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1979   McCARTNEY S, A history of the Lewisham silk mills., London : Lewisham Local History Soc (1979) pp 35
  WEIR M, Best foot forward., Bath : Chivers (1979) pp 380, il
  McKENNA J, Birmingham as it was., Nelson : Hendon for Birmingham Public Libraries (1979) pp 44, il
  AMEY G, City under fire: the Bristol riots and aftermath., Guildford : Lutterworth (1979) pp 223, il
  BRAUDEL F, Civilisation matériele, économie et capitalisme. I Les structures du quotidien; II Les jeux de l'échange; III Le temps du monde., Paris : Colin (1979) pp 544; 600; 607
  DANIELS R & WYNER B, 'An eighteenth century warehouse at Yarm.', Australian Geographical Studies (1979) 114-16.
  TAWA N, 'Buckingham's musical commentaries in Boston.', Australian Geographical Studies (1979) 117-19.
  WOODWARD FM, 'Fire insurance plans and British Columbia urban history.', British Columbia Studies (1979) 13-26.
  SCOTT AF, 'The ever widening circle: the diffusion of Feminist values from the Tory female seminary 1822-1872.', History of Education Quarterly (1979) p 3 -25
  WALTON JK & McGLOIN PR, 'Holiday resorts and their visitors: some sources for the local historian.', Local History (1979) 323-31.
  MOORE NW, 'The black WMCA in St Louis.', Missouri Historical Society Bulletin (1979) 35-40
  PEARL V, 'Change and stability in 17th century London.', London Journal (1979) 3-35.
  SHEPPARD F, BELCHER V & COTTRELL P, 'The Middlesex and Yorkshire Deeds Registries and the study of building fluctuations.', London Journal (1979) 176-217.
  BLACKBURN GM & RICARDS SL, 'The prostitutes and gamblers of Virginia City, Nevada 1870.', Pacific Historical Review (1979) 239-58.
  CLAY PL, 'The process of black suburbanization.', Urban Affairs Quarterly (1979) 405-24.
  BROWNING RP, MARSHALL DR & TABB DH, 'Minorities and urban electoral change: a longitudinal study.', Urban Affaris Quarterly (1979) 206-28
  FARGE A, 'Signe de vie, risque de mort. Essai sur le sang et la ville au XVIIIe siècle.', URBI (1979) 15-22.
  RIDGWAY WH, Community leadership in Maryland 1790-1840: a comparative analysis of power in society., Chapel Hill : North Carolina UP (1979)
  MADDERN IT, A sourvenir history of Morwell: Morwell Centenary celebrations 31 March-6 April 1978., Morwell, Vic : Author (1979) pp 80, il
  LITTLER ER, A striking industry in Irlam., Wigan : Author (1979) pp 36, il
  FLETCHER A, Factionalism in town and countryside: the significance of Puritanism and Arminianism, in Baker, The church., Oxford : Blackwell/Ecclesiastical History Soc (1979) pp 291-300
  SCHWIPPE HJ, Faktorenanalyse und Clusteranalyse: Möglichkeiten des Einsatzes multivariater Verfahren in der Analyse des Verhältnisses von Stadt undLand im östlichen Münsteland im frühen 19 Jahrhundert, in Schröder, Moderne Stadtgeschichte., Stuttgart : Klett-Cotta (1979) pp 112-44 [English summaries]
  GAFFIELD C, 'Big business, the working class and socialism in Schenectady 1911-1916.', Labour Historian (1979) 350-72.
  FOX RC, 'The morphological, sociological and functional districts of Stirling 1798-1881.', Institute of British Geographers Transactions (1979) 153-67.
  GORDON G, 'The status areas of early to mid-Victorian Edinburgh.', Institute of British Geographers Transactions (1979) 168-91.
  ACCOMPO E, 'Industrialization, family life and class relations: Saint Chamond 1815-1914.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1979) 647-66.
  PATTEN J, 'Geographical urban history, or history and space.', Welsh History Review (1979) 319-36.
  ERNESTI G, 'I saggi sulle trasformazioni delle città e del territorio nelle riviste italiane (1945-76) III Le riviste di architettura e urbanistica. Parte quarta 1969-1972; Parte quinta 1973-74.', Storia Urbana (1979) 185-221; SU 3
  BORALEVI A, 'Le 'città dell'impero': urbanistica fascista in Etiopia 1936-1941.', Storia Urbana (1979) 65-114.
