
  EL KADI G, Market mechanism and spontaneous urbanisation in Egypt: the Cairo case., Baton Rouge : Louisiana State UP (1977)
  KEMP JR ed, Martin Behrman of New Orleans: memoirs of a city boss., Baton Rouge, La : Louisiana State UP (1977)
  PHYTHIAN-ADAMS C, 'Jolly cities: goodly towns - the current search for England's urban roots.', Urban History Yearbook (1977) 30-9.
  CLARKE H, 'The topographical development of early medieval Dublin.', Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland (1977) 29-51.
  LOJKINE J, Le marxisme, l'état et la question urbaine., Paris : PUF (1977) pp 368, il
  McKEE B, 'The resources of the Vancouver City Archives.', Urban History Review (1977) 3-9.
  DAY JR, London's trams and trolleybuses., London : London Transport Executive (1977) pp 213, il
  VILLENEUVE-CURCURU M, Londres dans les années cinquante., Lille : atelier de reproduction des theses de Lille (1977)
  STOREY R & MADDEN L, Primary sources for Victorian studies: a guide to location and use of unpublished materials., Chichester : Phillimore (1977) pp vii+81
  HALL CC, Sheffield transport., Glossop : Transport (1977) pp 330, il
  GITTINS D, 'Womens work and family size between the wars.', Oral History (1977) 84-100.
  WRIGLEY EA, 'Births and baptisms: the use of Anglican baptism registers as a source of information about the numbers of births in England before the beginning of civil registration.', Population Studies (1977) 281-312.
  SEARLE AE, Faulconbridge: a short history of an area first given the names of Faulconbridge and Numantia in 1877., Springwood, NSW : Springwood Hist Soc (1977) pp 63, il
  PURSEY W, Reminiscences of life in the parish of Street, Somersetshire frorn the year 1844., Bridgwater : Somerset County Library (1977) pp 34, il
  BURCH CR ed, Rickmansworth: a glimpse of the past., Rickmansworth : M&R Printing Services (1977) pp 62, il
  BLUMIN SM, Rip Van Winkle's grandchildren: family and household in the Hudson valley 1800-1860, in Hareven TK ed., Family and kin in urban communities [358]., New York : New Viewpoints (1977) pp 100-21
  LO CP, PANNELL CW & WELCH R, 'Land use changes and city planning in Shenyang and Canton.', Geographical Review AND Geographische Rundschau (1977) 268-83.
  ELVEY EM, 'The history of nos 1 & 2 Market Hill, Buckingham.', Records of Buckinghamshire (1977) 301-7.
  GENTRY A et al, 'Excavations at Lincoln Rd, London Borough of Enfield, Nov 1974-March 1976.', London and Middlesex Archaeological Society Transactions (1977) 101-89.
  REULECKE J, 'Population growth and urbanization in Germany in the nineteenth century.', Urbanism Past and Present (1977) 21-32
  GITELMAN Z, 'Soviet political culture: insights from Jewish emigrés.', Studi Storica (1977) 543-64.
  GWYN J, 'War and economic change: Louisbourg and the New England Economy in the 1740s.', U of Ottawa Q (1977) 114-31.
  HALL E, Country girls and stockpots., Luton : WEA (1977) pp 55, il
  DE LA RONCIERE CM, Une famille florentine au XIVe siècle: les Velluti, in Duby & Le Goff, Famille et parenté., Rome : Ecole française de Rome (1977) pp 227-48
  FOX RG, Urban anthropology: cities in their cultural settings., Englewood Cliffs : Prentice Hall (1977) pp xiii+176
  HIGGINS DJH, Urban Canada: its government and politics., Toronto : Macmillan (1977) pp 322
  NEUTZE M, Urban development in Australia: a descriptive analysis., Sydney : Allen & Unwin (1977) pp 258
  GOLDFIELD DR, Urban growth in the age of sectionalism: Virginia, 1847-1861., Baton Rouge : Louisiana State UP (1977)
  BLOM GA ed, Urbaniseringsprosessen i Norden: Middelaldersteder., Oslo : Universitetsforlaget (1977) pp 286
  FAVRE R, 'Du medico-topographique à Lyon en 1783.', XVe siecle (1977) 151-60.
