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1988   COTTLE B, 'Cults of the saints in medieval Bristol and Gloucester.', Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Transactions (1988) 5-18.
  SUHBUR TJ, 'The economic transformation of carpentry in late nineteenth century Chicago.', Journal of Illinois State History Society (1988) 109-124.
  McDONALD JF, 'The first Chicago area transport study: projects and plans for metropolitan Chicago in retrospect.', Planning Perspectives (1988) 269-81.
  ROCHAT-HOLLARD CF, 'Une communauté uniée: les protestantes d'Avignon et leur temps dans première moitié de XIXe siècle.', Planning History (1988) 25-34.
  HERBERT T, 'The virtuosi of Merthyr.', Llafur (1988) 60-9.
  SITTON T, 'Direct democracy v. free speech Gerald LK Smith and the recall election of 1946 in Los Angeles.', Pacific Historical Review (1988) 285-304.
  GWILT CF, Bridgnorth: a portrait in photographs and old picture postcards., Loggerheads : SB Publications (1988) pp 66, il
  MIDDLETON J, Brighton and Hove in old photographs., Gloucester : Sutton (1988) pp 160, il
  FRASER WH, Conflict and class: Scottish workers 1700-1838., Edinburgh : Donald (1988) pp vii+202
  MASSEY DS, 'Suburbanization and segregation in U.S. metropolitan areas.', American Journal of Sociology (1988) 592-626.
  JACOBS CF, 'Benevolent societies of New Orleans blacks during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.', Louisiana History (1988) 21-35.
  BRYK NV ed, Bloomingdale's illustrated 1886 catalog: fashions dry goods and housewares., New York : Constable (1988) pp 158, il
  BRITNELL RH, Colchester in the early fifteenth century: a portrait., Durham : the author (1988) pp 52, il
  LYNCH M, SPEARMAN M & STELL G eds, The Scottish medieval town., Edinburgh : Donald (1988) pp ix+344, il
  CENTORAME B, 'L'habitat des negociants cherbourgeois sous le Second Empire,', Annales de Normandie (1988) 205-12.
  COMMERCON N, La dynamique du changement en ville moyenne: Chalons, Macon, Bourg., Lyon : PUL (1988) pp 600, il
  ALDERMAN G, London Jewry and London politics 1889-1986., Cardiff : Wales UP (1988) pp 237, il
  HARRIS R, 'The interpretation of Canadian urban reform: a reply to Caulfield.', Internal Journal of Urban and Regional Research (1988) 485-90.
  WILLIS R, The illustrated portrait of York., London : Hale (1988) pp 223, il
  TURNAU I, 'The organisation of European textile industry from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century.', Journal of European Economic History (1988) 583-602.
  MOLHO A, 'The closing of the Florentine archive.', Journal of Medieval History (1988) 290-99.
  LOUBERE LA et al, 'Saint-Laurent -de-la-Salanque from fishing town to wine town.', Agricultural History (1988) 37-56.
  DE ROSA L, 'Urbanisation and industrialisation in Italy (1861-1921).', Journal of European Economic History (1988) 467-90.
  DAUNTON MJ, 'Cities of homes and cities of tenements: British and American comparisons 1870-1914.', Journal of Urban History (1988) 283-319.
  RODGER R, 'Concentration and fragmentation: capital, labor and the structure of mid-Victorian Scottish industry.', Journal of Urban History (1988) 178-213.
  LADD BK, 'Public baths and improvement in nineteenth century German cities.', Journal of Urban History (1988) 372-93.
  DOMOSH M, 'The symbolism of the skyscraper: case studies of New York's first tall buildings.', Journal of Urban History (1988) 320-345
  DUKE D, The growth of a medieval town: Lincoln from the Norman Conquest to the Wars of the Roses., Cambridge : Cambridge University Press (1988) pp 47
  WHITING R & RYDER P, Towns., Cheltenham : Thomas (1988) pp iv+44, il
  ROSE SO, 'Gender antagonism and class conflict: exclusionary strategies of male trade unionists in nineteenth century Britain.', Social History (1988) 191-208.
