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1987   COLLINGWOOD WG, Elizabethan Keswick: extracts from the original account books 1564-1577, of the German miners, in the archives of Augsburg., Whitehaven : M Moon (1987) pp vii+219, il
  FLEISCHMANN A & FFAGIN JR, 'The politics of growth-orientated urban alliances: comparing old industrial and new Sunbelt cities.', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1987) 207-32.
  ARMSTRONG P & TOMLINSON D, Excavations at the Dominican priory, Beverley 1960-1983., Hull : Humberside Heritage (1987) pp 74
  MAKAHONUK G, 'Class conflict in a prairie city: the Saskatoon working class.', Labour/Le Travail (1987) 89-123.
  STEVENS L, A short history of Eastbourne., Eastbourne Local History Soc (1987) p 32, il
  FARSON D, Soho in the fifties., London : Joseph (1987) pp xv+192, il
  HAYNES D, The Jubilee Hall 1887-1987 [Malpas]., Malpas : Jubilee Hall Committee (1987) pp 12
  The second portrait of a seaside town: historic photographs of Whitstable from the Douglas West collection., Whitstable : Emprint (1987) pp 144, il
  NEVEUX H, 'Enterprise et residence: le cas des fabricants de bas caennais (1714-1716).', Annales de Normandie (1987) 13-22.
  SPEAR DS, 'Les dignitaires de la cathédrale de Rouen pendant la période ducale.', Annales de Normandie (1987) 121-47.
  WRIGHT DG, The Chartist risings in Bradford., Bradford : Bradford Libraries and Information Service (1987) pp 72
  MORMINO GR & POZZETTA GE, The Immigrant world of Ybor city: Italians and their Latin American neighbours in Tampa 1885-1985., Urbana : Illinois UP (1987)
  GILFOYLE TJ, 'The urban geography of commercial sex: prostitution in New York City 1790-1860.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 394-425.
  SMITH DA, 'Dependent urbanization in colonial America: the case of Charleston, South Carolina.', Social Forces (1987) 1-28.
  FOWLER EP, 'Street management and city design.', Social Forces (1987) 365-89.
  BOUMAN MJ, 'Luxury and control: the urbanity of street lighting in nineteenth century cities.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 7-37.
  TARR JA, 'The city and the telegraph: urban telecommunications in the pre-telephone era.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 38-80.
  TRENARD L, 'Lille en fête durant la Révolution 1780-1799.', Revue du Nord (1987) 591-604.
  DELSALLE P, 'Les entreprises textiles de Tourcoing (XVIIe-XXe siècles).', Revue du Nord (1987) 751-65.
  YATES FA, Theatre of the world., London : Routledge & Kegan Paul (1987) pp xiv+218, il
  LLOYD-JONES R & LEWIS MJ, 'The economic structure of cottonopolis.', Textile History (1987) 71-90.
  ROBSON B, Managing the city: the aims and impacts of urban policy., London : Croom Helm (1987) pp 240
  McKEOWN K, Marxist political economy and Marxist urban sociology: a review and elaboration of recent developments., Basingstoke : Macmillan (1987) pp 256
  CAMPION P, Matches from Gloucester: the story of William Taylor and the other matchmakers of the Island of 1870 including a chapter on Gloucester Fire Brigades., Cheltenham : Author (1987) pp 40
  STEPHENS WB & UNWIN EW, Materials for the local and regional study of schooling 1700-1900., London : British Records Assoc (1987) pp 57
  I remember Burton: a collection of extracts from the competition organised by Burton library and the Burton upon Trent Civic Society., Burton : Staffordshire Libraries (1987) pp 51, il
  PERAULT G, Paris sous l'occupation., Paris : Belfond (1987) pp 352, il
  PIRIE GH, 'South African railways and the South African state 1902-1963.', Journal of Historical Geography (1987) 283-95.
  BUCKLEY R & LUCAS J, Leicester town defences., Leicester : Leicestershire Museums (1987)
  RIMMINGTON GT, Leicestershire School Boards 1871-1903., Paris : Atlas (1987) pp 144, il
  BARTON R & TORODE B, 'Gloucester and its Catholics during the reign of James II.', Gloucestershire Community Council Local History (1987) 7-12.
  EBNER MH, 'The comparative tradition in American urban history.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1987) 639-43.
  MARZAROLI O, Shades of grey: Glasgow 1956-1987., Edinburgh : Mainstream (1987) pp 223, il
  CORFIELD P, 'From rank to class: innovation in Georgian England.', History Today (1987) 29-35.
