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1996   BOWLT EM, Ickenham & Harefield past: a visual history., London : Historical Publications (1996) pp 144, il.
  OWERS D, 'The quarter within the mesh: urban theory territory.', Built Environment (1996) 283-99.
  KING P, 'Female offenders, work and life-cycle change in late eighteenth century London.', Continuity and Change (1996) 61-90.
  GASKILL M, 'The displacement of Providence: policing and prosecution in seventeenth and eighteenth century England.', Continuity and Change (1996) 341-74.
  MILLS TC & CRAFTS NFR, 'Trend growth in British industrial output, 1700-1913.', Explorations in Economic History (1996) 277-96.
  STREET P, 'The logic and limits of 'plant loyalty': black workers, white labor, and corporate racial paternalism in Chicago's stockyards, 1916-1940.', Journal of Social History (1996) 659-82.
  LING H, 'Sze-Kew Dun: a Chinese-American woman in Kirksville.', Missouri Historical Review (1996) 35-51.
  ROBERTS MR et al, 'A tenement of Roger of Cummor and other archaeological investigations in medieval North Oseney, Oxford.', Oxoniensa (1996) 181-224.
  ALDRIDGE M, 'Only demi-paradise? Women in garden cities and new towns.', Planning Perspectives (1996) 23-39.
  CODY JW, 'American planning in republican China, 1911-1937.', Planning Perspectives (1996) 339-77.
  WARDMAN J, 'The forgotten battle: Torrington 1646.', Local History (1996) 20-1.
  JONES M, 'Long-distance migrants and cultural identity: the example of a Welsh colony in South Yorkshire.', Local Historian (1996) 223-36.
  MOULD C, 'Archaeological excavations at the former Hanson's brewery site High street, Dudley.', Worcestershire Archaeological Society Proceedings (1996) 317-41.
  HEPBIRN A, A past apart: studies in the history of Catholic Belfast, 1850-1950., Belfast : Ulster Historical Foundation (1996) pp ix + 261,il.
  MILLS J, All part of the service: a pictorial history of Leicester's service industries., Leicester : Leicester City Council Living History Unit (1996) pp 108,il.
  CRANE H, Beaconsfield., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 125,il.
  JAKES C, Cambridge., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 160,il.
  SEABRIGHT C, Chesham: yesterday and today., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 125,il.
  BENVENISTI M, City of stone: the hidden history of Jerusalem., London : U of California P (1996) pp viii + 274,il.
  MILLER D, City of the century: the epic of Chicago and the making of America., London : Simon and Schuster (1996) pp 704,il.
  ROSOVSKY N ed, City of the great king: Jerusalem from David to the present., London : Harvard UP (1996) pp xiii + 562,il.
  SCHOFIELD I, Heritage of Huddersfield., Derby : Breedon (1996) pp 192,il.
  MANDER D, Homerton and Dalston: prints and engravings 1720-1948 from the collection at Hackney Archives Department., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 125,il.
  KEIGHLEY NEWS, Images of Keighley., Derby : Breedon (1996) pp 192,il.
  EASTERN DAILY PRESS, Images of Lowestoft., Derby : Breedon (1996) pp 200,il.
  GRAINGER JD, 'A new bridge for Evesham.', Worcestershire Archaeological Society Transactions (1996) 305-15.
  SCHNEIDER D, 'Peut-on modeliser la question des confreries professionnelles? Etude a partir d'un cas lorrain.', Revue Historique (1996) 281-98.
  GRABOIS A, 'La societe urbaine chretienne dans la France septentrionale du XIe siecle, vue a travers les Responsa de Rashi.', Revue Historique (1996) 241-52.
  KING SL, 'Mary and Sarah Gurfin: antebellum Charleston's response to the needs of two deaf-and-dumb sisters.', South Carolina Historical Magazine (1996) 38-46.
  STEPHENS GR, 'Urban underrepresentation in the US Senate.', Urban Affairs Review (1996) 404-34.
  CARNEVALI F, 'Between markets and networks: regional banks in Italy.', Business History (1996) 84-100.
  FRAMPTON D, The siege of Chichester 1642., [Great Britain : n.p. (1996) pp iv, il.
  SHUMSKY NO ed, Urbanization and the growth of cities., New York : Garland Publishing (1996) pp 518, il.
  GOEBELT, 'The uneven rewards of professional labor: wealth and income in the Chicago professions, 1870-1920.', Journal of Social History (1996) 749-78-
  FOSTER H, Southport: a pictorial history., Chichester : Phillimore (1996) pp 100,il.