  VENNING AB & WILLS A, Launceston: an informal history., Buckingham : Barracuda (1988)
  JOHNSON P, ''Art' and the language of progress in early industrial Paterson: Sam Patch at Clinton Bridge.', American Quarterly (1988) 433-49.
  THOUARD A, Le quartier Francois Ie., Paris : Albin Michel (1988) pp 178, il
  BATAILLON C & GILARD J eds, La grande ville en Amerique latine., Paris : CNRS (1988) pp 256
  BUSHELL P, London's secret history., London : Constable (1988) pp x+267
  COQUERY-VIDROVITCH C ed, Processus d'urbanisation en Afrique., Paris : L'Harmattan (1988) pp 136+170, il
  GARNOT B, 'La culture materielle du peuple de Chartres au XVIIIe siècle: Methodes de recherche et resultats.', Annales de Bretagne (1988) 401-10.
  PLESSIX R, 'Les bilans de faillete déposes a la juridiction consulaire du Mans (1753-1789).', Annales de Bretagne (1988) 247-75.
  GARNOT B, 'La "fécondité naturelle" des chartrains au XVIIIe siècle.', Annales de Demographie Historique (1988) 91-8.
  WILLIAMS EHD et al, 'The George Inn, Norton St Philip, Somerset.', Archaeological Journal (1988) 317-27.
  DANIELS R, 'The Anglo-Saxon monastery at Church Close Hartlepool, Cleveland.', Archaeological Journal (1988) 158-210.
  BOWKER D, 'Libraries, leisure and reading in inter-war Ashton under Lyne..', Journal of Regional and Local Studies (1988) 1-22.
  LEW AA, 'Tourism and place studies: an example of older retail districts in Oregon.', Journal of Geography (1988) 122-6.
  CHRISTOPHER AJ, 'Roots of urban segregation: South Africa at Union, 1910.', Journal of Historical Geography (1988) 151-69.
  BAIGENT E, 'Assessed taxes as sources for the study of urban wealth: Bristol in the late eighteenth century.', Urban History Yearbook (1988) 31-48.
  CODELL JF, 'Giotto's Peruzzi chapel frescoes: wealth, patronage and the earthly city.', Renaissance Quarterly (1988) 583-613.
  SMITH KA, 'The Popes and the Dysons: five generations of Watford brewers.', Hertfordshire Past and Present (1988) 2-7.
  ZAGARRI R, 'Representation and the removal of state capitals 1776-1812.', Journal of American History (1988) pp 1239-56
  DRIVER F, 'Moral geographies: social science and the urban environment in mid-nineteenth century England.', Institute of British Geographers Transactions (1988) 275-87.
  TRINDER B & GIBSON J, 'Living in Banbury 1660-1730: a foretaste.', Cake and Cockhorse (1988) 225-37.
  LEVY-VROELANT C, 'Fragilité de la famille urbaine au XIXe siècle: itinéraires Versailles de 1830 à 1880.', Population (1988) 639-56.
  VANCE WL, America's Rome. Vol. 1: Classical Rome. Vol. 2: Catholic and contemporary Rome., New Haven : Yale UP (1988)
  HOUSLEY H, Grinders and buffers: my boyhood and beginnings in the Sheffield cutlery industry., Sheffield : S Housley (1988) pp 69
  SOUTHERTON PG, Reading in old photographs., Gloucester : Sutton (1988) pp 160, il
  COILLOUD-LE DINAHENET MT, 'Les magistrats grecs et l'approvisionnement de cités.', Cahiers d’Histoire (1988) 321-32.
  ABE H & ALDEN JH, 'Regional development planning in Japan.', Regional Studies (1988) 429-38.
