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1999   FINLEY-CROSSWHITE AS, Henry IV and the towns: the pursuit of legitimacy in French urban society, 1589-1610., Cambridge : Cambridge UP (1999)
  ENGELBRECHT-WIGGANS R & NONNENMACHER T, 'A theoretical basis for 19th-century changes to the Port of New York Imported Goods Auction', Explorations in Economic History (1999) 232-245
  BODENHORN H, 'An engine of growth: Real bills and Schumpeterian banking in antebellum New York', Explorations in Economic History (1999) 278-302
  BRUCKER G, 'Civic traditions in premodern Italy', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1999) 357-77
  CROUCHER S, 'Ethnic inventions: constructing and reconstructing Miami's culture clash.', Pacific Historical Review (1999) 233-52.
  DAVIES E, 'A visit to the town of Denbigh', Old Denbighshire (1999) 13-22
  GARDNER K, 'Narrating location: Space, age and gender among Bengali elders in East London', Oral History (1999) 65-74
  BROWN PS & BROWN DN, 'Friendly societies in nineteenth-century Weston-super Mare: Affiliated orders', Notes and Queries (1999) 304-309
  FISK A, 'Friendly societies and local history', Local Historian (1999) 91-101
  FARRELL J, 'The Irish in Hammersmith and Fulham in 1851', Local Historian (1999) 66-75
  MYERS MD, 'A fictional-true self: Margery Kempe and the social reality of the merchant elite of King’s Lynn', Albion (1999) 377-394
  VOSS G, 'Altstadtsanierung in den neuen Bundesländern. Materielle Bestandsnot und Altstadtverständnis 1989/1990', Die Alte Stadt (1999) 61-67
  LALLEMAND P, Pont-a-Moussons: au coeur des rues, la memoire d'une ville., Pierron (1999)
  PAYNE D, 'The cockney and the prostitute: Dickens and the literary market, 1836-37', Journal of Victorian Culture (1999) 171-196
  BIRD D, 'Early days at London and Richborough', London Archaeologist (1999) 331-334
  PHILLPOTTS C, 'The metropolitan palaces of medieval London', London Archaeologist (1999) 47-53
  KLASEN P, L'image, la ville., Janninck (1999)
  BEEKINK E, VON POPPEL F & LEIFBROER AC, 'Surviving the loss of the parent in a nineteenth-century provincial town', Journal of Social History (1999) 641-669
  JANATKOVA A, 'Inszenierung der Nation und staatsliche Repräsentation: Architektonische Programmatik in Prag und Brünn 1928', Als (1999) 100-116
  MCKELLAR E, The birth of modern London: the development and design of the city, 1660-1720., Manchester : Manchester UP (1999)
  KITTELL E & QUELLER K, '‘No man nor woman ...’: Gender inclusivity in the town ordinances of medieval Douai', Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (1999)
  TOMBS I, 'Une identité européenne assiégée: Les émigrés socialistes à Londres 1939-1945', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1999) 263-279
  D’HOLLANDER P, 'L’Eglise dans la ville. Les processions à Limoges au XIXe siècle', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1999) 478-513
  ROTH M, 'Mulholland Highway and the engineering culture of Los Angeles in the 1920s', Technology and Culture (1999) 545-75
  WILLIAMS A & WOOD P, 'Excavation in Durham’s old borough, 1995', AA, (1999) 45-74
  GOODMAN MD & MONTI DJ, 'Corporately sponsored redevelopment campaigns and the social stability of urban neighborhoods: St Louis Revisited.', Journal of Urban Affairs (1999) 101-29.
