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1980   BASSETT P, A list of the historical records of the Town and Country Planning Association., Birmingham : Centre for Urban & Regional Studies (1980) pp x+16
  COLTON TJ, Big Daddy: Frederick G.Gardiner and the building of metropolitan Toronto., Toronto : Toronto UP (1980)
  GREELEY AM, 'Ethnic domestic architecture in Chicago.', Atlantis (1980) 25-38.
  GARRIER G, 'Deux siècles de rivalités entre ruraux et citadins pour la maîtrise de l'espace rural (1789-1980).', Bulletin de Centre d’Histoire Economique et Sociale de la Région Lyonnaise (1980) 61-88.
  BAILEY JM, 'Numbers 7 and 9 West Street, Dunstable.', Bedfordshire Archaeological Journal (1980) 91-8.
  PORTER S, 'Age of baptism in Gloucester in the mid-seventeenth century.', Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Transactions (1980) 131-4.
  ROCK HB, 'A delicate balance: the mechanics and the city in the age of Jefferson.', New York Historical Society Quarterly (1980) 93-114.
  CAPECI DJ, 'Fiorella H. La Guardia and the Harlem 'crime wave' of 1941.', New York Historical Society Quarterly (1980) 7-30.
  CAPECI DJ, 'Fiorello H. La Guardia and the Harlem 'crime wave' of 1941.', New York Historical Society Quarterly (1980) 7-30.
  THOMAS EG, 'The poor law migrant to Oxford 1700-1795.', Oxoniensa (1980) 300-5.
  KLEIN MM, 'An experiment that failed: General James Robertson and civil government in British New York 1779-1783.', New York History (1980) 229-54.
  SHUMSKY NL, 'Vice responds to reform: San Francisco 1910-1914.', Journal of Urban History (1980) 31-48.
  WALD KD, 'The electoral base of political manchines: a deviant case analysis. [Memphis under Crump].', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1980) 3-30.
  PEPPER M & SWENARTON M, 'Les banlieues jardins des travailleurs de l'armement en Grande Bretagne (1915-1918).', URBI (1980) 68-80.
  WILSHERE JEO, Evington parish registers of baptism, marriages and burials 1601-1837., Leicester : Author (1980) pp 60
  DAY JR, A sourcebook of underground railways., London : Ward Lock (1980) pp 127, il
  KING AD, A time for space and a space for time: the social production of the vacation house, in King, Buildings and society., London : Routledge & Kegan Paul (1980) pp 193-227
  BAIN A, 'Brighter days’?: challenges to live theatre in the thirties, in Roe, Twentieth century Sydney., Sydney : Hale & Iremonger (1980) pp 34-47
  ROBERTS W, 'Toronto metal workers and the second industrial revolution 1889-1914.', Labour (1980) 49-72.
  SUTHERLAND D, 'The Stanyan ropeworks of Halifax, Nova Scotia: glimpses of a preindustrial manufactory.', Labour (1980) 149-58.
  MERWICK D, 'Dutch townsmen and land use: a spatial prespective on seventeenth century Albany, New York.', William and Mary Quarterly (1980) 53-78.
  BROMWICH D, King's College, Taunton: the first hundred years 1880-1980., Taunton : the College (1980) pp 52, il
  WENHAM LP & HATCHER CJ, A Richmond miscellany., Northallerton : North Yorks CC (1980) pp 106, il
  HARTLEY OA, The second world war and after, in Fraser, A history of modern Leeds., Manchester : Manchester UP (1980) pp 437-61
  BASSETT P, List of the historical records of the Royal Town Planning Institute., Birmingham : Centre for Urban & Regional Studies (1980) pp vii+6
  VAN DER KNAAP GA, Population growth and urban systems development: a case study., Boston, Mass : Nijhoff (1980) pp viii+237, il
  TAYLOR BB, La 'Cité de Refuge' di Le Corbusier., Rome : Officina (1980) pp 191
  ESSLEMONT D, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: a short account of its foundation., Newcastle : Author (1980) pp 15
  BARKER T, 'Towards an historical classification of urban transport development since the later eighteenth century.', Journal of Transport History (1980) 75-90.
  GRACE F, 'Food riots in Suffolk in the eighteenth century.', SuR (1980) 32-46.