  MODEL SW, 'Italian and Jewish intergenerational mobility: New York, 1910.', Social Science History (1988) 31-48.
  FOURCAULT A ed, Un siecle de banlieu parisienne 1859-1964., Paris : L'Harmattan (1988) pp 318, il
  LOWN J, 'Père plutôt que maître le paternalism à l'usine dans l'industrie de la soir à Halstead au XIXe siècle.', Medieval Studies (1988) 51-70.
  LEVENSON R, 'Chico's Jewish community in the 20th century.', WSJHQ pt (1988) 195-213; pt 2 339-59.
  BORER MC, An illustrated guide to London., London : Hale (1988) pp 240, il
  WOOD EM, Peasant-citizen and slave: the foundations of Athenian democracy., London : Verso (1988) pp 220
  JOLLY C, Les bibliothèques sous l'ancien regime., Paris : Cercle de la librairie (1988) pp 548, il
  BULL J & BULL V, Peterborough: a portrait in old picture postcards., Loggerheads : SBP (1988) pp 104, il
  LALLIE A, Les prisons de Nantes., Nantes : Ed du Choletais (1988) pp 238
  NICOL P, 'Bishopwearmouth Church 1790-1981.', Durham County Local History Society Bulletin (1988) 42.0
  BEARD D & COWNA C, 'Excavations at 15-23 Southwark St.', London Archaeology (1988) 375-81.
  HORSMAN V, 'Aspects of Saxo-Norman London.', London & Middlesex Archaeological Soc (1988) pp 123il
  BOTT O, 'A suburb for silkworkers at Macclesfield. Part 4. The dwellings: accommodation, layout and context.', Cheshire History (1988) 42-5.
  CRONSHAW A, Old Dundee: picture postcards., Edinburgh : Mainstream (1988) pp 127, il
  CRUMP WB, History of the Huddersfield woollen industry., Huddersfield : Kirklees Library Service (1988) pp 134, il
  D'CRUZE S, 'The eighteenth century attorney as political broker: the case of Francis Smythies.', Essex Archaeology and History (1988) 223-3.
  JEFFREY E, 'Reform, renewal and vindication: Irish immigrants and the Catholic total abstinence movement in ante-bellum Philadelphia.', Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1988) 407-32.
  STEELE T, 'The Leeds Art Club: a provincial avant garde?', Literature and History (1988) 91-109.
  RICHARDSON J, Islington past: a visual history of Islington., London : Historical Publications (1988) pp 140, il
  PARKIN D & JOHNSON D, Jack Rose's Lowestoft scrapbook., Lowestoft : Tyndale & Panda (1988) pp 112, il
  CUNLIFFE B et al, Mount Batten, Plymouth: a prehistoric and Roman port., Oxford : Oxford University Committee for Archaeology (1988) pp vi+108 il
  PALMER SH, Police and protest in England and Wales 1780-1850/, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press (1988) pp xxx+824, il
  GOKHALE BG, Poona in the eighteenth century: an urban history., New York : Oxford UP (1988) pp xi+225
  BOATWRIGHT MT, 'Caesar' second consulship and the completion and date of the Bellum Civile.', Classical Journal AND The Cartographic Journal (1988) 31-40.
  DAVIDSON R, 'The management of urban poverty: a missing dimension.', Economic History Review (1988) 299-301.
  KRAUSE LB, 'Hong Kong and Singapore: twin or kissing cousins?', Economic Development and Cultural Change (1988) 691-720.
  RAFTERY JR, 'Missing the mark: intelligence testing in Los Angeles public schools.', Higher Education Quarterly (1988) 73-94
  PAPAIL J & PICQUET M, Des villes et du pétrole: aspects historiques et prospectifs des population urbaines au Venexuela., Paris : Orstrom (1988) pp 171
  HEREU P ed, Arquitectura i ciutat a l'exposicion universal de Barcelona., Barcelona : Univeristat Politécnica Catalunya (1988) pp 251, il
  KINKEAD E, Central Park 1857-1895: the birth decline and renewal of a national treasure., New York : Norton (1988)
  BOYDELL B, A Dublin musical calendar 1700-1760., Blackrock : Irish Academic (1988) pp 320, il
  WOODWARD P, 'Dorchester.', Classical Antiquity / Cuadernos Americanos / Current Archaeology (1988) 169-73.
