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1974   NIALL I, A London boyhood., London : Heinemann (1974) pp ix+150
  LEA M, Birkenhead 1877-1974., Birkenhead : County Borough of Birkenhead (1974) pp 121, il
  HOAN DW, City government: the record of the Milwaukee experiment. [Reprint of 1930 edn]., Westport, Conn : Greenwood (1974)
  RENSHAW P, 'The Black ghetto 1890-1940.', Journal of American Studies 9 (1974) 41-59.
  CURSON PH, 'Auckland in 1842.', New Zealand Geographer 30 (1974) 107-28.
  CARTER C, 'Moving Glasgow's vegetable market.', PI 60 (1974) 733-4.
  BRINKLEY R, 'Welsh topographical literature c. 1770-1870.', Local History 11 (1974) 7-13.
  FREWIN A, Elstree and Borehamwood through two thousand years., Elstree : Ann & Lionel Laventhal (1974) pp 2-48, il
  COSS PR, 'Coventry before incorporation: a re-interpretation.', Midland History 2 (1974) 137-51 .
  O'BRIEN KHF, ''The house beautiful': a reconstruction of Oscar Wilde's American lecture.', Victorian Studies 17 (1974) 395-418.
  WELSH A, 'The Victorian city.', Victorian Studies 17 (1974) 419-30.
  WILSON WH, Coming of age: urban America 1915-1945., New York : John Wiley (1974) pp 221
  BRAUDEL F et al eds, Conjoncture, économique, structures sociales: hommage à Ernest Labrousse., Paris; The Hague : Mouton (1974) pp 547
  DENT J, Aberdeen's hidden history: a report on excavations at Broad Street Aberdeen., Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum (1974) pp 28, il
  HUNTER A, 'Community change: a stochastic analysis of Chicago's local communities 1930-60.', American Journal of Sociology 79 (1974) 923-47.
  SCHMIDT W, 'Zu den Beziehungen zwischen dem Urbanisierungsprozess und der Herausbildung des inneren Markts in Indien.', JWG Pt 2 (1974) 83-98.
  MORGAN J, 'Denbighshire's 'annus mirabilis': the borough and county elections of 1868.', Welsh History Review 7 (1974) 63-87.
  RYERSON RA, 'Political mobilisation and the American revolution: the resistance movement in Philadelphia 1765 to 1776.', William and Mary Quarterly 31 (1974) 533-64.
  SHARP J, Kendal: a photographic recollection., Clapham : Dalesman (1974) pp 80, il
  FOSTER J, Class struggle and the industrial revolution: early industrial capitalism in three English towns., London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1974) pp 346
  SALTER JT, Boss rule: portraits in city politics. [Reprint of 1935 edn]., New York : Arno (1974)
  FROW E & FROW R, 'The Manchester Labour Press Society Ltd.: a comment.', Bourne Society and Leatherhead Historical Record 28 (1974) 27-8.
  HOPKIN DR, 'The local newspapers of the I.L.P. 1893-1906: a supplementary checklist.', Bourne Society and Leatherhead Historical Record 29 (1974) 13.0
  GARDNER M, 'Prints of Faversham.', Cities 6 (1974) 36-41.
  KENNY HA, Literary Dublin: a history., New York : Taplinger (1974) pp 336
  SUTHERLAND R, Loanhead: the development of a Scottish burgh., Loanhead : Macdonald (1974) pp 227, il
  BROMLEY G, London goes to war 1939., London : Joseph (1974) pp 128, il
  HART JM, 'Nineteenth century urban labor precursors of the Mexican revolution: the development of an ideology.', The Americas 30 (1974) 297-318.
  SCHLERETH TJ, 'Regional studies in America: the Chicago model.', American Studies 13 (1974) 20-34.
  LANE R, 'Crime and the industrial revolution: British and American views.', Journal of Social History 7 (1974) 287-303.
  BUEKNER JD, 'Dynamics of Chicago ethnic politics 1900-1930.', Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society 67 (1974) 175-99.
  ROSEMAN KD, 'American Jewish community institutions in their historical context.', Journal of Jewish Studies 16 (1974) 25-38.