  JONES TB, Karanis: middletown of Greco-Roman Egypt, in Brucker, People and communities., Homewood : Dorsey (1979) pp 69-110
  Lismore and district historical photographs commemorating 100 years of municipal government 1879-1979., Lismore, NSW : Richmond River Hist Soc (1979) pp 32, il
  MITCHELL BN, Blanche, a Sydney diary 1857-60., Sydney : John Ferguson (1979)
  HERINGTON P, Bootle in times past., Chorley : Countryside (1979) pp 40, il
  EHMER J, Entwicklungsbedingungen des Handwerks unter dem Einfluss der Kapitalischen Industrialisierung am Biespiel Wiens im 19. Jahrhundert, in Somkuti et al., Handwerk., Veszprém : Ungarische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Veszpremer Akademische Kommission (1979) pp 168-75
  CLARK D, Ethnic enterprise and urban development., London : Longman (1979) pp 102, il
  HILL J, 'Nottingham socialists in the 1880s: a comment on the sources.', Bulletin of Local History (1979) 12-17.
  COOKE AJ, 'Robert Owen and the Stanley Mills 1802-11.', Business History (1979) 107-11.
  RODGER R, 'Speculative builders and the structure of the Scottish building industry 1860-1914.', Business History (1979) 226-45.
  ROCHE D, 'Nouveaux parisiens au XVIIIe siècle.', Cahiers d'Histoira (1979) Mar-2020
  The Royal Charters of Preston 1179-1974 commissioned by Preston Borough Council to commemorate Preston's octocentenary year., Preston : Mather (1979) pp xvii+731
  BYLEBYL JJ, The School of Padua: humanistic medicine in the sixteenth century, in Webster, Health, medicine and mortality., Cambridge : Cambridge University Press (1979) pp 335-70
  The island: the life and death of a London community 1870-1970., London : Centerprise (1979) pp 72, il
  HITTLE JM, The service city: state and townsmen in Russia 1600-1800., Cambridge, Mass : Harvard UP (1979)
  SMITH JR, Southend past: a photographic record of Southend on Sea 1865-1940., Chelmsford : Essex County Council (1979) pp 60, il
  KENDIG H, New life for old suburbs: post-war land use and housing in the Australian inner city., Sydney : Allen & Unwin (1979) pp 192, il
  DELSON RM, New towns for colonial Brazil: spatial and social planning of the eighteenth century., Ann Arbor : U Michigan (1979)
  EVANS HM, New Tredegar again., Risca : Starling (1979) pp 200, il
  BIRD V, Portrait of Birmingham., London : Hale (1979) pp 239, il
  GOLDIN C, 'Household and market production of families in a late nineteenth century American city.', Journal of Economic History (1979) 11-31.
  MICHEL MJ, 'Clergé et pastorale jansénistes à Paris [1669-1730].', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1979) 177-97.
  BOQUET G, 'Les comédiens italiens à Paris sous Louis XIV.', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1979) 422-38.
  FRENCH RA, The individuality of the Soviet city, in French & Hamilton, Socialist city., Chichester : Wiley (1979) pp 73-104
  SAARINEN O, 'The influence of Thomas Adams in the British new town movement in the planning of Canadian resource communities', in Artibise & Stelter eds, Usable urban past., Toronto : Macmillan (1979) pp 268-92
  SPAIN D, 'Race relations and residential segregation in New Orleans: centuries of paradox.', Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1979) 82-96.
  CERNOVODEANU P & MARINESCU B, 'British trade in the Danubian ports of Galatz and Braila between 1837 and 1853.', Journal of European Economic History (1979) 707-42.
  MODELL J, 'Suburbanization and change in the American family.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1979) 621-46
  DINWIDDY J, 'Luddism and politics in the northern counties.', Social History (1979) 33-64.
  SMITH PJ, The principle of utility and the origins of planning legislation in Alberta 1912-1975, in Artibise & Stelter eds, Usable urban past., Toronto : Macmillan (1979) pp 196-225
  McKITTERICK R, Town and monastery in the Carolingian period, in Baker, The church., Oxford : Blackwell/Ecclesiastical History Soc (1979) pp 93-102
  ACHESON TW, 'The great merchant and economic development in Saint John 1820-50.', Acadiensis (1979) 3-28.
  FIREBAUGH G, 'Structural determinants of urbanization in Asia and Latin America 1950-1970.', American Sociological Review (1979) 199-215.
  GODFREY C, 'The Chartist prisoners 1839-41.', International Review of Social History (1979) 139-236.
