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1982   COOPER E, Behind the lines: one woman's war 1914-1918 [Leipzig]., Norman & Hobhouse (1982) pp 320, il
  DRAPER MPG ed, Bexley essays., Bexleyheath : WEA Bexley Branch (1982) pp 15, il
  DEL PANTA L, 'La croissance démographique urbaine en Toscane entre 1750 et 1850.', Annales de Demographie Historique (1982) 169-82.
  CHARPIGNY FP, 'La fabrique lyonnaise de soieries: une maison à travers ses archives, de Lamy et Giraud à Lamy et Gautier 1866-1914.', Bulletin de Centre d’Histoire Economique et Sociale de la Région Lyonnaise (1982) 27-38.
  PARSONS TG, 'Manufacturing on the banks of the Yarra River, Melbourne: the development of an industrial area.', Journal of American Studies (1982) 21-36.
  COX CA, 'Incest, inheritance and the political forum in fifth century Athens.', Journal of Illinois State History Society (1982) 47-60.
  NOBLE M, 'Land tax returns and urban development.', Local History (1982) 86-92.
  FOSTER RE, 'Peel, Disraeli and the 1835 Taunton by-election.', Somerset Archaeology and Natural History Society Proceedings (1982) 111-18.
  HOYLE SR, 'The first battle for London: the Royal Commission on metropolitan termini, 1846.', London Journal (1982) 140-55.
  TAYLOR R, 'The Victorian London photograph: realities recorded?', London Journal (1982) 204-7.
  BULLOCH CS, 'School desegregation after a quarter century.', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1982) 292-6.
  LASKA SA et al, 'Inner city reinvestment: neighbourbood characteristics and spatial patterns over time.', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies (1982) 155-65.
  CANNADINE D & REEDER D, Exploring the urban past: essays in urban history by HJ Dyos., Cambridge : Cambridge University Press (1982) pp xix+258
  Faithful departed: the Dublin of James Joyce's Ulysses., Swords : Ward River (1982) pp xxxi+73
  GREENFIELD GM, 'Privatism and urban development in Latin America: the case of São Paulo, Brazil.', Journal of Urban History (1982) 397-426.
  LUNENFELD M, 'Governing the cities of Isabella the Catholic: the Corregidores Governors and Assistants of Castile 1476-1504.', Journal of Urban History (1982) 31-56.
  REILLY T, 'A Spanish language voice of dissent in ante-bellum New Orleans.', Louisiana History (1982) 325-40.
  GILBERT AG & WARD PM, 'Residential movement among the poor: the constraints on housing choice in Latin American cities.', Institute of British Geographers Transactions (1982) 129-49.
  NORRIS DA, 'Preserving main street: some lessons from Leacock's Mariposa.', Journal of Canadian Studies (1982) 128-36.
  ROBERTS S, 'Politics and the Birmingham working class: the general elections of 1900 and 1906 in East Birmingham.', West Midland Studies (1982) 12-21.
  SAPPLE MH, A Salford childhood: memories of Mavis Hermione Sapple who lived at New Barnes Farm, Weaste, 60 years ago., Swinton : Neil Richardson (1982) pp 20, il
  SHEPPARD MG, 'The effects of the franchise provisions on the social and sex composition of the municipal electorate, 1882-1914.', Bourne Society and Leatherhead Historical Record (1982) 19-25.
  MANLEY J, 'Rhuddlan.', Classical Antiquity / Cuadernos Americanos / Current Archaeology (1982) 304-7.
  BEAUMAN S, The Royal Shakespeare Company: a history of ten decades., Oxford : Oxford UP (1982) pp xii+388, il
  GOLDBERGER P, The skyscraper., London : Allen Lane (1982) pp x+180, il
  KELLETT JR, The social costs of mortality in the Victorian city, in Slaven & Aldcroft, Business, banking and urban history: essays in honour of S G Checkland., Edinburgh : Donald (1982) pp 147-65
  LEONETTI DL & NEWELL-MORRIS L, 'Exogamy and change in the biosocial structure of a modern urban population.', American Anthropologist (1982) 19-36.
  REYERSON KL, 'Le rôle de Montpellier dans le commerce international des draps de laine avant 1350.', Annales du Midi (1982) 17-40.
  ARNOLD JG, '17-19 London Street, Reading.', Ancient Monuments Society (1982) 53-67.
  DALY ME, 'Social structure of the Dublin working class 1871-1911.', Irish Historical Studies (1982) 121-33.
  STRUYK RJ, 'Upgrading existing dwellings: an element in the housing strategies of developing countries.', Journal of Developing Areas (1982) 67-76.
  WUNDERLI R, 'Pre-reformation London summoners and the murder of Richard Hunne.', Journal of Economic History (1982) 209-24.