  JANIK A, 'L'entree et le sejour de Louis XIII a Toulouse en novembre 1621.', Annales du Midi (1996) 421-39.
  FREELY J, Istanbul: the imperial city., London : Viking (1996) pp xvii + 41,il.
  PORTER J, Macau, the imaginary city: culture and society 1557 to the present., Oxford : Westview Press (1996) pp x + 240,il.
  ARTIERES J, Millau a travers les siecles., Marseille : J Laffitte (1996) pp 636,il.
  TEMPLE CR, Norwich., Stroud : Chalford (1996) pp 128,il.
  WILSON R, Old Hamilton., Ochiltree : Richard Stenlake (1996) pp 52,il.
  CACCIARI M, Posthumous people: Vienna at the turning point., Cambridge : Cambridge UP (1996) pp xii+219,il.
  ELIASSEN F-E & ERSLAND G eds, Power, profit and urban Iand: landownership in medieval and early modern northern European towns., Aldershot : Scolar Press (1996) pp xiv + 277,il.
  HYLTON S, Reading at war., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp vi + 125,il.
  WRIGHT NR, Sutton Bridge and Long Sutton, Lincolnshire: an industrial history., Steep Hill : Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (1996) pp iv + 25.
  SPELLISSY S, The merchants of Ennis., Blarney : On Stream Publications (1996) pp 200,il.
  SOMERVILLE W, The Tuesday Club of Annapolis (1745-1756) as cultural performance., London : U of Georgia P (1996) pp x + 242.
  GULLICKSON G, Unruly women of Paris: images of the Commune., Ithaca : Cornell UP (1996) pp xiii + 283,il.
  FODEN F, Wick of the north: the story of a Scottish royal burgh., Wick : North of Scotland newspapers (1996) pp xxiii + 814,il.
  GRIECO M, Workers' dilemmas: recruitment, reliability and repeated exchange: an analysis of urban social networks and labour circulation., London : Routledge (1996) pp xii + 233.
  HURD M, 'Education, morality, and the politics of class in Hamburg and Stockholm,1870-1914.', Journal of Contemporary History (1996) 619-50.
  BORCHERT J, 'Cities in the suburbs: heterogeneous communities on the US urban fringe, 1920-1960.', Urban History (1996) 211-27.
  SHEAIL J, 'Town wastes, agricultural sustainability and Victorian sewage.', Urban History (1996) 189-210.
  JANSEN HSJ, 'Wrestling with the angel: problems of definition in urban historiography.', Urban History (1996) 277-99.
  BOONE M, 'State power and illicit sexuality: the persecution of sodomy in late medieval Bruges.', Journal of Medieval History (1996) 135-54.
  STERNBERG E, 'A case of iconographic competition: the building industry and the post-modern landscape.', Journal of Urban Design (1996) 145-64.
  HANLON D, 'The plan of al-Qahira. [Tenth century Cairo].', Journal of Urban Design (1996) 299-314.
  SCHNITTER C, 'Le developpement du Museum national d'histoire naturelle de Paris au cours de la seconde moitie du XIXe siecle; se transformer ou perir.', Royal Historical Society Transactions (1996) 53-97.
  WENZEL E, 'Un pretre de la reforme catholique: Louis Carrelet, cure de Notre-Dame de Dijon de 1732 a 1781.', Annales de Bourgogne (1996) 57-68.
  KIRK T, 'A little country in a world of empires: Genoese attempts to penetrate the maritime trading empires in the seventeenth century.', Journal of European Economic History (1996) 407-24.
  MICHIE RC, 'The international trade in food and the city of London since 1850.', Journal of European Economic History (1996) 369-406.
  DRESSER M, 'Sisters and brethren: power, propriety and gender among the Bristol Moravians, 1746-1833.', Social History (1996) 304-29.
  BAILEY PE, 'Leenside: the churches and a nineteenth century slum.', Thoroton Society Transactions (Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire) (1996) 137-56.
  POOLEY CG & TURNBULL J, 'Counter-urbanisation: the nineteenth century origins of a late twentieth century phenomenon.', Area (1996) 514-24.
  HOWELL P, 'The local background of Chartism revisited: a note on the geography of popular politics in early Victorian Britain.', Area (1996) 150-9.