  FARRELL JJ, The immigrant and the school in New York City: a program for citizenship., New York : Arno (1980) pp v+189
  ADAMS REW, 'Swamps, canals and the locations of ancient Maya cities.', Antiquity (1980) 206-14.
  POUSSON JP, 'Les crises démographiques au milieu urbain: l'exemple de Bordeaux.', Annales, Economies, Sociétés, Civilisations (1980) 235-52.
  HUNTER JR, 'Medieval Berwick-upon-Tweed.', Archaeolgica Aeliana (1980) 67-124.
  TULLET E & McCOMBIE G, 'An excavation in the cloth market, Newcastle, 1979.', Archaeolgica Aeliana (1980) 127-42.
  SMITH MJ, 'Politics in Newark in the 1790s.', Thoroton Society Transactions (Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire) (1980) 59-67.
  BERE R & STAMP BD, The book of Bude and Stratton., Buckingham : Barracuda Books (1980) pp 144, il
  OPPENHEIMER E & PORTERFIELD B, The book of Dallas., New York : Doubleday (1980)
  RIPPON A, The book of Derby: from settlement to city., Buckingham : Barracuda (1980) pp 140, il
  MACCOLL EK, The growth of a city: power and politics in Portland, Oregon 1915-1950., Portland : Georgian (1980) pp xiii+717, il
  ROE J, Three visions of Sydney Heads from Balmoral Beach, in Roe, Twentieth century Sydney., Sydney : Hale & Iremonger (1980) pp 89-104
  GRIGG AE, Town of trains 1838-1980: Bletchley and the Oxbridge line., Buckingham : Barracuda (1980) pp 160, il
  BÁCSKAI V & NAGY L, 'Market areas, market centres and towns in Hungary.', Antiquity (1980) 1-26.
  ASPINALL PJ & WHITEHAND JWR, 'Building plans: a major source for urban studies.', Area (1980) 199-203.
  HORNER AA & DAULTREY SG, 'Recent population changes in the Republic of Ireland [1951-79].', Area (1980) 129-35.
  TAILLEFER M, 'La franc-masonnerie toulousaine et la Révolution française.', Annales Historique de la Révolution Française (1980) 59-90.
  HOUSTON CJ & SMYTH WJ, 'The Irish abroad: better questions through a better source, the Canadian census.', Irish Geographer (1980) 1-19.
  SMITH A & TAYLOR Q, 'Racial discrimination in the workplace: a study of two west coast cities during the 1940s.', Journal of Ethnic Studies (1980) 35-54.
  NICHOLSON MW, 'The Irish Catholics and social action in Toronto 1850-1900.', Studies in History and Politics (1980) 30-54
  LAMOUREUX G, Ottawa 1855-1876 et sa population canadienne-française., Ottawa : Author (1980)
  GARDEN M, Le budget des hospices civils de Lyon 1800-1976. Histoire économique d'une grande entreprise de santé., Lyon : PUL (1980) pp 150
  LEES LH, 'The study of social conflict in English industrial towns.', Urban History Yearbook (1980) 34-43.
  BARBERO D, Paroisses et communes de France. Dictionaire d'histoire administrative et démographique: Savoie., Paris : CNRS (1980) pp 428
  AGRESTI B, 'Moving residential segregation in nineteenth-century American cities.', Sociological Methods and Research (1980) 389-99.
  MOJON D, Norwood Grove., London : Streatham Soc (1980) pp 12
  SMITH CJ, Potteries Atlanteans: two decades of PMT Atlanteans., Stoke-upon-Trent : Potteries Omnibus Preservation Soc (1980) pp 87, il
  CROSS C, Priests into ministers: the establishment of Protestant practice in the city of York 1530-1630, in Brooks, Reformation., London : Scolar (1980) pp 203-26
  WALSH G, Public enemies: the mayor, the mob and the crime that was., New York : Norton (1980)
  SHAROT S, 'The Jewish millenarianism: a comparison of medieval communities.', Comparative Studies in Society and History (1980) 394-415.
  NOBLE EJ, 'Entrepreneurship and 19th century urban growth: a case study of Orillia, Ontario 1867-98.', Urban History Review (1980) 64-89.