  TOSHIKIDO K, 'The conflicting philosophies of gain and abundance in my hometown.', Japan Quarterly (1979) 188-98.
  FARAGÓ K & MAJOR J, 'A magyar középvárosok kialkulása és fejlödése az elsö világháboruig [The rise and development of the Hungarian middle towns until the first World War].', Telepulestudomanyi Kozlemenyek (1979) 5-40.
  JONES HR, 'Modern emigration from Scotland to Canada 1957-77.', Scottish Geographical Magazine (1979) 4-12.
  THOMAS C, 'Internal migration in Yugoslavia 1961-71.', Tidjschrift voor Economisch en Sociale Geograpfie (1979) 177-81.
  GUIGNET P, 'The lace makers of Valenciennes in the 18th century: an economic and social study of a group of female workers under the Ancien Regime.', Textile History (1979) 96-113.
  Old Rushden., Rushden : Rotary Club (1979) pp 144, il
  RUTHERFORD DA, One hundred years of local government in Molong., Molong, NSW : Molong Historical Soc (1979) pp 42, il
  GUERRAND RH, Le logement populaire en France: sources documentaires et bibliographie, 1800-1960., Paris (1979) pp 236
  Otto argomenti di archittetura., Milan : 11 Formichiere (1979) pp 135
  FRASER D, 'Politics and the Victorian city.', Urban History Yearbook (1979) 32-45.
  FREE FW, Our heritage in Sutton and Bold., St Helens : Author (1979) pp 134, il
  How we used to travel: the development of public transport in Fulham and Hammersmith., London : Hammersmith & Fulham Libraries (1979) pp 36, il
  McGRAIL S & SWITSUR R, Medieval longboats of the River Mersey: a classification study, in McGrail, Archaeology of medieval ships., Greenwich : National Maritime Museum (1979) pp 93-116
  Memoires du baron Haussmann consacrées aux grands travaux de Paris. Tome I., Paris : Durier (1979) pp 268
  PECK F, Academia tertia anglicana, or, The antiquarian annals of Stanford. [Reprint of 1727 edn]., Wakefield : EP Publishing (1979) pp 708, il
  MULGAN C, London: an illustrated history., London : Edward Arnold (1979) pp 119, il
  QUINEY A, 'Thomas Lucas, Bricklayer 1662-1736.', Archaeological Journal (1979) 269-80.
  HAMILTON GG, 'Regional associations and the Chinese city: a comparative perspective.', Comparative Studies in Society and History (1979) 346-61.
  POWERS A, 'Bowlywicket: the provenance of a New England street game.', Journal of Regional Science (1979) 119-30
  FINLAY RAP, 'Population and fertility in London 1580-1650.', Journal of Family History (1979) 26-38.
  CARELESS JMS, 'Metropolis and region: the interplay between city and regions in Canadian history before 1914.', Urban History Review (1979) 99-118.
  THOMAS LG, 'Okotoks from trading post to suburb.', Urban History Review (1979) 3-22.
  'Leslie Patrick Abercrombie: a centenary note.', Town Planning Review (1979) 257-64.
  TUCKER DM, Memphis since Crump: bossism, Blacks and civic reformers 1948-1968., Knoxville : Tenessee UP (1979)
  TYGIEL J, 'Housing in late nineteenth century American cities: suggestions for research.', Historical Methods (1979) 84-97.
  TOMAS J, 'Mesta v severozapadnich Cechach ve 13 stoleti.', Hospodarske Dejiny (1979) 69-132.
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  POLLARD S, Sheffield during the industrial revolution, in Brucker, People and communities., Homewood : Dorsey (1979) pp 113-58
  STANLEY S, 'The Cheyenne Club: an oasis of urban luxury in 19th century Wyoming.', History Today (1979) 471-7.
  WILENTZ S, 'Crime, poverty and the streets of New York City: the diary of William H Bell 1850-51.', History Workshop Journal (1979) 126-55.
  BRUNICARDI N, Fermoy 1891-1940, a local history., Fermoy : Eigse Mainstreach (1979) pp 231-320
  BIVER ML, Fêtes révolutionnaires à Paris., Paris (1979) pp 224
  Forum et plaza mayor dans le monde Hispanique. Colloque interdisciplinaire Casa de Velasquez, Madrid, 28 Octobre 1976., Madrid : Collection Publications de la Casa de Velasquez (1979) pp 150
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  SMITH ME, 'Theatre in Saint John: the first thirty years.', Dalhousie Review (1979) 28-39.
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