  JOHNSON J, A short history of Moreton-in-Marsh., Moreton-in-Marsh : Four Shire Books (1996) pp 76, il.
  CATALA M, 'Victor Chatenay et 1evolution politique de la ville d'Angers de 1947 a 1959.', Annales de Bretagne (1996) 109-29.
  MURPHY N, Central Bridgend; around Elder Street., Stroud : Chalford (1996) pp 128, il.
  HOOD C, 'Changing perceptions of public space on the New York rapid transit system.', Journal of Urban History (1996) 308-31.
  PILBEAM PM, 'The 'stalled society': the regions versus the center.', Journal of Urban History (1996) 270-3.
  ALLISON EWM, 'Historic preservation in a development-dominated city: the passage of New York City's landmark legislation.', Journal of Urban History (1996) 350-76.
  TIRADO IA, 'The komsomal and the krestianka: the political mobilization of young women in the Russian village, 1921-1927.', Russian History (1996) 345-66.
  COMPERE M-M, 'Les pensions a Paris (1789-1820).', Revue du Nord (1996) 823-36.
  ANNIS D, 'Thomas Hardy 1752-1832 and the London Corresponding Society.', Scottish Labour History Review (1996) 8.0
  ILLADES C & R eds, Ciudad de Mexico: institutciones, actors socials y conflicto politico, 1744-1931., Zamora : El Colegio de Michoacan (1996)
  JONES AH, Front-line Havant, 1939-1945., Havant : Viridis (1996) pp 76, il.
  BUSTEED MA & HODGSON RI, 'Irish migrant responses to urban life in early nineteenth century Manchester.', Geographical Journal AND Georgia Journal (1996) 139-53.
  CHILDS MC, 'The incarnations of Central Avenue. [Albuquerque].', Journal of Urban Design (1996) 281-314.
  LIGHT M, 'Elysium: a prelude to Renaissance theatre.', RQ XLIX (1996) 1-29.
  MURPHY CP, 'Lavinia Fontana and Le Dame delta Citta: understanding female artistic patronage in late sixteenth-century Bologna.', Recherches Sociographiques AND Renaissance Studies (1996) 190-208.
  CHAVASSE R, 'Latin lay piety and vernacular lay piety in word and image: Venice, 1471-early 1500s.', Recherches Sociographiques AND Renaissance Studies (1996) 319-42.
  MARTIN J, 'Spiritual journeys and the fashioning of religious identity in Renaissance Venice.', Recherches Sociographiques AND Renaissance Studies (1996) 358-70.
  TURNBILL P, MORRIS J & SAPSFORD D, 'Persistent militants and quiescent comrades: intra-industry strike activity on the docks, 1947-89.', Social Research (1996) 692-727.
  BRAYSHAY M, 'The Duke of Bedford's model cottages in Tavistock, Devon: Victorian exemplar or practical solution?', Southern History (1996) 117-44.
  SUNDIN J, 'Child mortality and causes of death in a Swedish city, 1750-1860.', Historical Methods (1996) 93-106.
  WITTMAN R, 'Felix Duban's didactic restoration of the Chateau de Blois: a history of France in stone.', Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (1996) 412-34.
  MCDANIEL GN, 'Catholic action in Davenport: St Ambrose College and the League for Social Justice.', Industrial Archaeology (1996) 239-72.
  APPLEBY DF, 'Spiritual progress in Carolingian Saxony: a case from ninth century Corvey.', Catholic Historical Review (1996) 599-613.
  MCINTYRE K, 'Geography as destiny: cities, villages and Khmer Rouge Orientalism.', Comparative Studies in Society and History (1996) 730-58.
  BURNHAM RA, 'Obstacles to plan implementation in the age of comprehensive city planning: Cincinnati's experience.', Ohio History (1996) 157-73.
  FARGANEL J-P, 'Negociants marseillais au Levant et dirigisme commercial: 1'emergence d'une contestation nouvelle de l'autorite monarchique (1685-1789).', Province Historique (1996) 3-25.
  GOUTALIER R & KNIEBIEHLER Y, 'Des Marseillaises en politique.', Province Historique (1996) 563-72.
  JACKSON KT, 'The beginning of the end: World War II and the American city.', Queen City Heritage (1996) 3-10.
  GRAHAM-CAMPBELL J, 'The archaeology of Anglian and Anglo-Scandanavian York: progress to publication.', Early Medieval Europe (1996) 71-82.