  HUGGINS M, 'The glory years: an early northeast football club 1878-1887.', Cleveland and Teeside Local History Society Bulletin (1987) 28-40.
  RICHARDSON K, Coventry: past into present., Chichester : Phillimore (1987) pp ix+111, il
  FAURE D et al, From village to city: studies in the traditional roots of Hong Kong society., Hong Kong : Centre of Asian Studies, Hong Kong U (1987)
  GURTON N, George Muller and his orphans., Worthing : Churchman (1987) pp 192, il
  DONNISON D & MIDDLETON A, Regenerating the inner city: Glasgow's experience., London : Routledge & Kegan Paul (1987) pp 304
  HUTTON R, Richard Hutton's complaints book: the notebook of the steward of the Quaker workhouse at Clerkenwell 1711-1737., London : London Record Soc (1987) pp xxiii+110
  REID G, River Thames in the late twenties and early thirties., London : Dirk Nishen (1987) pp 31
  CHANDLER JH, Salisbury and its neighbours: a new look at how a medieval city has been influenced by its surroundings and has, in turn affected them., Salisbury : Salisbury Civic Soc (1987) pp 26
  GUTTON AM, 'La culte du Sacre-Coeur en Lyonnaise aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles.', Cahiers d’Histoire (1987) 27-42.
  BONGARCON Y, 'Un Vichysmede gauche? Les début de l'effort quotidien socialiste Lyonnias (1940).', Cahiers d’Histoire (1987) 123-46.
  VILAGRASA J, 'Politica d'habitatge i promocio privada a Lleida 1949-1980.', Revista Catalana de Geografia (1987) 33-50.
  SCHLUP M, 'La lecture et ses institutions dans la principauté de Neuchâtel au Tournant des lumières.', Revue Francaise d’Histoire de Livre (1987) 463-500.
  FUCHS RG, 'Legislation, poverty and child abandonment in 19th century Paris.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1987) 55-80.
  ETHINGTON PJ, 'Vigilantes and the police: the creation of a professional police bureaucracy in San Francisco 1847-1900.', Journal of Social History (1987) 197-228.
  TRINGHAM NJ, 'Bishop's Palace, Lichfield cathedral close: its construction 1686-87.', South Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society (1987) 57-63.
  LAWS P, Bristol, Bath and Wells then and now., London : Batsford (1987) pp 120, il
  CARVER M, Underneath English towns., London : Batsford (1987) pp 176
  ELLIOTT AG, Another portrait of Hove., Hove : Author (1987) pp 32
  PAYNE M & BATCHELOR L, Bygone Crowborough., Chichester : Phillimore (1987) pp 112, il
  DELSALLE P, 'Tisserands et fabricants chez les prud hommes dans la région de Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing (1810-1848)', Medieval Studies (1987) 61-80.
  Heanor then and now., Heanor : Heanor & District Local Hist Soc (1987) pp 60
  BENOIT F & BENOIT B, Hérésies et diableries à Lyon et à l'entours., Paris : Horvath (1987) pp 167, il
  LEONOFF CE, 'Vancouver Jewish life 1886-1986.', WSJHQ pt (1987) 315-34; pt 2 20
  GOODING J NORMA P & SPURWAY E, Budleigh Salterton in bygone days: memories and photographs of a Devon seaside town., Exeter : Devon Books (1987) pp 108, il
  ELAZAR DJ, Building cities in America: urbanization and suburbanization in a frontier society., Lanham, MD : America UP (1987)
  BOLAY JC, Les migrants dans la ville: un cas mexicain: Toluca et sa région., New York : P Lang (1987) pp 14-229
  MARCUSE P, 'Housing in early city planning.', Durham County Local History Society Bulletin (1987) 12-22.
  DROZDZ G, 'Joseph Hansom, Hinckley, and the Hansom cab.', Leicestershire Historian (1987) 4-9.
  CLARK G, 'A study of nurse children 1550-1750.', Local Population Studies (1987) 8-23.
  NABB H, The Bristol gas undertaking, 1815-1949., Bristol : Historical Assoc (1987) pp 48, il
  FRENCH A, Sixth century Athens., Sydney : HB Sales (1987) pp vi+92, il
  SMITH MP & FEAGIN JR, The capitalist city: global restructuring and community politics., Oxford : Blackwell (1987) pp vi+393
  CALDICOTT CEJ et al, The Huguenots and Ireland: anatomy of an emigration., Dun Laoghaire : Glendale (1987) pp 444
  BURN-MURDOCH B & BALLARD K, The changing face of St Ives. 250 years of a Huntingdonshire town., St Ives : Friends of Norris Museum (1987) pp 64, il
  EDWARDS I, 'Gazetteer of clayworks in the Wrexham and Ruabon district.e', Denbighshire Historical Society Transactions (1987) 47-83.
