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1992   McLAUGHLIN D, 'Mowbray Green and the Old Bath Preservers', Bath History (1992)
  CAMPS I CURA E, 'Population turnover and the family cycle: the migration flows in a Catalan town during the nineteenth century', Continuity and Change (1992)
  COHEN ES, 'Honor and gender in the streets of early modern Rome', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1992) 597-626
  GUGLIERI D, 'Protestant pastors in late eighteenth-century Zurich: their families and society', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1992)
  ADLER JS, 'Streetwalkers, degraded outcasts, and good-for-nothing huzzies: women and the dangerous class in antebellum St. Louis', Journal of Social History (1992)
  PORFYRIOU H, 'Artistic urban design and cultural myths: the garden city idea in Nordic countries, 1900-1925', Planning Perspectives (1992)
  MORANDI C, 'Italan planning in the later 19th century: the Milan example.', Planning Perspectives (1992)
  CARRERAS A & YANEZ C, 'La construction du port de Barcelone , une analyse de ses fluctuations de 1816 à 1960', Planning History (1992) 611- 623.
  MCSEVENEY ST, 'Revenge for the carpetbaggers: a note on ex-confederates in New York City politics after the Civil War', New York History (1992)
  YOUNG D, 'East-end street names and British imperialism', Local Historian (1992)
  HENIG JR, 'Defining city limits', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1992)
  MICHAUD F, 'Liaisons particulières? Franciscains et testatrices à Marseille (1248-1320)', Annales du Midi (1992)
  SHERRINGTON E, 'O.M.Edwards, culture and the industrial classes', Journal of Welsh Labour History (1992)
  ALLSWANG JM, 'Tom Bradley of Los Angeles', Southern California Quarterly (1992) 55-105.
  TURNER RS, 'Growth politics and downtown development: the economic imperative in sunbelt cities', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1992)
  KONVITZ JW, 'Bombs, cities, and submarines: Allied bombing of the French ports, 1942-1943 [primarily concerned with city of Lorient].', International History Review (1992) 23-44.
  REILLY M, 'Promoting the subway: New York's experience in an international context, 1890-1914', Journal of Transport History (1992)
  PANOVA R & GAVRILOVA R, 'Bulgarian urban historiography', Urban History (1992) 257-268.
  MACHIMURA T, 'The urban restructuring process in Tokyo in the 1980s: transforming Tokyo into a world city', Internal Journal of Urban and Regional Research (1992)
  SUNDSTROM WA, 'Last hired, first fired? Unemployment and urban black workers during the Great Depression [U.S.A]', Journal of Economic History (1992)
  MILLER JA, 'Politics and urban provisioning crises: bakers, police, and parlements in France, 1750-1793', Journal of Modern History (1992)
  TITTLE CR & STAFFORD ME, 'Urban theory, urbanism, and suburban residence', Social Forces (1992) 725-745
  CAMPBELL BMS, GALLOWAY JA & MURPHY M, 'Rural land-use in the metropolitan hinterland, 1270-1339: the evidence of inquisitiones post mortem', Agricultural History Review (1992)
  ELTIS DA, 'Tensions between clergy and laity in some Western German cities in the later middle ages', Journal of Ecclesiastical History (1992)
  SWAN RJ, 'John Teasman: African-American educator and the emergence of community in early black New York City, 1787-1815', Journal of the Early Republic (1992)
  GRAHAM BJ & PROUDFOOT LJ, 'Landlords, planning, and urban growth in eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Ireland', Journal of Urban History (1992)
  MILLER DL, 'Lewis Mumford: urban historian, urban visionary', Journal of Urban History (1992) 280-307.
  WAGENAAR M, 'Conquest of the center or flight to the suburbs? divergent metropolitan strategies in Europe, 1850-1914', Journal of Urban History (1992)
  VANDAL G, 'The nineteenth-century municipal responses to the problem of poverty; New Orleans' free lodgers, 1850-1880, as a case study', Journal of Urban History (1992)
  DEUTSCH S, 'Learning to talk more like a man: Boston women's class-bridging organizations, 1870-1940', American Historical Review (1992)
  REYERSON KL, 'The adolescent apprentice/worker in medieval Montpellier', Journal of Family History (1992)
  GUERREAU A, 'Edifices médiévaux, métrologie, organisation de l'espace, à propos de la cathédrale de Beauvais', Annales, Economies, Sociétés, Civilisations (1992)
  COLLAS A, 'Quèbec, une ville et sa population au temps de la Nouvelle-France', Annales de Bretagne (1992) 215-226.
