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1983   A last look back: a collection of memories of Leamington by members and friends of the Leamington Literary Society., Leamington : Literary Soc (1983) pp 115, il
  HUBBARD WH, Binnenwanderung und berufliche Mobilität in Graz um die Mitte des 19 Jahrhunderts, in Teuteberg, Urbanisierung., Cologne : Böhlau (1983) pp 117-29
  CAMWELL WA, Birmingham in the electric tramway era., Solihull : Birmingham Transport Historical Group (1983) pp 72
  FUJITA S, 'L'abandon d'enfants légitimés à Rennes, à la fin du XVIIIe siècle.', Annales de Demographie Historique (1983) 151-62.
  HEIGHWAY CM, 'Tanner's Hall, Gloucester.', Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Transactions (1983) 83-109
  HERLIHY D, ''Family and property in Renaissance Florence' in Miskimin et al., The medieval city.', Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Transactions (1983) 83-110.
  ARCHER J, 'Ideology and aspiration: individualism, the middle class and the genesis of the Anglo American suburb.', British Journal of Educational Studies (1983) 141-53.
  SMITH MA, 'Social usages of the public drinking house: changing aspects of class and leisure.', British Journal of Sociology (1983) 367-85.
  GUEST AM & TOLNAY S, 'Urban industrial structure and fertility: the case of large American cities.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1983) 389-409.
  MONKONNEN EH, 'The organized response to crime in nineteenth and twentieth century America.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1983) 113-28.
  MOURBY K, 'The wives and children of the Teesside unemployed 1919-1939.', Oral History (1983) 56-60.
  BROOKS L, 'Recusant history.', Local History (1983) 288-96.
  RAPPAPORT S, 'Social structure and mobility in sixteenth century London, Part 1.', London Journal (1983) 1107-35.
  SHIEH Y, 'Location and bid price curves of the urban firm.', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies (1983) 491-4.
  TUPPEN JN, 'The development of French new towns: an assessment of progress.', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies (1983) 11-30.
  KICZA JE, Colonial entrepreneurs and business in Bourbon Mexico City., Albuquerque : New Mexico UP (1983)
  LIVET G & VOGLER B, Coloque international du CNRS: Pouvoir ville et société en Europe 1650-1750., Paris : Ophrys (1983) pp 628
  KALMAN H, Exploring Ottawa: an architectural guide to the nation's capital., Toronto : Toronto UP (1983)
  PAHL RE, Concepts in context: pursuing the 'urban' of urban sociology, in Fraser & Sutcliffe, Pursuit of urban history., London : Edward Arnold (1983) pp 371-82
  CAFFYN L, 'Housing in an industrial landscape: a study of workers' housing in West Yorkshire.', World Archaeology (1983) 173-83.
  RICE JAH, Kirby Lonsdale and its neighbourhood., Kendal : Westmorland Gazette (1983) pp 30, il
  WILSHERE JEO ed, Kirby Muxloe probate inventories 1547-1783., Leicester : Chamberlain Music and Books (1983) pp iv+40
  ENGLISH J & McLAUGHLIN K, Kitchener: an illustrated history., Waterloo : Wilfrid Laurier UP (1983) pp 259
  PEARCE S, A post-Edwardian girlhood in Bedford Park., Author (1983) pp 18, il
  THOMSON JKJ, Clermont-de-Lodève 1633-1789: fluctuations in the prosperity of a Languedocian cloth-making town, Paris : Picard (1983) pp 336
  POUSSOU JP et al, Etudes sur les villes en Europe occidentale (milieu du XVIIe siècle et la veille de la Révolution française). Vol 2 Angleterre, Pays bas, Provinces Unis, Allemagne., Paris : Sedes (1983) pp 475
  WOOD JD, 'Grand design on the fringes of empire: new towns for British North America.', Canadian Geographer (1983) 243-55.
  OLIVER H, The international anarchist movement in late Victorian London., London : Croom Helm (1983) pp x+176
  QUELLIEN J, 'La naissance du mouvement ouvrier bas-norman à la fin du XIXe siècle.', Annales de Normandie (1983) 21-64.