  MADOC-JONES B, Patterns of attendance and their social significance: Mitcham National School 1830-39, in McCann P ed., Popular education and socialization in the nineteenth century., London : Methuen (1977) pp 41-66
  DUBOIS H, Les foires du Chalon et le commerce dans la vallee de la Saone a la fin du moyen age., Paris : Imprimerie nationale (1977)
  BURROWS K, Mildenhall in modern times 1945-1977., Mildenhall : Riverside Middle School (1977) pp 27, il
  GOLDSTEIN J, Philadelphia and the China trade, 1682-1846 commercial, cultural and attitudinal effects., University Park, Pa : Pennsylvania UP (1977)
  Les quartiers du centre ville de Montreal: Montreal's downtown neighbourhoods., Montreal : Save Montreal (1977) pp 28
  HERLAN RW, 'Poor relief in the London parish of Antholin's Bridge Row 1638-1664.', Guildhall Studies in Londonl History (1977) 179-99.
  MONAHAN K, 'The Irish hour: an expression of the musical taste and the cultural values of the Pittsburgh Irish community.', Ethnicity (1977) 201-15.
  HARNEY RF, 'A note on sources in urban and immigrant history.', Canadian Ethnic Studies (1977) 60-76.
  DORSETT LW, The queen city: a history of Denver., Boulder, Colo : Pruett (1977)
  GINGELL PJ, The history of Wootton Bassett: a very ancient manor town., Wootton Basset : Wootton Bassett Hist Soc (1977) pp 187, il
  SILVERMAN RA, 'Nathan Matthews. Politics of reform in Boston 1890-1910.', New England Quarterly (1977) 626-43.
  ORR JE, Historical sketches of Westminster Township., Lambeth, Ont : Westminster Township Hist Soc (1977) pp 127, il
  TODOROV N, La ville balkanique sous les Ottomans XV-XlXes siècles., London : Variorum (1977) pp 310, il
  JOHNSON L, History of Guelph 1827-1927., Guelph : Guelph Hist Soc (1977) pp 389, il
  ROBINSON FS, Machine politics: a study of Albany's O'Connells., New Brunswick : Transaction (1977)
  LIS C & SOLY H, 'Food consumption in Antwerp between 1807 and 1859: a contribution to the standard of living debate.', Economic History Review (1977) 460-86.
  RUBINSTEIN WD, 'The Victorian middle classes: wealth, occupation and geography.', Economic History Review (1977) 602-23.
  PHILIPP J, Early days in Bethanga and Springdale: to mark the centenary of the Bethanga State School and the closing of the school at Springdale., Bethanga, Vic : Bethanga Springdale Schools Centenary Cttee (1977) pp 99, il
  TOBIN EM, Jersey City reformers and the railroads 1902-1908, in Ebner & Tobin, Age of urban reform., Port Washington : Kennikat (1977) pp 142- 55
  PERRAULT C, Montréal en 1825., Montréal : Groupe d'etudes (1977) pp 358
  JOWETT EM, Morden Park, Morden., London : Merton Historical Soc (1977) pp 18
  MACDERMOTT TP, Irish workers on Tyneside in the 19th century, in McCord N ed., Essays in Tyneside labour history., Newcastle : Dept of Humanities, Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic (1977) [87] pp 154-77
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  PETCHEY MR, 'Excavations in Hertford 1973-4.', Hertfordshire Archaeology (1977) 157-75.
  LEWANDOWSKI SJ, 'Changing form and function in the ceremonial and the colonial port city in India: an historical analysis of Madurai and Madras.', Modern Asian Studies (1977) 183-212.
  PRATT BOORMAN HR, Ashford's progress: the development of an important town., Maidstone : Kent Messenger (1977) pp 203, il
  SPENCE J et al, Caterham and Warlingham: jubilee history., Bourne Soc (1977) pp 40, il
  CUEPPERS H, Die Stadt Trier unde verschiedenen Phasen ihres Ausbaues von der Gründung bis zum Bau der mittelalterlichen Stadtbefestigung, in Duval & Frézouls, Thèmes de recherches., Paris : CNRS (1977) pp 223-8
  LUCKIN W, 'The final catastrophe - cholera in London, 1866.', Medical History (1977) 32-42.
  DYOS HJ, 'The language of the Walls.', London Journal (1977) 85-101.
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