  WARREN WJ, 'The heyday of the CIO in Iowa: ottumwa's meatpacking workers, 1937-1954', Annals of Iowa (1992)
  HAYTON S, 'Cellar dwellings and cellar dwellers', Journal of Regional and Local Studies (1992)
  TURNER RL, 'Industrial subsidies and the manipulation of industrial cultures: the case of a West Yorkshire mining town', Journal of Regional and Local Studies (1992)
  EASTWOOD D, 'The republic in the village: parish and poor at Bampton,1780-1834', Journal of Regional and Local Studies (1992)
  KRIM A, 'Los Angeles and the anti-tradition of the suburban city', Journal of Historical Geography (1992) 121-38il
  CALVI G, 'Maddalena Nerli and Cosimo Tornabuoni: a couple's narrative of family history in early modern Florence', Renaissance Quarterly (1992)
  HOFFMAN SJ, 'The saga of Pittsburgh's liberty tubes: geographical partisanship on the urban fringe', Pittsburgh History (1992)
  ROBERTS JT, 'Squatters and urban growth in Amazonia', Geographical Review AND Geographische Rundschau (1992) 441-457.
  ETHINGTON PJ, 'Recasting urban political history: gender, the public, the household, and political participation in Boston and San Francisco during the progressive era', Social Science History (1992)
  STOYLE I, 'An overlooked description of Crediton [dated 1841]', Devon Historian (1992) 18-22.
  JONES T, 'Shipbuilding at Northwich: part one', Cheshire History (1992)
  MARSH M, 'Old farms, new visions: new directions in United States urban history', Pennsylvania History (1992) 21-28.
  MCCONNELL MN, 'Kuskusky towns and early western Pennsylvania Indian history, 1748-1778', Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1992)
  HAYS JN, 'Overlapping hinterlands: York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, 1800-1850', Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1992)
  PORTER S, 'All Saints', Poplar: the making of a parish, 1650-1817', London Journal (1992)
  HUFFMAN J B, 'From kirk and crown: the rebuilding of Crown Court Church, 1905-1909', London Journal (1992)
  LAWRENCE J & DEAN M, 'The outbreak of war and the urban economy: Paris, Berlin, and London in 1914', Economic History Review (1992)
  JOHNSON C & VINCE A, 'The South Bail Gates of Lincoln', Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (1992)
  THOMAS F T, A portrait of historic Athens and Clarke County, London : University of Georgia Press (1992) pp x + 299
  CASHMAN B, A proper house: Bedford lunatic asylum (1812-1860), Bedford : North Bedford Health Aurthority (1992) pp xii + 179
  ABERTH J, 'A medieval Norwich feud: the bitter dispute between Richard Spynk and Thomas De Lisle, bishop of Ely', Norfolk Archaeology (1992)
  FONE J F, 'The naval yard at Yarmouth in the Napoleonic Wars', Norfolk Archaeology (1992)
  HASNATH SA & SAIF-UL-HAQ, 'Dhaka's past, present and future.', Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (1992) 91-124.
  FAIRFIELD JD, 'Alienation of social control: the Chicago sociologists and the origins of urban planning', Planning Perspectives (1992)
  McGRATH B, 'Suburban development in Ireland, 1960-80', Planning Perspectives (1992)
  PING WANG Y & HAGUE C, 'The development and planning of Xian since 1949.', Planning Perspectives (1992)
  HOGGART K, 'Responsiveness of intergovernmental aid to urban problems in New Jersey and New York, 1976-1984', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1992)
  COHEN ES, 'Honor and gender in the streets of early modern Rome', Journal of Interdisciplinary History 1992 597-625
  BENEDICT P, 'Urbanization in eighteenth-century France: a reply', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1992)
  ITTMAN K, 'Family limitation and family economy in Bradford, West Yorkshire 1851-1881', Journal of Social History (1992)
  AA VV, 'Barcelona en la literatura', Barcelona metropolis mediterrania, cuaderno central (1992)
  ATTREED L, 'Arbitration and the growth of urban liberties in late medieval England', Journal of British Studies (1992)
  LAMB BP, 'Frontiersmen in broadcloth: Jews in early Phoenix, 1870-1920', Western States Jewish Historical Quarterly (1992)
  MOLHO R, 'Salonique après 1912. Les propagandes étrangères et la communauté juive', Revue Historique (1992) 127-140.