  WHOMSLEY D, 'A landed estate and the railway: Huddersfield 1844-54.', Journal of Transport History 2 (1974) 189-213.
  GEORGE AD, The industrial archaeology of Preston., Manchester : Author (1974) pp 13, il
  OPPMAN R, 'The archives of the Polish Institute.', Archives 11 (1974) 157-60.
  HENSTOCK A, 'County house, High Pavement, Nottingham: a Georgian and Regency town house.', Thoroton Society Transactions (Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire) 78 (1974) 54-67.
  CARO RA, The power broker: Robert Moses and the fall of New York., New York : Alfred A Knopf (1974) pp 1246
  DAVIES JC, Town affairs: the making of modern Market Harborough,being an account of the work of the Market Harborough Urban District Council with some notes on its predecessors., Market Harborough : Market Harborough UDC (1974) pp 71
  'Trial excavation at Deanery Gate, Rochester.', Archaeologia Cantiana 89 (1974) 205-6.
  BEST EM, 'St Paul's parish, Dublin.', Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 104 (1974) 15 -28.
  HEPWORTH P, Norwich as it was: photographs., Nelson : Hendon (1974) pp [1] 45
  NEWINGER S, 'The street cars of Calgary.', Alberta Historical Review 22 (1974) 8-12.
  BRENTANO R, Rome before Avignon: a social history of thirteenth century Rome., London : Longmans (1974) pp xiv+340, il
  FETTER BS, 'African associations in Elisabethville 1910-35.', Etudes d'histoire africaine 6 (1974) .
  ASH J, 'The progress of new towns in Israel.', Town Planning Review 45 (1974) 387-400.
  PAYNE B & PAYNE D, Leeds as it was, in photographs., Nelson : Hendon (1974) pp 44, Vol 1, il
  BUSCH PA, Legitimacy and ethnicity: a case study of Singapore., Lexington, Mass : DC Heath (1974) pp xv+157, il
  SIMMONS J, Leicester past and present: modern city 1800-1974., London : Eyre Methuen (1974) pp xv+159, il
  TOBEY TC, 'How urbane is the urbanite? An historical model of the urban hierarchy and the social motivation of service classes.', Historical Methods Newsletter 7 (1974) 259-75.
  AWTY BG, 'The introduction of gas lighting to Preston.', Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 125 (1974) 82-118.
  WATTS AS, 'Octavia Hill and the influence of Dickens.', History Today 24 (1974) 348-53.
  HEATH JE, 'A lace tenement factory [Draycott, Nottingham].', Industrial Archaeology 11 (1974) 33-42.
  DEACON A & BRIGGS E, 'Local democracy and central policy: the issue of pauper voters in the 1920s.', Patterns of Prejudice AND Perspectives on Politics 2 (1974) 347-64.
  SNYDER DW, 'A comment on Schnaiberg's measure of fertility and child dependency.', Population Studies 28 (1974) 345-6.
  TEITELBAUM MS, 'Birth under-registration in the constituent counties of England and Wales, 1841-1910.', Population Studies 28 (1974) 329-44.
  MORSE RM, From community to metropolis: a biography of Sao Paulo, Brazil., New York : Octagon Books (1974) pp xxiii+401
  PREST EV, Gulnare., Adelaide : Commercial Publications of Australia (1974) pp 47, il
  BALFOUR-MELVILLE JL, Recollections., Forrest Hill, Vic : Author (1974)
  DOW GM, Samuel Terry: the Botany Bay Rothschild., Sydney : Sydney UP (1974) pp 266
  LOTCHIN RW, San Francisco 1846-1856: from hamlet to city., New York : Oxford UP (1974) pp xxii+340, il
  TAYLOR A, 'A bank and its building: Ulverston Trustee Savings Bank.', Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Transactions 74 (1974) 147-58.
  HARRIS A, 'Colliery settlements in east Cumberland.', Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Transactions 74 (1974) 118-46.