  LOWERSON JR, 'Local and regional history in southern tertiary education.', Southern History (1980) 227-46.
  LAZZARINI MT & LORENZI R, 'Il palazzo signorile in Pisa tra '500 e' 600', in Pisa e 'contrado'., Pisa : Nistri-Lischi & Pacini editori (1980) pp 260-74
  BERARDI F et al, Il Settecento a Ravenna e nelle Legazioni fabbrica, progetto, società., Florence : Faenza Editrice (1980) pp 212, il
  MATOVIC MR, Illegitimacy and marriage in Stockholm in the nineteenth century, in Laslett et al, Bastardy., London : Edward Arnold (1980) pp 336-48
  APPEL JJ, Immigrant historical societies in the United States 1880-1950., New York : Arno (1980) pp iii+394
  MANDER J, Leicester schools 1944-1974., Leicester : Recreation and Arts Dept, Leicester City Council (1980) pp
  MUNDEN A, 'The Francis Close Hall [Cheltenham].', GlHB (1980) 5-8.
  BUSTEED MA, 'A Liverpool shipping agent and Irish emigration in the 1850s: some newly discovered documents.', Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire (1980) 145-61.
  OLIN SC & OLIN JR, 'The Oneida community and the instability of charismatic authority.', Journal of American History (1980) 285-300.
  JOHNSON MP, 'Planters and patriarchy Charleston, 1800-1860.', Journal of Southern History (1980) 45-72.
  DRIEDGER L, Urbanization of Ukrainians in Canada: consequences for ethnic identity, in Petryshyn R ed, Social trends among Ukrainian Canadians., Edmonton : Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (1980)
  MEK M, The book of Wells., Buckingham : Barracuda (1980) pp 128, il
  CUKIERMAN W, 'The Odessa myth and idiom in some early works of Odessa writers.', Canadian American Slavic Studies (1980) 36-51.
  KNIGHT JK, 'Odd fellows and amicable women: friendly societies in 19th century industrial Monmouthshire.', The Monmouthshire Antiquary (1980) 50-3.
  FAIRBANKS RB, 'Housing the city: the Better Housing League and Cincinnati 1916-1939.', Ohio History (1980) 157-80.
  CAIN LP, 'The search for an optimum sanitation jurisdiction: the metropolitan sanitary district of greater Chicago, a case study.', Public Works History (1980) .
  WALKER BM, Frank Matcham: theatre architect., Belfast : Blackstaff (1980) pp xii+178, il
  YOUNG CA, From 'good order' to glorious revolution: Salem, Massachusetts 1628-1689., Ann Arbor : UMI Research (1980)
  MURRAY PR & WELLS JC, From sand, swamp and heath: a history of Caulfield., Blackburn : J & D Burrows (1980) pp 278, il
  BALÁZS P, Györ a feudalizmuz bomlása és a polgári forradalom idején. [Gyor in the age of decay of feudalism and the bourgeois revolution]., Budapest : Akadémia (1980) pp 297
  MARQUE JP, Institution municipale et groupes sociaux: Gray, petite ville de province 1690-1796., Paris (1980) pp 390
  Rotary in Leicester 1916-1980: a history of the Rotary Club of Leicester., Leicester : the club (1980) pp 43, il
  STACEY HC, Saffron Walden in old photographs., Saffron Walden : Daniel (1980) pp 190, il
  MELI C, San Gimignano, in Guidoni, Storia dell'arte italiana., Turin : Einaudi (1980) pp 107-32
  PROCHASKA D, 'La ségregation résidentielle en société coloniale: le cas de Bône (Algérie) 1872-1954.', Cahiers d’Histoire (1980) 149-76.
  FOSTER RH, 'Wartime trailer housing in the San Francisco Bay area.', Geographical Review AND Geographische Rundschau (1980) 276-99.
  CATY R & RICHARD E, 'Contribution à l'étude du monde négoce marseillais de 1815 à 1870: l'apport des successions.', Revue Historique (1980) 337-60.
  MORTON HW, 'Who gets what, when and how? Housing in the Soviet Union.', Studi Storica (1980) 235-59.