  DUMONS B & POLLET G, 'Fonctionnaires municipaux et employés de la ville de Lyon (1870-1914) : Légitimité d'un modèle administratif décentralisé', Revue Historique (1992) 105-25
  LAFER G, 'Minority unemployment, labor market segmentation, and the failure of job training policy in New York City', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1992) 206-235.
  SOMBART N, Chronique d'une jeunesse berlinoise : 1933-1943, Paris : Quai Voltaire (1992) pp 369
  WALKOWITZ J R, City of dreadful delight: narratives of sexual danger in late-Victorian London., London : Virago (1992) pp xiv + 353
  Dyserth: Parish Registers: Baptisms 1704-1759, marriages 1706-1754, burials 1705-1759, Wrexham : Clwyd Family History Society (1992) pp 46
  BERRY A W, Eighteenth century Sudbury, Ipswich : Suffolk County Books (1992) pp 94
  COCULA A-M & MONTAIGNE M de, Montaigne, maire de Bordeaux, Bordeaux : L'horizon chimerique (1992) pp 108, il
  CAZALS R ed, Histoire de Castres, Mazamet, la montagne., Toulouse : Privat (1992) pp 320, il
  CLOUARD E, Histoire de Riom, Paris : Res Universis (1992) pp 262, [reprint of the 1910 edition]
  DUPRAT G-L, Histoire de Rochefort-sur-Mer, Paris : Res Universis (1992) pp 252
  Index to the 1851 census for Liverpool. Vol 21, Abercrombie Ward (Part), Liverpool & South West Family History Society (1992)
  Index to the 1851 census for Liverpool. Vol 9, Vauxhall Ward (Part), Liverpool & South West Family History Society (1992)
  WALLSGROVE S, Kenilworth 1086-1756: or the development of medieval Kenilworth., Warwick : S G Wallsgrove (1992) 1 vol
  GODFROY MF, 'Le passage à Foix du prédicateur franciscain Thomas Illyricus (1520)', Annales du Midi (1992)
  KEITH VM & HERNIG C, 'Skin-tone and stratification in the black community.', American Journal of Sociology (1992)
  AYO RU, 'Anglo-Spanish trade through the port of Bilbao during the second half of the eighteenth century: some preliminary findings', International Journal of Maritime History (1992)
  OLUKOJU A, 'Background to the establishment of the Nigerian Ports Authority: the politics of port administration in Nigeria, c. 1920-54', International Journal of Maritime History (1992)
  ABBOTT C, 'Regional city and network city: Portland and Seattle in the twentieth century', Western Historical Quarterly (1992) 293-322.
  MELLINGER P, 'The men have become organizers: labor conflict and unionization in the Mexican mining communities of Arizona, 1900-1915', Western Historical Quarterly (1992)
  DOUGLAS A & J, Birmingham: the war years., Studley : Brewin (1992) pp 110, il.