  AL-HAJ M, 'The changing Arab kinship structure: the effect of modernisation in an urban community.', Economic Development and Cultural Change (1988) 237-58.
  MEYER DR, 'The industrial retardation of southern cities 1860-1880.', Explorations in Entrepreneurial History (1988) 366-86.
  BUNKER R, 'Systematic colonization and town planning in Australia and New Zealand.', Planning Perspectives (1988) 81-98.
  WOLF E, The book culture of a colonial American city, Philadelphia books, bookmen and booksellers., Oxford : Oxford UP (1988)
  Now & then Pendle, Rossendale : Millagte (1988) pp 40, il
  PATTON B, 'History of the Nottingham framework knitters through verse and song 1788-1850.', Bulletin of Local History, East Midland Region (1988) 5-10.
  MICHIE R, 'Different in name only? The London stock exchange and foreign bourses c.1850-1914.', Business History (1988) 163-78.
  ALQUEZAR R, 'Els conflictes a l'ajuntament de Barcelona durant la segona republica.', London Archaeologist (1988) 16-24.
  HEMBOLD LR, 'Downward occupational mobility during the Great Depression: urban black and white working women.', Labour Historian (1988) 135-72
  CARRIGAN J, 'Mass communication and public health: the 1905 campaign against yellow fever in New Orleans.', Louisiana History (1988) 5-20.
  WACH HM, 'Culture and the middle classes: popular kowledge in industrial Manchester.', Journal of British Studies (1988) 375-404.
  KRAFT JP, 'The fall of Job Harriman's Socialist Party: violence, gender and politics in Los Angeles 1911.', Southern California Quarterly (1988) 43-68.
  VIEHE FW, 'The first recall: Los Angeles urban reform or machine politics.', Southern California Quarterly (1988) 1-28.
  DE FIGUEIREDO P, Victorian Manchester and Salford., Halifax : Ryburn (1988) pp 94, il
  MOLNAR M & RESZLER A eds, Vienne, Budapest, Prague: les hauts lieux de la culture moderne de l'Europe centrale au tournant du siècle., Paris : PUF (1988) pp 164
  RIVET L, 'Le sculpteur toulousain Paul Ducruing (1867-1949): un artiste officiel sous la troisième République.', Annales du Midi (1988) 181-92.
  HENG M, 'Les fresques de Marc Saint Saens a Toulouse: la naissance d'une vocation muraliste', Annales du Midi (1988) 193-214.
  REED JS, ''Ritualism rampant in East London': anglo-catholicism and the urban poor.', Victorian Studies (1988) 375-408.
  SHOEMAKER N, 'Urban Indians and ethnic choices: American Indian organizations in Minneapolis 1920-1950.', Western Historical Quarterly (1988) 431-48.
  PFISTER V, 'Mobilité sociale et transtion de la fécondité: le cas de Zurich (Suisse) au XVIIe siècle.', Annales de Demographie Historique (1988) 111-25.
  LEVY JP, Centres villes en mutation., Paris : CNRS (1988) pp 264
  VIRIEUX M, 'L'élite lyonnaise sous la Régence.', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1988) 385-408.
  HAMMOND NGL & MOON WG, 'Illustrations of early tragedy at Athens.', Journal of Economic History (1988) 307-18.
  CHEVALIER SS, 'La compagnie des lins et toiles de l'ouest et ses promoteurs (1839-1862): l'echec d'une entreprise capitaliste choletaire.', Annales de Normandie (1988) 105-23.