  RAKE DJ, 'Spatial changes in industrial activity in the East Midlands since 1945. I: changes through movement and changes through acquisition.', East Midlands Geographer 6 (1974)
  SIVIOUR GR, 'The changing relationship between railways and the iron and steel industry in the East Midlands.', East Midlands Geographer 6 (1974) 29-39.
  HAMNETT C, 'The conditions in England's inner cities on the eve of the 1981 riots.', Journal of Illinois State History Society 67 (1974) 253-74.
  SHIMAN LL, 'The Birstall Temperance Society.', Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 46 (1974) 128-39.
  VAN MILLINGEN A, Byzantine churches in Constantinople., Aldershot : Variorum Reprints (1974) pp xxix+352, il
  MERRIFIELD R, 'Roman London Bridge: a view from both banks.', London Archaeology 2 (1974) 183-91.
  GRAHAM A, 'Roman road at Old Hibernia Wharf, Southwark.', London Archaeology 2 (1974) 176.0
  BERGERON L, Histoire sociale et histoire urbaine: a la recherche d'une methode, in Braudel F et al. eds, Conjoncture économique: structures sociales: hommage à Ernest Labrousse., Paris; The Hague : Mouton (1974)
  WARNER SB, Crime and criminal statistics in Boston., New York : Arno (1974)
  TAEBER IB, Migrants and cities in Japan, Taiwan, and northeast China, in Elvin M & Skinner GW eds, The Chinese city between two worlds., Stanford : Stanford UP (1974) pp 359-86
  HIND JGF, 'Claudius's 'Durbar' in Britain AD 43 - Roman Chelmsford?', Greece and Rome 21 (1974) 68-9.
  KELLOCK KA, 'London merchants and the pre 1776 American debts.', Guildhall Studies in Londonl History 1 (1974) 109-49.
  JOHNSON N, 'Migration patterns in Dublin county borough.', Economic and Social Review 5 (1974) 229-61.
  STELTER GA, 'Community development in Toronto's commercial empire: the industrial towns of the nickel belt 1883-1931.', Laurentian University Review 6 (1974) 3-53.
  HEIGHWAY CM, Archaeology in Gloucester: a policy for city and district: a report., Gloucester : Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery (1974) pp 38
  RUDDOCK JG, The railway history of Lincoln., Lincoln : Author (1974) pp 272, il
  HARTLEY JS & ROGERS A, The religious foundations of medieval Stamford., Nottingham : Nottingham University Dept of Adult Education (1974) pp 85, il
  TEAGUE DR, History of Albany Creek., Stafford, Qld : Colonial (1974) pp 52, il
  RANGER P, 'The lost theatres of Winchester.', Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society Transactions 31 (1974) 65-91.
  CLARK RW, 'Cincinnati crusaders for temperance 1874.', Cincinnati Historical Society Bulletin 32 (1974) 185-200.
  BUTCHER AF, 'The origins of Romney freemen 1433-1523.', Economic History Review 27 (1974) 16-27.
  BULLOCK I, 'The origins of economic growth on Teesside 1851-81.', Northern History 9 (1974) 79-95.
  STILWELL FJB, Australian urban and regional development., Sydney : Australia and New Zealand Boo (1974) pp 206
  EDWARDS J, Cheshunt in Hertfordshire., Cheshunt : Cheshunt Urban District Council (1974) pp 128, il
  SWINDELLS GA, A history of Marple., Marple : Marple Antiquarian Soc (1974) pp 100
  YOUINGS J, Early Tudor Exeter - the founders of the county of the city., Exeter : Exeter UP (1974) pp 28
  'Cambridge trade tokens of the 17th and 18th centuries and the traders who used them. IV.', Cambridge Local History Society Bulletin 29 (1974) 19-27.
  MAYES RJ, Pictorial history of Port Augusta., Adelaide : Rigby (1974) pp 144, il
  MARSAN JC, Montreal en evolution: historique du developpement de l'architecture et de l'environment montréalais., Montréal : Fides (1974) pp 423, il
  LISTER I, 'The old post office.', Cambridge Local History Society Bulletin (1974) 28-30.
