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1998   CHARTIER R, LADURIE EL & QUILLIET B eds, in ville des temps modernes: de la Renaissance aux Revolutions., Paris : Ed. du Seuil (1998)
  DI VITA A ed, La libye antique: cites perdues de I'Empire romain., Paris : Menges (1998) pp 225, il.
  COMARIN E, La mort de Venise: Bonaparte et la cite des Doges, 1796-1797., Paris : Perrin (1998) pp 325.
  CAPUZZO P, 'The defeat of planning: the transport system and urban patterns in Vienna (1865-1914).', Planning Perspectives (1998) 23-51.
  BILES R, 'New towns for the great society: a case study in politics and planning.', Planning Perspectives (1998) 113-32.
  DUDLEY S, 'Walking through the nightscapes of Bogata.', NACLA Report on the Americas (1998) 10-14.
  RUGG J, 'Researching early-nineteenth-century cemeteries: sources and methods.', Local Historian (1998) 130-44.
  SELIGA J, 'A neighbourhood transformed: the effect of Indian migration on the Belgrave area of Leicester, 1965-1995.', Local Historian (1998) 225-41.
  CARTIER J, Lumieres sur la ville: L'amtnagement et la ville nocturne: de la pratique professionnelle a l'usager., Lyon : Aleas (1998) pp 130.
  PETRE-GRENOUILLEAU O, Nantes au temps de la traite des Noirs., Paris : Hachette Litteratures (1998) pp 280.
  COSTE L, 'Bordeaux et la peste dans la première moitié du XVII siècle', Annales du Midi (1998) 457-480
  GENSBEITEL C & MORIN F, Saintes., Joue-les-Tours : A Sutton (1998) pp 128, il.
  BONHOMME E, 'Bordeaux et la Defense nationale.', Annales du Midi (1998) 319-42.
  STEELE A, 'Beneath the Trocette: evidence for Roman and medieval Bermondsey.', London Archaeologist (1998) 265-70.
  SAXBY D & GOODBURN D, 'Recent maritime archaeological discoveries on the Thames waterfront at Bellamy's Wharf, Rotherhithe, London SE16.', London Archaeologist (1998) 199-205.
  RODERICK G, 'Social class, curriculum and the concept of relevance in secondary education: industrial Glamorgan 1889-1914.', Welsh History Review (1998) 289-318.
  ARNAULD J-L, Le Caire, mise en place d'une ville moderne: 1867-1907: des intere"ts du prince aux societes privees., Paris : Sindbad (1998) pp 444.
  FAGGION L, Les seigneurs du droit dans la Republique de Venise: College des Juges et societe a Vicence a 1'epoque moderne, 1530-1730., Geneva : Slatkine (1998) pp 424.
  KARDOS M-J, Lieux et lumiere de Rome chez Ciceron., Paris : L'Harmattan (1998) pp 383.
  SHAPELY P, 'Charity, status and leadership. charitable image and the Manchester man.', Journal of Social History (1998) 157-178
  CHILDES T, 'Memphis.', American Heritage (1998) 86-115.
  FRYER J, Soho in the fifties and sixties., London : National Portrait Gallery (1998) pp 61.
  OGBORN M, Spaces of modernity. London's geographies, 1680-1780., New York and London : The Guilford Press (1998)
  BLAU E, The architecture of red Vienna, 1919-1934., MIT Press (1998)
  WIEBENSON D & SISA J eds, The architecture of historic Hungary., MIT Press (1998)
  PARKER DS, The idea of the middle class: white-collar workers and Peruvian society, 1900-1950., Pennsylvania State UP (1998)
  CLIFFORD H, The inventory of Nicholas Herrick, goldsmith: life and trade in sixteenth-century London., Ap ((1998)) 19-24.
  ROSENZWEIG R, The park and the people: a history of Central Park., London : Cornell UP (1998)
  PARNELL G, The Tower of London: past and present., Stroud : Sutton (1998) pp 125, il.
  GRZEGORCZYK M, 'From urb of clay to the hypodermic city. Improper cities in modern Latin America.', Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies (1998) 55-74.
  ARMSTRONG J, CUTLER J & MUSTOE G, 'An estimate of the importance of the British coastal liner trade in the early twentieth century.', International Journal of Maritime History (1998) 41-63.
  FRANGAKIS-SYRETT E, 'Commerce in the eastern Mediterranean from the eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries: the city-port of Izmir and its hinterland.', International Journal of Maritime History (1998) 125-54.
  INDERGAARD M, 'Beyond the region: the rise and fall of economic regionalism in downriver Detroit [1980s].', Urban Affairs Review (1998) 241-62.