  PRED A, Urban growth and city systems in the US, 1840-1860., Cambridge, Mass : Harvard UP (1980) pp xv+282, il
  GATRELL VAC et al, Crime and the law: the social history of crime in western Europe since 1500., London : Europa (1980) pp xi+381
  SERONDE-BABONAUX AM, De l'urbs à la ville: Rome, croissance d’une capitale., Aix : Edisud (1980) pp 520
  DUTHIE RA, 'The Ancient Society of the York Florists.', York History (1980) 39-47
  CUNNEEN G, Hands off the parks! the provision of parks and playgrounds, in Roe, Twentieth century Sydney., Sydney : Hale & Iremonger (1980) pp 105-8
  DUBY G ed, Histoire de la France urbaine. La ville médiévale, des Carolingiens à la Renaissance., Paris : Seuil (1980) pp 640
  AGULHON M et al, Histoire de Toulon., Toulouse : Privat (1980) pp 400
  HORVÁTH M ed, Budapest története V.A. forramak korától a felszabadulásig. [The history of Budapest vol. 5. From the age of revolutions to the liberation]., Budapest : Akademia (1980) pp 665
  KNOPP BB, In season out of season: the story of Cavendish Place Chapel Eastbourne., Eastbourne : the chapel (1980) pp 28, il
  LUZZATI M, Momenti di un processo di aristocratizzazione, in Pisa e 'contado'., Pisa : Nistri-Lischi & Pacini editori (1980) pp 120-9
  SORAGNI U, Montagnana, in Guidoni, Storia dell' arte italiana., Turin : Einaudi (1980) 71-103
  STURGESS RW, 'The people and industries of Seaham harbour and its environs in 1851.', Durham County Local History Society Bulletin (1980) 45-57.
  SMITH SK & LEWIS DB, 'Some new techniques for applying the housing unit method of local population estimates.', Demography (1980) 323-40.
  JACKMAN M, The Bricklayer's Arms branch and loco shed., Tarrant Hinton : Oakwood (1980) pp 43, il
  WITHERS WB, The history of Ballarat from the most pastoral settlement to the present time. [Reprint of 1887 edn]., Carlton, Vic : Queensberry Hill (1980) pp xxi+395
  OSBURNE R, The history of Warrnambool, capital of the western ports of Victoria from 1847 (when the government land sales took place) up to the end of 1886. [Reprint of 1887 edn]., Warrnambool : Pinson, Lindsay & Madden (1980) pp 368, il
  PAM DC, The hungry years: the struggle for survival in Edmonton and Enfield before 1400., Edmonton : Edmonton Hundred Hist Soc (1980) pp 31, il
  FUNNELL KJ, Snodland Paper Mill: C. Townsend Hook & Co from 1854., Snodland : C Townsend Hook & Co (1980) pp 80, il
  BLACK GH & LAWLESS RI eds, The changing Middle Eastern city., New York : Barnes & Noble (1980) pp 273, il
  DRAPER J, 'St Rowlands Chapel, South St, Dorchester.', Dorset Natural History Society (1980) 112-4.
  Schooldays: elementary education in Oxfordshire 1800-1914., Oxford : Oxford County Libraries (1980) pp 14
  CHOAY F, La règle et le Modèle. Sur la théorie de l'architecture et de l'urbanisme., Paris (1980) pp 484
  PARKER D, La Rochelle and the French monarchy: conflict and order in seventeenth century France., London : Royal Hist Soc (1980) pp xiv+233
  KAY JH, Lost Boston., Boston : Houghton Mifflin (1980) pp xiii 304, il
  L'urbanisation de Nancy entre 1871 et 1914. Etudes d'histoire municipale à la mémoire de Claude Collot., Nancy : PUN 11 (1980) pp 246
  JANES DC, Lancaster: an outline history., Clapham : Dalesman (1980) pp 71, il
  BUETTINGER C, 'The rise and fall of Hiram Pearson: mobility on the urban frontier.', Chicago History (1980) 112-17.