  ANDREAU J, La vie financière dans le monde romain, les métiers de manieurs d'argent: IVe siècle av. JC-IIIe siècle apr JC., Paris : Ecole française de Rome (1987) pp viii+792
  RANGER P, 'The rivals: two Georgian theatre managers [Portsmouth Gosport].', Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society Transactions (1987) 219-35.
  BROWN R, Basingstoke's pictorial past., Horndean : Milestone (1987) pp 96, il
  TSCHOMI B, Cinégramme folie: le parc de la Villette: Paris dixneuvième arrondissement., Paris : Champvallon (1987) pp 60, il
  PERON A, Nantes au temps des omnibus., Nantes : Ressac (1987) pp 32
  COUTRAS J, Des villes traditionnelles aux nouvelles banlieux., Paris : Sedes (1987) pp 176
  FIELDSEND A, 50 years of Cleethorpes trolleybuses 1937-1987., Author (1987) pp 14
  ROSSWURM S, Arms, country and class: the Philadelphia militia and 'lower sort' during the American revolution 1775-1783., New Brunswick : Rutgers UP (1987) pp xv+373
  KELLY R, A city at war: Oxford 1642-1646., Cheltenham : Thornes (1987) pp 57
  KLINK WR, 'William Carlos Williams's Paterson: literature and urban history.', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1987) 171-86.
  CATHRALL W, The history of Oswestry: compromising the British, Saxon, Norman and English eras, Oswestry : Gallery (1987) pp 294, il
  CORFIELD PJ, 'Small towns, large implications: social and cultural roles of small towns in 18th century England and Wales.', The Journal of Eighteenth Century Studies (1987) 125-38.
  CROSS G & SHERGOLD P, ''We think we are oppressed:' gender, white collar work and grievances of late nineteenth century women.', Labour Historian (1987) 23-53.
  APPELBAUM L, 'Turmoil in Kenosha: the Allen-A-Housing dispute of 1928-1929.', Wisconsin Magazine of History (1987) 281-303.
  WOOLSEY RC, 'Rites of passage Anglo and Mexican American contrasts in a time of change: Los Angeles 1860-1870.', Southern California Quarterly (1987) 81-102.
  MEYER M, 'Traditional and popular culture: Los Angeles in the 1940s.', Southern California Quarterly (1987) 293-300.
  LINDSAY M, Victorian and Edwardian Glasgow from old photographs., London : Batsford (1987) pp 107, il
  NUSSDORFER L, 'The vacant see: ritual and protest in early modern Rome.', Sixteenth Century Journal (1987) 173-90.
  SITTON R, 'Another generation of urban reformers: Los Angeles in the 1930s.', Western Historical Quarterly (1987) 315-32.
  DOIG AG & CRAVEN M, Derby trams and buses. Vol 2 Motor buses., Burton on Trent : Trent Valley (1987) pp 96, il
  OLIVERAS J, Desenvolupament industrial i evolucio urbana a Manresa (1800-1900)., Manresa : Caixa d'Estalvis de Manresa ; (1987) pp 312; 300, il
  SMITH DN, 'Managerial strategies, working conditions and the origins of unionism: the case of the tramway and omnibus industry.', Journal of Transport History (1987) 30-51.
  KUSMER KL, 'Black urban history at the cross roads: review essay.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 460-70.
  ABBOT C, 'Modern Times: review essay.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 471-80.
  SCHWALLER JF, 'The political economy of Hispanic cities.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 451-9.
  ABBOTT C, 'The suburban sunbelt.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 275-301.
  GRAHAM BJ, 'Urbanization in medieval Ireland, ca AD900 to ca AD1300.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 169-96.
  LOVELL J, 'Sail, steam and emergent dockers; unionism in Britain; 1850-1914.', International Review of Social History (1987) 230-49.
  GUICHONNET P ed, Histoire d'Annecy., Toulouse : Privat (1987) pp 320
  Working papers for an historical directory of the West Midlands book trade to 1850., Birmingham : Birmingham Bibliographic Soc (1987) pp 57
  SIES MC, 'The city transformed: nature, technology and the suburban ideal 1877-1917.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 81-111
  NORKUNAS MK, 'Women, work and ethnic identity: personal narratives and the ethnic enclave in the textile city of Lowell, Massachusetts.', Journal of Ethnic Studies (1987) 27-48.