  JONAS AEG, 'Busing, 'white flight', and the role of developers in the continuous suburbanization of Franklin County, Ohio [1970s-present].', Urban Affairs Review (1998) 340-58.
  POST RC, 'Fourteenth and G, Washington, DC, summer of '41 [trolley operations].', Technology and Culture (1998) 728-32.
  FRAILE P, 'Putting order into the cities: the evolution of 'policy science' in eighteenth- century Spain.', Urban History (1998) 22-35.
  BICKFORD-SMITH V, 'Representing Cape Town on the eve of apartheid.', Urban History (1998) 36-59.
  STOBART J, 'Shopping streets as social space: consumerism, improvement and leisure in an eighteenth-century county town [Chester].', Urban History (1998) 3-21.
  ELIASSEN FE & SZENDE K, 'The Norwegian urban tradition in a European context.', Urban History (1998) 237-40.
  CULOT M ed, Valenciennes: les canonniers., Paris : Norma (1998) pp 128, il.
  LE GALES P, 'Regulations and governance in European cities', Internal Journal of Urban and Regional Research (1998) 482-506
  ADELMAN J, 'Political ruptures and organized labor: Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, 1916-1922.', International Labor and Working-Class History (1998) 103-25.
  LEE WR, 'The socio-economic and demographic characteristics of port cities: a typology for comparative analysis?', Urban History (1998) 147-72.
  CONCINA E, A history of Venetian architecture., Cambridge : Cambridge UP (1998)
  SMITH R, A paddle in Hockley Brook [4th ed.]., Birmingham : Waveney Publishing (1998) pp 144, il.
  GELFAND M, A trustee for a city: Ralph Lowell of Boston., Northeastern UP (1998)
  BERNAND A, Alexandrie la grande., Paris : Hachette Litteratures (1998) pp 432, il. [new edn].
  RUBENSTEIN A, Bad language, naked ladies, and other threats to the nation: a political history of comic books in Mexico., Duke UP (1998)
  DOUGLAS A, Birmingham in the fifties., Studley : Brewin (1998) pp 128.
  CASANOVAS J, Bread, or bullets!: urban labor and Spanish colonialism in Cuba, 1850-1898., Pittsburgh : U of Pittsburgh P (1998)
  FOSTER DW, Buenos Aires: perspectives on the city and cultural production., UP of Florida (1998)
  GRANSDEN A, Bury St Edmunds: medieval art, architecture, archaeology and economy., London : British Archaeological Association (1998) pp xi + 285, il.
  FLETCHER D, 'Map or terrier? The example of Christ Church, Oxford, estate manage- ment, 1600-1840.', Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (1998) 221-37.
  MAVER I, 'Glasgow's public parks and the community, 1850-1914: a case study in Scottish civic interventionism.', Urban History (1998) 323-47.
  TITTLER R, 'Capitalism and culture: The functions of the European city', Urban History (1998) 231-36
  STEPHENS MA, 'Black transnationalism and the politics of national identity: West Indian intellectuals in Harlem in the age of war and revolution.', American Quarterly (1998) 592-608.
  ROBERTS J, Cites bibliques hier et aujourd'hui., Cologne : Konemann (1998) pp 144, il.
  HALL PG, Cities in civilization: culture, innovation, and urban order., London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson (1998)
  KLUMPPA-A, Colmar., Joue-les-Tours : A Sutton (1998) pp 127, il.
  GOODER A, Coventry at the time of the Black Death., Coventry : Coventry Branch of the Historical Association (1998) pp 60, il.
  BOHM C, Die Reichsstadt Augsburg and Kaiser Maximilian I: Untersuchen zum Beziehungs- geflecht zwischen Reichsstadt and Herrscher an der Wende der Neuzeit., J Thorbecke (1998)
  MARSEILER S, Glurns: Sudtirols kleinste Stadt-Geschichte and Geschichten., Tappeiner (1998)
  GREEN DR, 'Lines of conflict: labour disputes in London, 1790-1870.', International Review of Social History (1998) 203-33.
  GREEN DR, 'Lines of conflict. Labour disputes in London, 1790-1870', International Review of Social History (1998) 203-233
  PINO JC, 'The faces of urban poverty in Brazil: squatter life in Rio de Janeiro and the northeast.', Journal of Urban History (1998) 256
  HARDING V, 'Diversity and success in the medieval city', Journal of Urban History (1998) 627-42
  NICOLAIDES BM, 'The resort city gets real: review essay [Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami].', Journal of Urban History (1998) 110-21.