  STRATTON HJM, Chertsey and Addlestone in the past: a photographic record., Ottershaw : Arthur (1980) pp 67, il
  FOLLIARD R, A history of Leicester City Football Club., Hornchurch : Henry (1980) pp 30, il
  GIBBONS B, Jacobean city comedy., London : Methuen (1980) pp 208
  PAGLIARA PN, Monterotondo, in Guidoni, Storia dell' arte italiana., Turin : Einaudi (1980) 235-77
  More looking back: a collection of memories of Leamington., Leamington : Leamington Literary Soc (1980) pp vi+181, il
  PEARSON D, Johnsonville, continuity and change in a New Zealand township., Sydney : George Allen & Unwin (1980)
  WELFORD G, Poole High St Methodist Church 1880-1980., Poole : Author (1980)
  TRACHTENBERG H, 'The Winnipeg Jewish community in the interwar period 1919-39.', Canadian Jewish Historical Society (1980) 44-70.
  BONFIELD L, 'Marriage settlements and the rise of great estates: a rejoinder.', Economic History Review (1980) 559-63.
  SLATER JN, A brewer's tale: the story of Greenall Whitley & Co Ltd through two centuries., Warrington : Greenall Whitley (1980) pp 239, il
  BARBER BJ, Aspects of municipal government 1835-1914, in Fraser, A history of modern Leeds., Manchester : Manchester UP (1980) pp 301-26
  MASON T, Association football and English society 1863-1915., Brighton : Harvester (1980) pp x+278, il
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  AZZI VISENTINI M, 'Il giardino dei semplici di Padova: un prodotto della cultura del Rinascimento.', Communità (1980) 259-338.
  JUST AE, 'Urban school board elections: changes in the political environment between 1950 and 1980.', Educations and Urban Society (1980) 421-35.
  ELLIS AL, The Black Power brokers., Saratogo, Cal : Century Twenty One (1980) pp 191
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  GAMMAGE MT, 'The Birmingham Daily Gazette: a case study in the history of the Conservative press 1862-1914.', West Midland Studies (1980) 27-33.
  SALA P, 'Appunti per una storia dello stato civile asburgico in Lombardia dopo la Restaurazione: problemi di utilizzazione ai fini di una ricerca storico-demografica.', Storia Urbana (1980) 147-96.
  STATHAM M & SEARJEANT W, Victorian Bury St Edmunds in old photographs., Ipswich : County Archives/County Libraries (1980) pp 40, il
  HOWELL P, 'The other 'Harrison of Chester'.', Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society (1980) 85-94.
  JORDAN LW, 'Police and politics: Charleston in the gilded age 1880-1900.', South Carolina Historical Magazine (1980) 35-50.
  GASKELL SM, 'Gardens for the working class: Victorian practical pleasures.', Victorian Studies (1980) 479-502.
  SHOWALTER E, 'Victorian women and insanity.', Victorian Studies (1980) 157-82.
  PULT QUAGLIA AM, Vettovagliamento della città e itinerario del grano, in Pisa e 'contado'., Pisa : Nistri-Lischi & Pacini editori (1980) pp 167-75
  HARMON RB, Victor Gruen, architectural pioneer of shopping centres: a selected bibliography., Monticello : Vance Bibliographies (1980) pp 15
  Della Robbia Pottery, Birkenhead 1894-1906: an interim report., Birkenhead : Borough of Wirral, Dept of Leisure Services (1980) pp 48
  BANKS B, A brief history of Portslade., Lewes : East Sussex County Council, (1980) pp 11, il
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  TOVARI J, 'A miskolci társadalom gazdasági vezetöcsoportjának rétegzödese 1872-1917', Szemle (1980) 781-817.
  Canonbury Tower: a brief guide., Tavistock Repertory Co (1980) pp 16, il
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  O'DEA S, 'Architecture and building history in Atlantic Canada.', Acadiensis (1980) 158-63.
  WHALEN J, ''Almost as bad as Ireland': Saint John 1847.', Archivaria (1980) 85-97.
  SIEGELBAUM L, 'The Odessa grain trade: a case study in urban growth and development in Tsarist Russia.', Journal of European Economic History (1980) 113-151
  SWIFT R, 'Food riots in mid-Victorian Exeter 1847-67.', Southern History (1980) 1010-28.
  HUDSON TP, 'The origins of Steyning and Bramber, Sussex.', Southern History (1980) 11-30.
  TURNER BC, Winchester., Southampton : Paul Cave (1980) pp xii+220, il
  LEWIS R, 'Seaside holiday resorts in the United States and Britain.', Urban History Yearbook (1980) 44-52.
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