  MANNEVILLE P, 'Les negociants protestants havrois en 1855.', Annales de Normandie (1988) 131-6.
  KONVITZ JW, 'Does the century 1650-1750 constitute a period in urban history? the French evidence reviewed.', Journal of Urban History (1988) 419-54.
  SMITH D, 'In pursuit of the urban variable: review essay.', Journal of Urban History (1988) 399-405.
  BEDON R et al, Architecture et urbanisme en Gaule romaine. Vol 1 L'architecture et la ville; vol 2 L'urbanisme., Paris : Enrance (1988) pp 448; pp 272
  Calico, cotton and character: a history of Busby., Eastwood District Libraries (1988) pp 38, il
  GREEN I, Canterbury: a pictorial history., Chichester : Phillimore (1988) pp 128, il
  MELSON B, Good schools: the Seattle public school system 1901-1930., Seattle : Washington UP (1988)
  FERRIDAY DRP, Hartlepool in the 1930s and '40s., Nelson : Hendon (1988) pp 40, il
  BUTEL P ed, Histoire de la chambre de la commerce et d'industrie de Bordeaux des origines à nos jours: 1705-1985., Bordeaux : Chambre de commerce et industrie de Bordeaux (1988) pp xii+303
  'L'hotel parisien au XVIIe siècle', Dix Septieme Siecle (1988) 3-114.
  JAM JL, 'La musique à Paris en 1789.', Dix-Septieme Siecle (1988) 249-57.
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  WHITEHEAD J, Withernsea: a popular history of a popular seaside resort., Beverley : Highgate (1988) pp 58
  SHEPLEY W, Women of independent mind: St George's School Edinburgh and the campaign for women's education 1888-1988., Edinburgh : St George's School for Girls (1988) pp ix+135, il
  TRACTENBERG M, 'What Brunelleschi saw: monument and site at the Palazzio Vecchio in Florence.', Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (1988) 160-76.
  NAKAOTA T et al, 'The textile history of Nishijin (Kyoto): east meets west.', Textile History (1988) 117-42.
  ALEXANDER RM, 'We are engaged as a band of sisters: class and domesticity in the Washington Temperance movement 1840-1850.', Journal of American History (1988) 763-85.
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  CHASE M, 'Chartism and the 'prehistory' of Middlesbrough politics.', Cleveland and Teeside Local History Society Bulletin (1988) 15-29.
  CARPENTER P, 'The private lunatic asylums of Leicestershire.', Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society Transactions (1988) 34-42.
  'Petites villes.', Revue du Nord (1988) 667-787.
  GAY K, Forest to suburbs: the story of Hornsey retold., Hornsey : Hornsey Hist Soc (1988)
  WEBSTER G, Fortress into city: the consolidation of Roman Britain, first century A.D., Totowa, NJ : Barnes and Noble Books (1988) pp 178, il
  POWELL MJ, From patrician to professional elite: the transformation of the New York City Bar Association., New York : Russell Sage Foundation (1988) pp xxvi+269, il
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  MITCHELL BC, Building the American Catholic city: parishes and institutions., New York : Garland (1988)
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  VAN WEESEP J, 'Regional and urban development in the Netherlands: the retreat of government.', Geography (1988) 97-104.
  QUESADA S, 'Las historias de ciudades: geografía, utopía y conocimiento histórico en la edad moderna.', Geocritica (1988)
  SUTTON A, Tetbury, Nailsworth and Minchinhampton in old photographs., Gloucester : Sutton (1988) pp 175, il
  SAMUELS A, 'St Cross Hospital, Winchester: a legal note.', Hatcher Review (1988) 223-7.
  VICKERS RL, 'The Nantwich shoemakers strikes of 1872 and 1873.', Cheshire History (1988) 15-18.
  SHAPIRO E, 'Ethnicity and employment: The early years of the Jewish vocational service of Newark, 1939-52.', New Jersey History (1988) 19-41.
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