  BROWN MC & WARNER BD, 'Immigrants, urban politics, and policing in 1900', American Sociological Review (1992)
  TELLES EE, 'Residential segregation by skin color in Brazil', American Sociological Review (1992)
  PENG Y, 'Wage determination in rural and urban China: a comparison of public and private industrial sectors', American Sociological Review (1992)
  FISSELL ME, 'Health in the city: putting together the pieces [review essay]', Urban History (1992)
  CASSAN M, 'Etat, Seigneurs et communautés urbaines en Limousin au XVI ème siècle', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1992) 282-302
  CHILDS M J, Labour's apprentices: working-class lads in late Victorian and Edwardian England, London : Hambledon (1992) pp xxiii + 223
  LA PORTE D ed, Le Havre : volonté et modernité, Le Havre : Galerne (1992) pp 322, il
  HASSAR-BENSLIMANE J, Le passé de la ville de Salé dans tous ses états : histoire, archéologie, archives, Paris : Maisonneuve et Larose (1992) pp 291
  BRUNEL B, Le vouloir-vivre et la force des choses : Augerolles en Livradois-Forez du XVII ème au XIX ème siècle, Clermont-Ferrand : Institut d'études du Massif central (1992) pp 512, il
  Monuments historiques Ní 180, L'Europe des échanges: la culture architecturale au-delà des frontières (1750-1993), Paris : CNMHS (1992) pp 120, il
  WALLACE M, Medieval people of Norwich: artists and artisans, Norwich : King Street Research Group (1992) pp 44
  DUNCAN R & McIVOR A eds, Militant workers: labour and class conflict on the Clyde, 1900-1950., Edinburgh : John McDonald (1992) pp 197
  ISBLED B ed, Moi, Claude Bordeaux, journal d'un bourgeois de Rennes au XVII ème siècle, Rennes : Apogée (1992) pp 256
  CHAUMET M, Niort et le pays niortais : 100 ans de presse locale., Vouillé : Geste éd (1992) pp 212
  DEAUCOURT J-L, Premiers récits publiés à Lyon sur la mission en Asie aux XVIe et XVIIe siècles., Paris : Aubier (1992) pp 264, il
  FOULKES R, Repertory at the Royal: sixty-five years of theatre in Northampton 1927-92., Northampton : Northampton Repertory Players (1992) pp xii + 235
  CHANDLER J H, Salisbury: history and guide, Stroud : A Sutton (1992) pp 122
  MENASSA B ed, Salut Jérusalem : les mémoires d'un chrétien de Tyr à l'époque des croisades., Paris : L'Harmattan (1992) pp 319
  WILSON J R, Seedbed of protest: social structure and radical politics in Ettlingen, Grand Duchy of Baden, 1815-1850, London : Garland Publications (1992) pp x + 237
  RAWSON B, The family in ancient Rome: new perspectives, London : Routledge (1992) pp 281
  BEACHAM RC, The Roman theatre and its audience, Cambridge : Harvard UP (1992)
  ZELTNER J, Tripoli carrefour de l'Europe et des pays de Tchad 1500-1795., Paris : L'Harmattan (1992) pp 301
  COSSON A, 'La francisque et l'écharpe tricolore : Vichy et le pouvoir municipal en Bas-Languedoc', Annales du Midi (1992) 281-310
  GAR«I B, 'Why Almeria? An Islamic port in the compass of Genoa', Journal of Medieval History (1992)
  EVE C, A bibliography of the small towns in Northamptonshire, 1600-1850, Leicester : C Eve (1992) pp 460
  DEMARATH NJ & WILLIAMS RH, A bridging of faiths: religion & politics in a New England city, Princeton : Princeton UP (1992)
  STEVENS P A, The Leicester and Melton Mowbray navigations, Stroud : Sutton (1992) pp xiii + 154
  ROLLISON D, The local origins of modern society: Gloucestershire 1500-1800, London : Routledge (1992) pp xvi + 319
  KIDNER R W, The London tramcar 1861-1952, Headington : Oakwood (1992) pp 128
  LAPORTE M-L & ROUX J, Uzés, Paris : Equinoxe (1992)
  SUTTON M, We didn't know aught: a study of sexuality, superstition and death in womens' lives in Linclonshire during the 1930s, '40s and '50s, Stamford : Paul Watkins (1992) pp xvii + 200
  CARLEDGE P, Hellenistic and Roman Sparta: a tale of two cities, Routledge (1992) pp xiii + 304
  LEMAIRE M, RIBAULT JY & GOLDMAN P, Bourges, Paris : C Bonneton (1992) pp 192, il
  CLUBBE J, Cincinnati observed: architecture & history, Columbus : Ohio State UP (1992)
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  NUSSDORFER L, Civic politics in the Rome of urban VIII, Princeton : Princeton UP (1992)
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  ROBIN R, Enclaves of America: the rhetoric of American political architecture abroad, 1900-1965, Princeton : Princeton UP (1992)
  GUY S ed, English local studies handbook: a guide to resources for each county including libraries, record offices, societies, journals and museums, Exeter : Exeter UP (1992) pp xiv + 343
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  GUERRAND RH, Moeurs citadines: histoire de la culture urbaine, Paris : Quai Voltaire (1992) pp 240
  APUZZO R, New York City's buried past: a guide to excavated New York City's Revolutionary War artifacts 1776-1783, Bronx, NY : R and L Publishing (1992)
  BICK DE, Old Newent and district, Pound House (1992) pp 30
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  RUDERMAN DB ed, Preachers of the Italian Ghetto, Berkeley : University of California Press (1992)
  Regards croisés, la ville de l'autre, Montpellier : Espace 34 (1992) pp 150
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  ORSI R, 'The religious boundaries of an inbetween people: street feste and the problem of the dark-skinned other in Italian Harlem, 1920-1990', American Quarterly (1992)
  MOUTOUKIAS Z, 'Réseaux personnels et autorité coloniale : les négociants de Buenos-Aires au XVIII ème siècle', Annales, Economies, Sociétés, Civilisations (1992) 889-915.