  ROSS MA, 'Justice Miller's reconstruction: the 'slaughterhouse cases', health codes, and civil rights in New Orleans, 1861-1873.', Journal of Southern History (1998) 649-76.
  BORUT J & HEILBRONNER O, 'Leaving the walls or anomalous activity: the Catholic and Jewish rural bourgeoisie in Germany.', Comparative Studies in Society and History (1998) 475-502.
  BAUMLER E, ''Devil's perch': prostitution from suite to cellar in Butte, Montana.', Montana (1998) 4-21.
  FINN JL, 'Intimate strangers: the interlocking history of Butte, Montana, and Chuqui- camata, Chile.', Montana (1998) 23-38.
  KLOPP B, 'Immigration and political representation in a multicultural city: The case of Frankfurt am Main', German Politics and Society (1998) 42-67
  BHANJI S, 'The involvement of Exeter and the Exe estuary in piracy.', Devonshire Association Research Transactions / Reports and Transactions (1998) 23-50.
  ROSS MA, 'Justice Miller's reconstruction: the slaughter-house cases, health codes and civil rights in New Orleans, 1861-1873.', JSH lxiv (1998) 649-76.
  BAUMBER ML, 'Girls' secondary education in late Victorian times: Keighley Girls' Grammar School 1872-94.', Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1998) 125-40.
  JOHNSON M, 'The medieval and post-medieval port of Filey.', Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (1998) 73-84.
  VASOLD M, 'Das Städtische Krankenhaus Nürnberg während des Dritten Reiches', Zeitschrift fur Bayerische (1998) 763-820
  ROSENBERG C, 'Beyond the melting pot', Contemporary European History (1998) 421-29
  YEBOAH IEA, 'Geography of gender economic status in urban sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana 1960-1984.', Canadian Geographer (1998) 158-73.
  RIMMINGTON GT, 'Leicester Church Congress 1880.', Leicestershire Historian (1998) 8-12.
  HOLROYD P, 'Post-war parliamentary reform politics in the parish of Halifax, 1816-17.', Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions / Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society (1998) 36-45.
  WASHINGTON JG, 'The history of the Halifax General Hospital 1897-1997.', Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions / Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society (1998) 94-116.
  PIKE J, 'Red Cross hospitals in Torbay 1914-18', Devon Historian (1998) 20-21
  GREENSTREET A, 'Plymouth in The Gentleman’s Magazine', Devon Historian (1998) 26-28
  DALTON R, 'Reportage of the Michaelmas Cheese Fair at Derby in the Derby Mercury 1780-1880.', Derbyshire Miscellany (1998) 46-51.
  SMITH TB, 'Republicans, Catholics and social reform: Lyon 1870-1920.', French History (1998) 246-75.
  GOURDON V & RUGGIU F-J, 'Reseaux et mobilites a Paris au milieu du XVIIe siecle par Scarlett Beauvalet.', Histoire, Economie et Société (1998) 547
  RUGGIU F-J, 'Tel pere, quel fils? La reproduction professionnelle dans la marchandise et 1'artisanat parisiens au cours des annees 1650 et 1660.', Histoire, Economie et Société (1998) 561
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  COOK LJ, 'Katherine Nanny, alias Naylor: a life in puritan Boston.', Historical Archaeology (1998) 15-19.
  YAMIN R, 'Lurid tales and homely stories of New York's notorious five points.', Historical Archaeology (1998) 74-85.
  SEASHOLER NS, 'Filling Boston's mill pond.', Historical Archaeology (1998) 121-36.
  JONES I, 'Living bridges.', London Society Journal (1998) 17-20.
  HILL JD, 'The Bank of England.', London Society Journal (1998) 22
  TURVEY R, 'Office rents in the City of London, 1867-1910.', London Journal (1998) 53-67.
  LUZON JL, 'Comer y beber en la Hanana colonial.', Caravelle (1998) 23-36.
  'Bad conversation? Gender and social control in a Kentish borough c1450-1570.', Continuity and Change (1998) 11-31.
  PRITCHARD J, 'The barrack that never was - Denbigh, a military centre, 1891.', Old Denbighshire (1998) 71-8.
  NJOH AJ, 'Urban planning, housing and the socio-economic development of women in a developing country.', Planning Perspectives (1998) 1-21.
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  GRANDKE U, Kommunale Verkehrspolitik in Munster 1918 his 1939., Aschendorff (1998)
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  POULTON R & RIALL N, 'Discussion: the town ditch and the origins and early developments of Farnham.', Surrey Archaeological Collections (1998) 147
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