  HILLIS P, 'Education and evangelisation, Presbyterian missions in mid-nineteenth century Glasgow.', Scottish History Review (1987) 46-62.
  HILLS P, 'Division and cohesion in the nineteenth century middle class: the case of Ipswich 1830-1870.', Urban History Yearbook (1987) 42-50.
  ROSS D, 'The Dahomean middleman system, 1727-c.1818.', Journal of African History (1987) 357-75.
  SCHARNAU R, 'Workers and politics: the Knights of Labor in Dubuque, Iowa 1885-1890.', Annals of Iowa (1987) 353-77.
  HUGHES S, 'Fear and loathing in Bologna and Rome: the papal police in perspective.', Journal of Social History (1987) 97-116.
  DALEY T, 'Women and moral panic in the First World War.', Cleveland and Teeside Local History Society Bulletin (1987) 25-37.
  DROIXHE D, 'Avocats chanoines et lectures éclairées à Liège au XVIIIe siècle.', Revue Francaise d’Histoire de Livre (1987) 355-80.
  BARBIER F, 'Le Musée de Bordeaux et sa bibliothèque.', Revue Francaise d’Histoire de Livre (1987) 415-37.
  GRINEVALD PH, 'Les bibliothèques à Besançon au XVIIIe siècle.', Revue Francaise d’Histoire de Livre (1987) 327-54.
  BRUNEEL C, 'Le 'primus' de Louvain au XVIIIe siècle.', Revue du Nord (1987) 575-89.
  RODERICK GW, 'South Wales industrialists and the theory of gentrification 1770-1914.', Honourable Society of Cymrodorian Transactions (1987) 65-83.
  WILKINSON LP, Bulmers of Hereford: a century of cider making., Newton Abbot : David & Charles (1987) pp 214, il
  WYCKOFF W, 'Incorporation as a factor in formation of an urban system.', Geographical Review AND Geographische Rundschau (1987) 270-92.
  YOUNG GAB, 'Excavations at Southgate, Hartlepool, Cleveland 1981-82.', Durham Archaeological Journal (1987) 15-55.
  DRURY JL, 'The Ankers House at Chester-le-Street.', Durham Archaeological Journal (1987) 23-57.
  HUMPHREYS R, 'Mortality crises in sixteenth century Dorking.', LPs (1987) 46-53.
  Bruxelles-Vienne, réflets croisés 1890-1938, Bruxelles : Promotion de lettres belges de langue française (1987) pp 72, il
  GODDARD J, Fish 'n' ships: the rise and fall of Grimsby - the world's premier fishing port., Clapham : Daleman (1987) pp 107, il
  LANCASTER B, 'Towards the socialist commonwealth: cooperation in Leicester in the late nineteenth century.', Midland History (1987) 48-66.
  DODGSHON RA, The European past: social evolution and spatial order., Basingstoke : Macmillan Educational (1987) pp xi+403, il
  BRAYSHAY M, 'Plymouth's coastal defences in the year of the Spanish armada.', Devonshire Association Research Transactions / Reports and Transactions (1987) 169-96.
  PARR LJ, 'The Library of Halifax Mechanics Institution 1825-1851.', Library History (1987) 177-86.
  CALWELL HG, The life and times of a voluntary hospital: the history of the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children 1873-1948., Belfast : Brough, Cox & Dunn (1987) pp xviii+138
  HUGHES R, St John's Foundation School 1851-1871: the founding and early history of St John's, Leatherhead., Poole : Normancross Print Production (1987) pp ix+78
  BENERIA L & ROLDAN M, The crossroads of class and gender: industrial homework, sub-contracting and household dynamics in Mexico City., Chicago : Chicago UP (1987) pp 224
  SCHOFIELD J, The London surveys of Ralph Treswell., London : London Topographical Soc (1987) pp 164, il
  DALGLEISH G & MAXWELL S, The lovable craft 1687-1987: an exhibition to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Royal Charter of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh., Edinburgh : Royal Scottish Museum (1987) pp 51, il
  STEINMEYER HG, Staten Island 1524-1898., Richmondtown, NY : Staten Island Hist Soc (1987) pp 119, il
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  BIRD J, The diaries of John Bird of Cardiff: clerk to the first Marquess of Bute 1790-1803., Cardiff : Glamorgan Archive Service (1987) pp 189, il
  RAMDIN R, The making of the black working class in Britain., Brookfield, Vt : Gower Publishing (1987) pp x + 626
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  McCANN J & SCOTT D, 'Tollesbury, a thirteenth century manor house.', Essex Archaeology and History (1987) 53-62.