  FELDMAN LJ, 'Provincial municipal relations in Ontario: an examination of selected aspects.', Local Government Studies 8 (1974) 57-72.
  WILLIAMS WH, 'Belgravia.', London Society Journal 399 (1974) 8-12.
  A background to new towns., Northampton : Corporation (1974)
  ROUSE M, A city celebrates., Ely : Ely Local History Publ Board (1974) pp 79, il
  LEIGH D, 'Medicine, the City of London and China.', Medical History 18 (1974) 51-67.
  RAUCH JB, 'Quakers and the founding of the Philadelphia Society for Organizing Charitable Relief and Repressing Mendicancy.', Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 98 (1974) 438-55.
  WHYMAN J, 'A saunter through commercial Faversham in 1891.', Cities 6 (1974) 43-5.
  MASSA A, 'Black women in the 'white city' .', Journal of American Studies 8 (1974) 319-39.
  'Recent publications in historical demography, 1972-3.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1974) 174-5.
  BOURNE LS, 'Urban systems in Australia and Canada: comparative notes and research questions.', AU 12 (1974) 152-72.
  HASSALL M, 'Excavations at the New Market Hall, Gloucester.', Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Transactions 93 (1974) 15-100.
  STEVENS G, 'West Bromwich gun trade [19th cent].', Black Country Society 7 (1974) 20-64.
  DAY J & KEDRO HJ, 'Free blacks in St Louis: antebellum condition, emancipation and the postwar era.', Bulletin of Missouri Historical Society 30 (1974) 117-35.
  WILD MT & SHAW G, 'Locational behaviour of urban retailing during the nineteenth century: the example of Kingston-upon-Hull.', Institute of British Geographers Transactions 61 (1974) 101-18.
  DIEFENDORF JM, 'Artery: Urban reconstruction and traffic planning in post-war Germany.', Classical Antiquity / Cuadernos Americanos / Current Archaeology 43 (1974) 237-43.
  GRIFFEN C, 'Public opinion and urban history.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History 4 (1974) 469-74.
  WADE LC, 'Chicago's pride: the Stockyards, Packington and environs in the nineteenth century.', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies 11 (1974) 61-80.
  BACON EN, Design of cities., London : Thames & Hudson (1974) pp 336, il
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  JACKSON RV, 'House building and the age structure of population in New South Wales.', Australian Economic History Review 14 (1974) 143-59.
  PLOMMER H, 'Trajan's forum.', Antiquity 48 (1974) 126-9.
  BENSON J, 'Colliery disaster funds 1860-1897.', International Review of Social History 19 (1974) 73-85.
  GEE CM, Hampstead and Highgate in old photographs 1870-1918., London : High Hill (1974) pp xii+116, il
  FERGUSON WS, Hellenistic Athens: an historical essay., Chicago : Ares (1974) pp xviii+487
  SMITH CR, Hendon as it was., London : Author (1974) pp 30, il
  Hextall's Ashby-de-la-Zouch. [Reprint of 1852 edn]., White Lion Publishers (1974) pp viii+166, il
  NEWTON A, Years of change: autobiography of a Hackney shoemaker., Hackney : WEA & Centerprise (1974) pp 72, il
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  SCOULOUDI I, 'Some Huguenot records in London collections.', Archives 11 (1974) 152-6.
  MARSHALL JD et al, 'A small town study.', Urban History Yearbook (1974) 19-23.
  LIPMAN AD, 'The Rochester subway: experiment in municipal rapid transport.', Rochester History 36 (1974) 1-23.
  SMITH R, 'Post-war Birmingham: planning and development.', Town Planning Review 45 (1974) 189-206 .
  COURSE A, Woodstock: a short history., Woodstock : AV Marketing Services (1974) pp 26, il
  EVERITT A, 'The Banburys of England.', Urban History Yearbook (1974) 28-38.
  INGLIS A, Not a white woman safe: sexual anxiety and politics in Port Moresby 1920-34., Canberra : Australian National University (1974) 39-52.
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  MEREDITH GP, 'The changing role of the training officer in local government.', Local Government Studies 7 (1974) 53-8.
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