  LONG L & DEARE D, 'The slowing of urbanization in the US.', Scientific American (1982) 33-41.
  GRACE F, 'A historical survey of Suffolk towns.', SuR (1982) 105-13.
  LAURENT JK, 'Trade, transport and technology: the American Great Lakes 1866-1910.', Journal of Transport History (1982) 1-24.
  LEJEUNE D, 'La 'société de geographe' de Paris, un aspect de l'histoire sociale française.', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1982) 141-63.
  SUMLER LEWIS J, 'The Forten Purvis women of Philadelphia and the American anti-slavery crusade.', The Journal of Negro History (1982) 281-288
  GREENBERG M, The Hague., New York : Newsweek (1982)
  STONE J, Times Square: a pictorial history., New York : Macmillan (1982) pp xvi+176
  Town and gown: eight hundred years of Oxford life., Oxford : Bodleian Library (1982) pp 65, il
  BAKER M, 'The politics of assessment: the water question in St John's 1844-64.', Acadiensis (1982) 59-72.
  ENNALS P, 'The yankee origins of bluenose vernacular architecture.', American Review of Canadian Studies (1982) 5-21.
  LESPAGNOL A, 'Cargaisons et profits du commerce indien au début du XVIIIe siècle. Les opérations commerciales des compagnies malouines 1707-1720.', Annales de Bretagne (1982) 313-50.
  ROBINSON P, 'Urbanisation in north-west Ulster 1609-1670.', Irish Geographer (1982) 35-50.
  ALSFORD S, 'Thomas le Rente: a medieval town ruler. [Ipswich].', Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History (1982) 105-11.
  MILLER F & ROMSA G, 'Residential mobility vacancy chains and perceived benefits arising from new detached housing in Quito.', Tidjschrift voor Economisch en Sociale Geograpfie (1982) 162-72.
  DORVILLE A, 'Seigneur Jehan Florent de la Porte mayeur de St Omer (1305-1315) et ses exportations rurales.', Revue du Nord (1982) 683-706.
  McARTHER WJ ed, Old Knoxville: 32 historic postcards., Knoxville : Tennessee UP (1982)
  GRANT E & NEWBY P eds, Landscape and industry: essays in memory of Geoffrey Gullet., London : Middlesex Polytechnic (1982) pp 157
  BELARD L, Le bourreau et la guillotine à Saint Flour., St Flour (1982) pp 39, il
  JERSE DW & CALVERT JS, On the banks of the Wabash: a photographic album of Greater Terre Haute., Bloomington : Indiana UP (1982)
  McMULLAN JL, 'Criminal organization in sixteenth and seventeenth century London.', Social Problems (1982) 311-23.
  RUTHERFORD I, Hull as it was., Nelson : Hendon (1982) pp 44, il
  AUZIAS C & HOUEL A, La grève de ovalistes Lyon juin-juillet 1869., Paris (1982) pp 192
  GAILLARD L, La misère et l'assistance à Marseille sous le Second Empire et les premières années de la Troisième République., St. Lucia : Queensland UP (1982)
  CLARKSON WW, Postal history Stirling., Edinburgh : Author (1982) pp 36, il
  JENKIN A, 'The Cornish chartists.', Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall (1982) 53-80.
  HAUG CJ, Leisure and urbanism in nineteenth century Nice., Lawrence, Kan. : Regents P of Kansas (1982)
  HUNN J, 'Occupation and class in 13th and 14th century St Albans.', Hertfordshire Past and Present (1982) 22-36.
  SAINT A, 'Shopkeepers for a nation.', History Today (1982) 48-50.
  ROOKE PT & SCHNELL RL, 'Childhood and charity in 19th century British North America.', Histoire Sociale/Social History (1982) 157-79.
  MARTENSEN K, 'Region, religion and social action: the Catholic community of the south 1939-56.', Catholic Historical Review (1982) 249-67.
  DENHOLM PC, 'Mid-eighteenth century tin-glazed earthenwares from the Delftfield Pottery, Glasgow: excavation at the Broomielaw 1975.', Post-Medieval Archaeology (1982) 39-84.
  WALTON JK, Residential amenity respectable morality and the rise of the entertainment industry, Blackpool 1870-1914, in Waites, Popular culture., London : Croom Helm in assoc with The Open University Press (1982)
  WEBMAN JA, Reviving the industrial city. the politics of urban renewal in Lyon and Birmingham., London : Croom Helm (1982) pp 208
  DOBSON MJ, 'When malaria was an English disease.', Geographical Magazine (1982) 94-9.
  HOMAN R, 'The Kendal union building societies.', Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Transactions (1982) 183-9.
  KEARNS KC, 'Preservation and transformation of Georgian Dublin.', Geographical Review AND Geographische Rundschau (1982) 270-90.