  DUPRE P, 'Les stations Balneaires de la côte du Calvados.', Annales de Normandie (1983) 239-58;
  CLARKE A, 'Venice', Ancient Monuments Society (1983) 32-48.
  CARTER FW, 'Cracow's early development.', Slavonic and East European Review (1983) 197-225.
  HOVENDEN L, The impact of the motor vehicle 1900-1939, in Wotherspoon, Sydney's transport., Sydney : Hale & Iremonger (1983) pp 139-54
  LING R, 'The insula of the Menander at Pompeii: interim report.', Antiquities Journal (1983) 34-57.
  SUTTON D, 'Piety and restraint: two centuries of Italian art in London.', Apollo (1983) 94-9.
  JOUHAUD C, 'Ecriture et action au XVIIe siècle: sur un corpus de Mazarinades.', Annales, Economies, Sociétés, Civilisations (1983) 42-64.
  VASSORT J, 'Mobilité et enracinement en Vendômois au tournant des XVIIe et XIXe siècles.', Annales, Economies, Sociétés, Civilisations (1983) 735-68.
  HALAGA OR, 'A mercantilist initiative to compete with Venice: Kaschau's fustian monopoly (1411).', Journal of European Economic History (1983) 407-30.
  PILKINGTON MC, 'The Playhouse in Wine Street, Bristol.', Theatre News (1983) 14-20.
  MASTORIS SN, 'The reeves and bailiffs of the town of Nottingham before 1284.', Thoroton Society Transactions (Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire) (1983) 36-39.
  KEENE D, 'The medieval urban environment in documentary records.', Archives (1983) 137-44
  BERTLESEN L, 'The interior structures of Hogarth's 'Marriage à la Mode'.', Art History (1983) 131-42.
  BOURDIN J, 'Issoire: étude démographique (fin de l'Ancien Regime, début du XIXe siècle).', Annales Historique de la Révolution Française (1983) 348-57.
  TRICARICO D, 'The restructuring of ethnic community: the Italian neighbourhood in Greenwich village.', Journal of Ethnic Studies (1983) 61-78.
  PLATT DCM, 'Financing the expansion of cities 1860-1914.', Urban History Review (1983) 61-6.
  DUTOY JJ, 'Documents inedits concernant Michel Legueux, les artisans sculpteurs lillois, le plan d'urbanisme de l'Intendant Calonne.', Revue du Nord (1983) 507-14.
  PETILLON C, 'Le personnel urbain de Lille (1384-1419).', Revue du Nord (1983) 411-28.
  HOWELL C, Land, family and inheritance in transition., Cambridge : Cambridge University Press (1983) pp 332, il
  JOHNSON S, Late Roman fortifications., London : Batsford (1983) pp 224
  ROBERTS F, Memories of a Victorian childhood and working life in Miles Platting, Manchester: Fred Roberts 1884-1982., Manchester : Richardson (1983) pp 44, il
  SUSSEX G, Longsight past and present., Manchester : City of Manchester Cultural Services Dept (1983) pp 36
  CHEVALIER R ed, Présence de l'architecture et de l'urbanisme romaine., Paris : Les Belles Lettres (1983) pp 400
  WHEATCROFT SG, 'Famine and epidemic crises in Russia 1918-1922: the case of Saratov.', Annales de Demographie Historique (1983) 329-52.
  BLOOMFIELD E, 'Community, ethos and the local initiative in urban economic growth: review of a theme in Canadian urban history.', Urban History Yearbook (1983) 53-72.
  WATERS M, In and around Chepstow., Chepstow : Moss Rose (1983) pp 21, il
  VINOVKIS MA, 'Cops and corpses: new approaches to the study of police and crime in nineteenth century America.', Historical Methods (1983) 36-40.
  BAKER M, 'St John's municipal politics, 1902-1914.', Newfoundland Quarterly (1983) 23-30.
  CARTLEDGE P, 'Reading history: the birth of Greek civilisation.', History Today (1983) 45-7.
  DOOLITTLE I, 'The City of London's struggle for survival.', History Today (1983) 10-14.