  VICKERS D & WALSH V, 'Young men and the sea: the sociology of seafaring in eighteenth-century Salem, Massachusets', Social History (1999) 17-38
  FOOT JM, 'Mass cultures, popular cultures and the working class in Milan, 1950-70', Social History (1999) 134-157
  GARRIOCH D, 'The everyday lives of Parisian women and the October days of 1789', Social History (1999) 231-249
  CRINSON M, 'Imperial story-lands: Architecture and display at the Imperial and Commonwealth Institutes', Art History (1999) 99-124
  DONALD D, '‘Beastly sights’: The treatment of animals as a moral theme in representations of London c.1820-1850', Art History (1999) 514-544
  KLASSEN S, 'Old and cared for: Place of residence for elderly women in eighteenth-century Toulouse', Journal of Family History (1999) 35-52
  WATLEY CA, 'The union of 1707, integration and the Scottish burghs: The case of the 1720 Food Riots', SHR LXXV III, (1999) 192-218
  MELDRUM T, 'Domestic service, privacy and the eighteenth-century metropolitan household', Urban History (1999) 27-39
  SUNDERLAND D, '‘A monument to defective administration’? The London Commissions of Sewers in the early nineteenth century', Urban History (1999) 349-372
  GRENDLER PF, 'The university of Bologna, the city, and the papacy', Recherches Sociographiques AND Renaissance Studies (1999) 475-85
  WYKE T, 'The limits of charity: Treating venereal disease in eighteenth-century Manchester', Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society (1999) 39-60
  ROUCHON O, 'L’enquête genealogique et ses usages dans la Toscane des Medicis: un exemple Pisan de 1558', Annales Histoire, Sciences, Sociales (1999) 705-37
  FUCHS F, Die Beziehungen zwischen der Freien Stadt Danzig and dem Deutschen Reich in der Zeit von 1920 bis 1939., Hockschul Verlag (1999)
  HALLIDAY PD, Dismembering the body politic, partisan politics in England's towns, 1650-1730., Cambridge : Cambridge UP (1999)
  LIEVEN M, 'Senghenydd and the historiography of the south Wales coalfield', Journal of Glamorgan History (1999) 8-35
  KNOX KC, 'Lunatick visions: Prophecy, signs, and scientific knowledge in 1790s London', Historical Studies (1999) 427-458
  BIANCO MJ, 'Technological innovation and the rise and fall of urban mass transit', Journal of Urban History (1999) 348-378
  SHOEMAKER RB, 'Gender, language, and urban social relations in Europe, 1540-1850', Journal of Urban History (1999) 570-582
  SZYLVIAN KM, 'Industrial housing reform and the Emergency Fleet Corporation', Journal of Urban History (1999) 647-689
  BETTS P, 'German modernity as new historical object', Journal of Urban History (1999) 874-882
  YOUNG JE, 'Berlin’s holocaust memorial: A report to the Bundestag Committee on Media and Culture', German Politics and Society (1999) 54-70
  LUSCOMBE EW, 'Electricity in Plymouth: Its origins and development', Devonshire Association Research Transactions / Reports and Transactions (1999) 221-252
  BOAG P, 'Sex and politics in progressive-era Portland and Eugene: the 1912 same-sex vice scandal', Oregon Historical Quarterly (1999) 158-81
  ROY J, 'Polis and Oikos in classical Athens', Greece and Rome (1999) 1-17
  DEVESON A, 'Medieval Whitchurch: The development of a new town', Hampshire Studies (1999) 102-126
  BIEBER LE, 'La sociedad de proteccion a los inmigrantes Israelitas: Su aporte a la integracon economia de judios en Bolivia, 1939-1945.', Latin American Research Review (1999) 152-78.
  MARCHENA O, 'La historia de Roma a lo largo de un siglo de cine. Apuntes a una filmografia', Dialogues d'Histoire Ancienne (1999) 35-56
  HOLROYD P, '‘A revolution worse than that of France’: Political radicalism in Halifax and the Peterloo massacre, 1819', Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions / Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society (1999) 74-85
  BUCKROYD EA, 'The Halifax Sunday School Union Jubilee Sings, 1831-1890', Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions / Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society (1999) 86-101
  DILLON P, 'Clubwomen and civic activism: Willie Lowry and Tampa's club movement.', Florida Historical Quarterly (1999) 429-44.