  CLAUS P, 'Un centre de diffusion des 'lumières' à Strasbourg: la Librarie Académique (1783-1799).', Revue d’Alsace (1982) 81-102.
  MORRISON D, 'A critical examination of AA Barsov's empirical work on the balance of value exchanges between the town and the country.', Studi Storica (1982) 570-84.
  SOUTHGATE D, University education in Dundee: a centenary history., Edinburgh : Edinburgh UP (1982) pp 400
  McGAHAN P, Urban sociology in Canada., Toronto : Butterworths (1982) pp 403
  GLEN R, Urban workers in the industrial revolution., London : Croom Helm (1982) pp 348
  BENDER T & TAYLOR WR, Culture and architecture: some aesthetic tensions in the shaping of modern New York City, in Sharpe & Wallock, Visions of the modern city., New York : Heyman Centre for the Humanities, Columbia University (1982) pp 185-215
  JALLA D, 'Les quartiers comme territoire et comme représentation: les 'barrières' ouvrieres à Turin au début du XXe siècle.', Medieval Studies (1982) 79-98.
  WEAVER JC, Hamilton: an illustrated history., Toronto : James Lorimer (1982) pp 224, il
  Hampton, Hampton Hill and Hampton Wick., Nelson : Hendon (1982) pp 44, il
  FOHLEN C et al, Histoire de Besançon. Vol 2 De la conquête française à nos jours., Besançon : Letre (1982) pp 838
  GIRARDOT A et al, Histoire de Verdun., Toulouse : Privat (1982) pp 302
  SIMPSON AT, Historic Peterhead: the archaeological implications of development., Glasgow : Glasgow U Dept of Archaeology (1982) pp 36, il
  GATTRELL VAC, Incorporation and the pursuit of liberal hegemony in Manchester 1790-1939, in Fraser, Municipal reform and the industrial city., Leicester : Leicester UP (1982) pp 15-60
  LESCURE M, Les banques, l'état et le marché immoblier en France à l'époque contemporaine 1820-1940., Paris : EHESS (1982) pp 622
  MILLET H, Les chanoines du châpitre cathedral de Laon 1272., Paris : Boccard (1982) pp 548
  YULE B, 'A third century well group and the later Roman settlement in Southwark.', London Archaeology (1982) 243-9.
  WILLIAMS JH, 'Northampton's medieval parishes.', Northamptonshire Archaeology (1982) 74-84.
  DAVIES J, Aristocratic town-makers and the coal metropolis: the marquesses of Bute and Cardiff, 1776 to 1947, in Cannadine, Patricians, power and politics in nineteenth-century towns., Leicester : Leicester UP (1982) pp 17-68
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  BURTON OV, The rise and fall of Afro-American town life: town and country In Reconstruction Edgefield, South Carolina, in Burton & McMath, Towards a new South?, Westport, Conn : Greenwood (1982) pp 152-92
  CRONIN JE & SCHNEER J eds, Social conflict and the political order in modern Britain., London : Croom Helm (1982) pp 256
  LEWIS M, Seaford., Lewis : East Sussex County Library (1982) pp 16, il
  JARDINE I, Seatown of Largo., St Andrews : W C Henderson (1982)
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  RUSSELL JM, 'Politics, municipal services and the working class in Atlanta 1865 to 1890.', Georgia Historical Quarterly (1982) 467-91.
  PERRONOUD A, 'Croissance ou déclin? Les mécanismes du non-renouvellement des populations urbaines.', Histoire, Economie et Société (1982) 581-601.
  DESSERTINE D, Divorce à Lyon sous la Révolution et l'Empire., Lyon : PUL (1982) pp 388
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  MARSH J, Back to the land: the pastoral impulse in England 1880-1914., London : Quartet (1982) pp 264
  LUKACS JA, Philadelphia, patricians and philistines 1900-1905., Philadelphia : Institute for the Study of Human Issues (1982)
  JOHNSON GW, Phoenix, valley of the sun., Tulsa : Continental Heritage (1982) pp 240
  Isleworth as it was: a selection of photographs., Nelson : Hendon (1982) pp 44, il
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  STELTER GA, 'Charles Prior's report of the founding of Guelph.', Historic Guelph (1982) 39-62.
  O'NEILL CF, 'The 'contest for dominion': political conflict and the decline of the Lowther interest in Whitehaven 1820-1900.', Northern History (1982) 133-52.
  DUPLESSIS R & HOWELL MC, 'Reconsidering the early modern economy: the cases of Leiden and Lille.', Past and Present (1982) 49-84.
  O'BYRNE C, As I roved out: book of the north: being a series of historical sketches of Ulster and old Belfast. [Reprint of 1946 edn]., Belfast : Blackstaff (1982) pp 422
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