  COULTON CJ & PANDEY S, 'Geographic concentration of poverty and risk to children in urban neighborhoods', American Behavioural Science (1992)
  MURPHY P, 'Urban tourism and visitor behavior', American Behavioural Science (1992)
  ASHER CB, Architecture of Mughal India., Cambridge : Cambridge UP (1992)
  WHITEHAND JWR, 'The makers of British towns: architects, builders and property owners, c1850-1939', Journal of Historical Geography (1992)
  McREYNOLDS L, 'St.Petersburg's "boulevard" press and the process of urbanization', Journal of Urban History (1992)
  RODGER R ed, European urban history: prospect & retrospect., New York : Saint Martin's Press (1992)
  POUSSOU JP, La croissance des villes au XIXe siècle: France, Royaume-Uni, Etats-unis et pays germaniques, Paris : SEDES (1992) pp 501
  HUSSEINI H el, Les enfants du Caire, Paris : FIRST (1992) pp 210
  PASETZKY G, 'Salzbourg et la Révolution français', Annales Historique de la Révolution Française (1992) 235-44
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  KEROUANTON J-L, 'Les monuments aux grands hommes de la République à Angers à la fin du XIX ème siécle', Annales de Bretagne (1992) 543-557.
  FINGARD J, 'Race and respectability in Victorian Halifax [Canada]', Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History (1992)
  CUMMING JE, 'Music for the Doge in early renaissance Venice', Speculum (1992)
  FLAVELL JM, 'Lord North's conciliatory proposal and the patriots in London.', English Historical Review (1992)
  CUST R, 'Anti-puritanism and urban politics: Charles I and Great Yarmouth.', Historical Journal (1992)
  FUCHS FJ, 'Notes sur l'apprentissage à Strasbourg au XVI ème siècle', Revue d’Alsace (1992) 97-112.
  ARIES P, 'Adaptation aux temps nouveaux ou résurgence de tendances profondes : le Syndicat général du personnel des Hospices Civils de Lyon de 1939 à 1944', Medieval Studies (1992) 17-36.
  SABATO H, 'Citizenship, political participation and the formation of the public sphere in Buenos Aires 1850s-1880s', Past and Present (1992)
  COURTENAY A, 'Cheltenham Spa and the Berkeleys, 1832-1848: pocket borough and patron?', Midland History (1992)
  SWIFT R, 'The English urban magistracy and the administration of justice during the early nineteenth century: Wolverhampton, 1815-1860', Midland History (1992)
  BERTRAND R, 'Le " vandalisme révolutionnaire " à Marseille', Planning History (1992) 391-402.
  WALL B, 'Tudor house, Lower Bridge Street, Chester', Cheshire History (1992)
  SHELLEY TJ, 'John Cardinal Farley and Modernism in New York', Church History (1992)
  GISH C, 'The children's strikes: socialization and class formation in paterson, 1824-1836.', New Jersey History (1992) 21-40.
  SUTTON A F, 'Merchants, music and social harmony: the London Puy and its French and London contexts, circa 1300', London Journal (1992)
  ROSENBAUM E, 'Race and ethnicity in housing: turnover in New York City, 1978-1987', Demography (1992)
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  LAGARDE I, Une saison d'été à Biarritz : 1859, Anglet : ed Lavielle (1992) pp 208
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  ROBSON S, Wigton: times of change 1840-1900, Wigton : S Robson (1992) pp 59
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  COWGER TW, 'Custodians of social justice: the Indianapolis asylum for friendless colored children, 1870-1922', International Journal of Maritime History (1992)
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