  NAGLICH D, 'St. Louis cross section: history and archaeology on the Eagleton courthouse block.', Gateway Heritage (1999) 38-45
  BARRICELLI FR, 'Making a people what it once was: Regenerating civic identity in the revolutionary theater of Venice', Eighteenth Century Life (1999) 38-57
  PERKYNS A, 'Migration and mobility: Six Kentish parishes 1851-1881', Local Population Studies (1999) 30-70
  YOUNG K, 'Re-reading Robson on the government of London', London Journal (1999) 58-67
  Anatolia moderna. 8. Recherches sur le quartier de Tophane et l’artillerie ottomane: 1re partie, Paris, Maisonneuve; Istambul : Institut français d’études anatoliennes Georges Dumézil (1999) pp 274, il
  HILL M compiler, Basildon, Stroud : Sutton (1999) pp 158, il
  HARRISON D, Bristol times, Derby : Breedon (1999) pp 191, il
  TOWNEND M compiler, Burnley, Stroud : Tempus (1999) pp 128, il
  PANOUILLE JP, Carcassonee: history and architecture, Editions Ouest-France (1999)
  TOWNLEY C, Chambéry et les Chambériens 1660-1792, Annecy-le-Vieux : Historic’one (1999) pp 164, il
  DONDIN-PAYRE M & RAEPSAET-CHARLIER M-TH eds, Cités, municipes, colonies: Les processus de municipalisation en Gaule et en Germanie sous le haut empire romain, Publications de la Sorbonne (1999)
  MARTINIERE G, D’un rivage à l’autre: villes et protestantisme dans l’aire atlantique, 16e-17e siècles: colloque de la Rochelle, 13 et 14 nov. 1998, Poitiers : UP (1999) pp 308, il
  LOHMEIER A, 'Bürgerliche Gesellschaft and consumer interests: The Berlin public market hall reform 1867-1891', Business History Review (1999) 91-113
  WOLF JH, '‘Mercenary hirelings’ or ‘a great blessing’?: Doctors’ and mothers’ conflicted perceptions of wet nurses and the ramifications of infant feeding in Chicago, 1871-1961', Journal of Social History (1999) 97-120
  SMITH LD, '‘The brightest ornament of our native county’: The Staffordshire General Lunatic Asylum, 1818-1855', Staffordshire Studies (1999) 82-95
  HIEBER U, 'Stadtsanierung Und Stadtentwicklung gestern und morgen', Die Alte Stadt (1999) 51-60
  WEIDNER HCP, 'Denkmalschutz und Stadterneuerung als Umgang mit der ganzen Geschichte. Erhaltenswertes von Fachweerkfassaden bis Plattenbau', Die Alte Stadt (1999) 141-151
  WILLIAMS MW, 'From orange groves to high tech in San Fernando Valley: boosterism, rezoning, and the emergence of a R & D regional economy.', Southern California Quarterly (1999) 315-48.
  SWANSON H, Medieval British towns., Martin's Press (1999)
  PIELHOFF S, Paternalismus and Stadtarmut: Armutswahrnehmung and Privatwohltatigkeit in Hamburger Burgertum, 1830-1914., Verein fur Hamburgische Geschichte (1999)
  PATTISON G, Poor Paris!: Kierkegaard's critique of the spectacular city., W de Gruyter (1999)
  CHANT C & GOODMAN DC eds, Pre-industrial cities & technology., London : Routledge (1999)
  ARDITTI R, Searching for life: the grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the disappeared children of Argentina., U of California P (1999)
  MCCRAY WP, 'Creating networks of skill: Technology transfer and the glass industry in Venice', Journal of European Economic History (1999) 301-33
  SCHÜLER-SPRINGORUM S, 'Fear and misery in the third Reich: From the files of the Collective Guardianship Office of the Berlin Jewish community', Yad Vashem Studies (1999) 61-104
  HOLLI MG, The American mayor, the best and worst big-city leaders., Penn State UP (1999)
  SCHMIECHEN J, The British market hall: a social and architectural history., New Haven : Yale UP (1999)
  HERLIHY J, The Dublin Metropolitan Police: a short history and genealogical guide., Dublin : Four Courts Press (1999)
  RAJKAY B, Verflechtung and Entflechtung: sozialer Wandel in einer bikonfessionellen Stadt: Oettingen 1560-1806., Wissner (1999)
  GRIFFITHS WB, 'Excavations at the new quay, Berwick-upon-Tweed, 1996', AA, (1999) 75-108
  GORDON E & NAIR G, 'Middle class family structure in nineteenth-century Glasgow', Journal of Family History (1999) 468-477
  AHUJA R, 'The origins of colonial labour policy in late eighteenth-century Madras', International Review of Social History (1999) 159-195
  RODERICK GW, 'The coalowners and mining education, south Wales 1850-1914', Journal of Glamorgan History (1999) 36-62
  WATTS S, 'The unincorporated town and the role of the manor court in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries', Journal of Regional and Local Studies (1999) 30-47
  MORGAN LW, 'Late comers to the industrial city: African-Americans, jobs, and housing in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1940-60.', International Journal of Maritime History (1999) 331-57.
  STOLL MA, 'Spatial mismatch discrimination, and male youth employment in the Washington, D.C., area: implications for residential mobility policies.', Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (1999) 77-98.
  TARR JA, 'A note on the horse as an urban power source', Journal of Urban History (1999) 434-448
  GRIFFITHS P, 'Family and community in late medieval and early modern towns', Journal of Urban History (1999) 547-556
  BAIGENT E, 'Typologies of urban history', Journal of Urban History (1999) 536-546
  SPEARS T, 'From yawp to discourse: The language of urban America', Journal of Urban History (1999) 755-762
  HOLLERAN M, '‘The machine that makes the land pay’: Recent skyscraper scholarship', Journal of Urban History (1999) 860-867
  ADLER JS, '‘If we can’t live in peace, we might as well die’: homicide-suicide in Chicago, 1875-1910', Journal of Urban History (1999) 3-21
  KRAMER P, 'Making concessions: race and empire revisited at the Philippine Exposi- tion, St Louis, 1901-1905.', Radical History Review (1999) 74-114.