  OLIVIESI A, 'Notes sur le T.S.O. à Marseille.', Planning History (1987) 3-15.
  D'ARMS JH, 'Commerce and social standing in ancient Rome.', Planning History (1987) 559-69.
  SMYTH S, The Faversham poor in the 18th and early 19th centuries., Faversham : Faversham Soc (1987) pp vi+52, il
  FALLOWFIELD M & WATSON I, The New Poor Law in Humberside., Hull : Humberside College of Education (1987)
  DE SPIEGLER P, Les hôpitaux et l'assistance à Liege: Xe-XVe siècle, apsects institutionnels et sociaux., Paris : Belles lettres (1987) pp 229
  CARROLL MP, ''The castrated boy': another contribution to the psychoanalytic study of urban legends.', Folklore (1987) 216-25.
  WALFORD E, London recollected: its history, lore and legend. Vol.5., London : Alderman (1987) pp 576, il
  CLARKE J, The book of Brackley: the first thousand years., Birmingham : Barracuda (1987) pp 156, il
  WOOD J, Polesworth: people and places: a compilation of local photographs., Polesworth : author (1987)
  CASADO ALONSO H, Señores, mercaderes y campesinos. La commarca de burgos a fines de la edad media., Valladolid : Junta Castilla-Leon (1987) pp 582
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  CARBAJO MF, La población de la villa de Madrid desde finales del siglio XVI hasta mediados del siglio XIX., Madrid : Siglio XXI (1987) pp 402
  BALL J & BALL W, Stockport Grammar School 1487-1987., Congleton : Old vicarage (1987) pp 128
  MEYEROWITZ J, 'Women and migration: autonomous female migrants to Chicago 1880-1930.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 147-68.
  ROSBOTTOM EJ, A short history of the township of Burscough., Preston : Carnegie (1987)
  WILLIAM HA, The 'Baltimore Sun' 1837-1987., Baltimore : Johns Hopkins UP (1987) pp x+418, il
  SANDERS R, The downtown Jews: portraits of an immigrant generation., London : Constable (1987) pp 477, il
  POWER B, Mitchelstown: through seven centuries: being a concise history of Mitchelstown, County Cork, Fermoy : Eigse (1987) pp xiv + 138
  STEPHENSON J, ''Emancipation' and its problems: war and society in Wurtemberg 1939-45.', European History Quarterly (1987) 345-66.
  CORFIELD JL, 'Cockett and Nash architects and auctioneers of Royston.', Hertfordshire Past and Present (1987) 15-19.
  NICHOLSON RA & HILLAM J, 'A dendo-chronological analysis of oak timbers from the early medieval site at Dundas Wharf, Bristol.', Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Transactions (1987) 133-45.
  DALZELL RF, Enterprising elites: the Boston Associates and the world they made., Cambridge, Mass : HarvardUP (1987) pp xvii+298, il
  PEEBLES HB, Warshipbuilding on the Clyde: naval order and the prosperity of the Clyde shipbuilding industry, 1889-1939., Edinburgh : Donald (1987) pp v+205, il
  ALLEN G, Wellington: a diary of a west country town in the 19th century., Buckingham : Barracuda (1987) pp 124, il
  MEACHAM S, Toynbee Hall and social reform 1880-1914: the search for community., New York : Yale UP (1987) pp xii+211, il
  COURTINE R, La vie parisienne et la Rive Gauche., Paris : Perrin (1987) pp 288
  HARDY C, Nottingham since 1900., Urmston : Archive Publications (1987) pp 127, il
  NASCIMENTO I & TIBAULT C, Observer l'espace certain par satellites., Paris : IAURIF (1987) pp 76, il
  RICE C, 'Land and freedom' in the factories of Petersburg: the SRs and the workers' curia elections to the second Duma, Janaury 1907., Toulouse : Privat (1987) pp 512
  EISENSTADT SN, Society, culture and urbanization., London : Sage (1987) pp 391
  BURT S & GRADY K, The merchant's golden age: Leeds 1700-1790., Leeds : Authors (1987) pp 40, il
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  WILSON WH, 'The billboard: bane of the city beautiful.', Journal of Urban History (1987) 394-425
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  LAYBOURN K, 'A story of buried talents and wasted opportunities: the failure of the socialist unity movement in Yorkshire 1911-1914.', Journal of Regional and Local Studies (1987) 15-31.
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