  KAMMERER O, 'Le dedans et le dehors a 1'6chelle des villes impyriales de l'Oberrhein.', Revue d’Alsace (1996) 159-70.
  THOMAS PV, 'The Elizabethan Privy Council and soldiers at York in a time of war: deserters, vagrants and crippled ex-servicemen.', York History (1996) 15-24.
  STRICKLAND AE, 'The schools controversy and the beginning of the civil rights movement in Chicago.', History (1996) 717-30.
  ALLISON KJ, 'The boom in house building between the wars: the example of Cottingham.', East Yorkshire Local History Society Bulletin (1996) 9-15.
  WEBSTER E, 'The Halifax Guardian and Halifax Courier: newspaper rivals in the nineteenth century.', Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions / Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society (1996) 58-67.
  FOWKES D, 'The origins of people living in Ironville in 1851.', Derbyshire Miscellany (1996) 96
  ATTENBURROW A, 'The making of our northern heights: living in Hornsey, Highgate, Muswell Hill and Crouch End, 1850-1939.', Hornsey Historical Bulletin (1996) 14-17.
  NEWMAN HK, 'Atlanta's hospitality businesses in the New South era, 1880-1900.', Georgia Historical Quarterly (1996) 53-76.
  REED ME, 'The struggle for state-supported higher education in a southern regional center: Atlanta and the 'Mother Institution', 1944-1955.', Georgia Historical Quarterly (1996) 563-94.
  BINNS J, 'Sir John Lawson: Scarborough's Admiral of the Red [Scarborough in the English Civil War].', Northern History (1996) 90-110.
  BEAVEN B & THOMS D, 'The Blitz and civilian morale in three northern cities, 1940-1942 [Liverpool, Manchester, Hull].', Northern History (1996) 195-203.
  FOSTER KA, 'Specialization in government: the uneven use of special districts in metropolitan areas.', Urban Affairs Review (1996) 283-313.
  HUTCHIN BD, 'Cambridge borough library, 1945-1953: the Munford years.', Library History (1996) 246-52.
  MORRISH PS, 'Fanny Juliet Passavant (1849-1944): a Leeds librarian.', Library History (1996) 126-41.
  OLLE JG, 'Portsmouth public libraries: the first fifty years.', Library History (1996) 201-15.
  WEBBER N, 'The first library school in the United Kingdom: the London School of Economics, 1900-1919.', Library History (1996) 142-54.
  STERBA CM, 'Family, work, and nation: Hazelton, Pennsylvania, and the 1934 general strike in textiles.', Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1996) 3-36.
  RUGGIU F-J, 'Les elites nobiliaires et la ville en France et en Angleterre aux XVIIe et XVIIIe sidles.', Histoire, Economie et Société (1996) 321-31.
  LAWLESS R, 'Muslim migration to the north east of England during the early twentieth century.', Cleveland History (1996) 2-21.
  REID DA, 'Weddings, weekdays, work and leisure in urban England 1791-1911: the decline of Saint Monday revisited.', Past and Present (1996) 135-63.
  SAYER D, 'The language of nationality and the nationality of language, Prague 1780-1920.', Past and Present (1996) 164-210.
  WANG X, 'Economic opportunity, artisan leadership, and immigrant workers' labor militancy: Italian and Chinese immigrant workers in New York City, 1890-1970.', Labor History (1996) 480-99.
  HORN P, 'Pauper apprenticeship and the Grimsby fishing industry, 1870-1914.', Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (1996) 173-94.
  DAVIS C, ''You are the company': the demands of employment in the emerging corporate culture, Los Angeles, 1900-1930.', Business History Review (1996) 328-62.
  KING AD, 'Worlds in the city: Manhattan transfer and the ascendance of spectacular space.', Planning Perspectives (1996) 97-114.
  CALABI D, 'Marcel Poete: pioneer of 'l'urbanisme' and defender of 'l'histoire des villes'.', Planning Perspectives (1996) 413-36.
  LEWIS M, 'Chester's 'image bank'.', Local History (1996) 9
  CAPP B, 'The poet and the bawdy court: Michael Drayton and the lodging house world in early Stuart London.', The Seventeenth Century/Studia Celtica (1996) 27-37.
  BROMHAM AA, 'Thomas Middleton's 'The Triumphs of the Truth': city politics in 1613.', The Seventeenth Century/Studia Celtica (1996) 1-25.
  MILKOVICH BA, 'Fullerton, Orange County, California: the struggle for local control.', SCa (1996) 301-22.