  DAGENAIS M, 'Political dimensions to leisure and culture activities in Canadian cities, 1880-1940', Urban History (1999) 55-70
  PLATT HL, 'The emergence of urban environmental history', Urban History (1999) 89-95
  WHITEHAND JWR & CARR CMH, 'Morphological periods, planning and reality: The case of England’s inter-war suburbs', Urban History (1999) 230-248
  REVILL G, 'Liberalism and paternalism: politics and corporate culture in ‘Railway Derby’, 1865-75', Social History (1999) 194-214
  FAUCONNEAU-DUFRESNE V-A, Histoire de Deols et de Chateauroux 1, Chaulnes : Le livre d’histoire (1999) pp 628
  BAKER J, Hornchurch people, 1851: a study based on the 1851 census return for Hornchurch Essex, Hornchurch : J. Baker (1999) pp 48, il
  LANGLADE I, Marseille: littoral et gens de mer: collection des Archives municipales de Marseille, Joué-lès-Tours : A Sutton (1999) pp 128, il
  DESCIMON R, 'Autopsie du massacre de l’Hôtel de Ville (4 juillet 1652): Paris et la ‘Fronde des Princes’', Annales Histoire, Sciences, Sociales (1999) 319-51
  RIFKIN A, 'Benjamin’s Paris, Freud’s Rome: Whose London?', Art History (1999) 619-632
  PORT MH, 'Government and the metropolitan image: Ministers, parliament and the concept of a capital city, 1840-1915', Art History (1999) 567-592
  BALDWIN PC, Domesticating the street, the reform of public space in Hartford, 1850-1930., Ohio State U P (1999)
  HASLIP-VIERA G, 'Crime and punishment in late colonial Mexico City, 1692-1810.', U of New Mexico P 1999
  MASCARENHAS DE JESUS G, 'Construindo a cidade moderna: a introducáo do esportes na vida urbana do Rio de Janeiro', Estudos Historicos (Rio de Janeiro) (1999) 17-39
  WALSHAM A, 'Vox Piscis or The Book-Fish. Providence and the uses of the reformation past in Caroline Cambridge', EHR CXIV, (1999) 574-606
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  VAN DE MIEROOP M, The ancient Mesopotamian city, Oxford : Clarendon P (1999)
  CORNER C, The changing face of Croydon, Stroud : Sutton (1999) pp 128, il
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  ARMSTRONG L, 'The politics of usury in Trecento Florence: The Questío de monte of Francesco da Empoli', Medieval Studies (1999) 1-44
  HOPPER A, '‘Tinker’ Fox and the politics of garrison warfare in the west Midlands, 1643-50', Midland History (1999) 98-113
  EVELEIGH DJ, A century of Bristol, Stroud : A Sutton (1999) pp 120, il
  BRONNER SJ, 'Cultural historical studies of Jews in Pennsylvania: a review and preview', Pennsylvania History (1999) 311-38
  LUCONI S, 'The enforcement of the 1941 smoke-control ordinance and Italian-Americans in Pittsburgh', Pennsylvania History (1999) 580-94
  RAJEWSKI B ed, Cities of the World: a compilation of current information on cultural, geographical and political conditions in the countries and cities of six continents based on the Department of State’s “post reports”. 5th ed, Detroit; London : Gale (c. 1999) pp ix+596; pp ix+506; pp ix+590; pp ix+628, 4 vols, il.
  SMITH SE, Dancing in the streets: Motown and the cultural politics of Detroit, Cambridge, Mass : Harvard University Press (1999)
  BUTLER D, 'Durham city, its boundaries and population, 1801-1974', Durham County Local History Society Bulletin (1999) 3-29
  DALE R, Niagara-on-the-Lake: an illustrated history, Toronto : James Lorimer (1999)
  GLANCEY J, Nigel Coates: body buildings and city scapes, London : Thames and Hudson (1999) pp 64, il
  COLE R, A traveller’s history of Paris, Moreton-in-Marsh : Windrush (1999) pp x + 308, il
  BARTLEY AA, 'The 1960 and 1964 Jacksonville riots: how struggle led to progress', Florida Historical Quarterly (1999) 46-73
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  GOOCH M, The people of a Suffolk town: Halesworth 1100-1900, Halesworth : Michael and Sheila Gooch (1999) pp 160, il
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