  LAW R, 'Trade and politics behind the slave coast: the lagoon traffic and the rise of Lagos 1500-1800.', Journal of African History (1983) 321-48.
  BOATLER J, 'Patterns of infant mortality in the Polish community of Chappell Hill, Texas 1895-1944.', Human Biology (1983) 9-18.
  GRAY F ed, Crawley: old town, new town., Brighton : Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sussex (1983) pp 108
  HEERS J, Fêtes des fous et carnavals., Paris : Fayar (1983) pp 320
  KERRIDGE RGP & STANDING MR, Georgian and Victorian Broadwater., Chichester : Phillimore (1983) pp xi+132, il
  BRUCKER G, Renaissance Florence., Berkeley : California UP (1983) pp xiii+318, [Reprint of 1969 with additions]
  BARDET JP, Rouen aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. Les mutations d'un espace social. ., Paris : Sedes (1983) pp 424+200, 2 vols
  PONSOT P, 'La consommation de viande en Bourgogne du sud pendant la première moitié du XIXe siècle: l'exemple de Cluny 1827-1849.', Cahiers d’Histoire (1983) 51-63.
  THORP JRL, 'The Quay, Dartmouth: a Devon town house at 1664.', Devonshire Association Research Transactions / Reports and Transactions (1983) 107-22.
  ROMON C, 'L'affaire des 'enlèvements d'enfants' dans les archives du châtelet (1749-1750).', Revue Historique (1983) 55-96.
  HANNERS J, ''It was play or starve': John Banvard's account of early showboats.', Theatre Research International (1983) 53-64.
  CAVAN RS, 'The Chicago school of sociology 1918-1933.', Urban Life (1983) 407-20.
  McCULLOUGH DW, Brooklyn and how it got that way., New York : Dial (1983) pp 271
  HILL RMT, Undesirable aliens in the diocese of York, in W J Sheils ed., The church and war., Oxford : Blackwell (1983) pp 147-52
  WALKER RS, Heather over the years., Leicester : Leicestershire Museums (1983) pp 40, il
  CABANTOUS A ed, Histoire de Dunkerque., Toulouse : Privat (1983) pp 320
  PLATELLE H et al, Histoire de Valenciennes., Lille : Lille UP (1983) pp 335
  FROST A, An Edwardian childhood in Newton-le-Willows., Newton-le-Willows : EM Gaskell (1983) pp 44
  GOULD J, Men of Aldridge: a local history of the area now included in the urban district of Aldridge. [2nd edn]., Gloucester : A Sutton (1983) pp 190, il
  STAVE BM, In pursuit of urban history: conversations with myself and others - a view from the United States, in Fraser & Sutcliffe, Pursuit of urban history., London : Edward Arnold (1983) pp 407-27
  SUTCLIFFE A, In search of the urban variable: Britain in the later nineteenth century, in Fraser & Sutcliffe, Pursuit of urban history., London : Edward Arnold (1983) pp 234-63
  MORRELL J, Economic and ornamental geology: the Geological and Polytechnic Society of the West Riding of Yorkshire, in Inkster & Morrell, Metropolis and province., Phildelphia : Pennsylvania UP (1983) pp 231-56
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  COLEMAN D, 'Some problems of data for the demographic study of immigration and of immigrant and minority populations in Britain.', Ethnic and Racial Studies (1983) 103-10.
  JACKSON P, 'Vito Marcantianio and ethnic politics in New York.', Ethnic and Racial Studies (1983) 50-71.
  CHERRY GE, 'The influence of location policies on metropolitan areas.', Habitat International (1983) 19-30.
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  WARREN ME & WARREN M, Baltimore: when she was what she used to be, 1850-1930., Baltimore : Johns Hopkins UP (1983) pp 148
  STAGG DJ ed, Christchurch court rolls in the time of Henry VIII., Christchurch : Red House Museum Archives Fund (1983) pp xii+67, il
  DUFF M comp, Life in old Kendal: a photographic recollection., Clapham : Dalesman (1983) pp 190, il
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  DIGBY A, 'Changes in the asylum: the case of York 1777-1815.', Economic History Review (1983) 218-39.
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