  ELLiOTT W, 'The Jews of Boyle Heights, 1900-1950: the melting pot of Los Angeles.', SCa (1996) 1-10.
  WHEELER EA, 'A concrete island: Nisaye Yamamoto's postwar Los Angeles.', Southern California Quarterly (1996) 19-50.
  KELTER C, Hayes past., London : Historical Publications (1996) pp 144, il.
  ALASAYYAD N, 'Arab caliphs and Western observers: building stories in early Islam.', Built Environment (1996) 98-103.
  FLETCHER IC, ''A star chamber of the twentieth century': suffragettes, liberals, and the 1908 'rush the Commons' case.', Journal of British Studies (1996) 504-30.
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  NEWTON L, 'Regional bank - industry relations during the mid nineteenth century: links between bankers and manufacturers in Sheffield.', Business History (1996) 64-83.
  STONE J, Around Malton., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 128,il.
  Destinos cambiados: recuerdos de la Comunidad Espanola en Londres (Changed destinies: memories of the Spanish Community in London)., London : Kensington & Chelsea Community History Group (1996) pp 64, il.
  GREEN M, 1920s depression and Cardiff memories., Wymondham : Stylus (1996)
  REID DA, 'The 'iron roads' and the 'happiness of the working classes': the early development and social significance of the railway excursion.', Journal of Transport History (1996) 57-73.
  KENNEDY-HAFLETT C, ''Moral marriage': a mixed-race relationship in nineteenth- century Charleston, South Carolina.', South Carolina Historical Magazine (1996) 206-26.
  BATES W, 'Cures at Newham Regis Spa, 1579.', Warwickshire History (1996) 19-25.
  ROESE HE, 'Cardiff's Norwegian heritage: a neglected theme.', Welsh History Review (1996) 255-71.
  MCDONALD K, A baker's dozen., Lee/London : McDonald (1996) pp 147.
  BARDELL M, A sense of place: the origin of Braintree and Bocking street names., Braintree : M Bardell (1996) pp 42.
  FURGURSON EB, Ashes of glory: Richmond at war., New York : AA Knopf (1996) pp xi + 419, il.
  WEEMS RE, Black business in the black metropolis: the Chicago Metropolitan Assurance Company, 1925-1985., Bloomington : Indiana UP (1996) pp xvii + 158, il.
  JOHNSON M ed, Borrowash Mills on the Derwent: records of an industrial site in Derbyshire., Borrowash : Marion Johnson Greenway Publishing (c. 1996) pp 48, il.
  BRENNAN-WHITMORE WJ, Dublin burning: the Easter Rising from behind the barricades., Dublin : Gill & MacMillan (1996) pp xxi + 162.
  LANGELLIER JP, El presidio de San Francisco: a history under Spain and Mexico, 1776-1846., Spokane : Arthur H Clark Co (1996) pp 230, il.
  FIERRO A, Histoire et dictionnaire de Paris., Paris : Laffont (1996) pp 658.
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  CAGET D & MINVIELLE A-M, Jardins des Tuileries et du Carrousel., Paris : Musees nationaux (1996) pp 176, il.
  ASALI KJ, Jerusalem in history: from 300 BC to 1996 AD., New York : Kegan Paul International (1996)
  COPE M, 'Weaving the everyday: identity, space, and power in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1920-1939.', Urban Geography (1996) 179-204.
  BOYER K, 'What's a girl like you doing in a place like this? A geography of sexual violence in early 20th century Vancouver.', Urban Geography (1996) 286-93.
  SKOTNES A, 'The Communist Party, anti-racism, and the Freedom movement: Baltimore, 1930-1934.', Science and Society (1996) 164-94.
  ROSSER G, 'Myth, image and social process in the English medieval town.', Urban History (1996) 5-25.
  NILSSON L, ''Sunday historians' and local history.', Urban History (1996) 380-2.
  CASWELL P, Northfield [Birmingham]., Stroud : Chalford (1996) pp 128, il.
  GILL P, Cheltenham in the 1950s., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 125,il.
  ROGERS F, Derby old and new., Derby : Derbyshire Countryside Ltd (1996) pp 64,il.
  CARROLL D, Dumfries., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 125,il.
  RICHARDSON M, Durham City., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 125,il.
  MILLER M, Hertford., Stroud : Chalford (1996) pp 128,il.
  LAMPLUGH L, Ilfracombe., Stroud : Alan Sutton (1996) pp 125,il.
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