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1975   WELFORD R, A history of the parish of Gosforth. [Reprint of 1879 edn]., Newcastle-upon-Tyne : Graham (1975) pp 124
  McCORMACK AR & MACPHERSON I eds, Cities in the west: Papers of the West Canada Urban History Conference., Ottawa : National Museum of Man Mercury Series (1975) pp 316
  MINTO CS & ARMSTRONG NES, Edinburgh past and present: a pictorial record of the ancient city of Edinburgh., Oxford : Oxford Illustrated (1975) pp 64, il
  GELFAND MI, A nation of cities: the Federal government and urban America, 1933-65., New York : Oxford UP (1975) pp xvi+476
  BRYFOGLE RC comp, City in print: an urban studies bibliography., Agincourt, Ont. : GLC (1975) pp 324
  LONGSTREET S, City on two rivers: profiles of New York - yesterday and today., New York : Hawthorn Books (c. 1975) pp xiv+305, il
  FRIEDL J & CHRISMAN NJ comps, City ways: a reader in urban anthropology., New York : Crowell (1975)
  BARDET JP, 'L'habitat: une interrogation.', Annales de Demographie Historique (1975) 19-28.
  DAUMARD A, 'Quelques remarques sur le logement des parisiens au XIXeme siecle.', Annales de Demographie Historique (1975) 49-64.
  MARTIN B, 'Failure to use modern technology.', Built Environment (1975) 42-4.
  WEINBAUM PO, 'Temperance, politics and the New York City riots of 1857.', New York Historical Society Quarterly (1975) 246-70.
  RUMBELOW D, 'I spy blue: the police and crime in the City of London from Elizabeth I to Victoria.', Missouri Historical Review (1975) .
  GRANT WR, 'Letter from Detroit: the courts and the schools.', Urban Review (1975) 145-54.
  FARMER E & SMITH R, 'Overspill theory: a metropolitan case study.', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies (1975) 151-68.
  SANDERSON WA, 'The alienation of the Melbourne parks.', Victorian Historical Journal (1975) 549-70.
  SENELICK L, 'Politics as entertainment: Victorian music hall songs.', Victorian Studies (1975) 149-80.
  TANNER D, Everyman: the first ten years., Liverpool : Merseyside Everyman Theatre Co & Gentry (1975) pp 243, il
  WHITE T, Fairmount, Philadelphia's park: a history., Philadelphia : Art Alliance (1975)
  KAPLAN T, 'The social base of nineteenth century Andalusian anarchism in Jerez de la Frontera.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1975) 47-70.
  LOCKWOOD GJ et al, Kitley 1795-1975., Prescott, Ont. : St Lawrence PrintingCo (1975) pp xii+327
  DAVIS LG, Black women in the cities 1872-1975: a bibliography of published works on the life and achievements of black women in the cities of the United States., Monticello, Ill : Council of Planning Librarians (1975) pp 75
  JONES R, Essays on world urbanisation., London : G Phillip (1975) pp xiv+402, il
  ENNALS P, Cobourg and Port Hope: the struggle for the control of the "Back Country", in Wood JD ed, Perspectives on landscape and settlements in nineteenth century Ontario., Toronto : McClelland and Stewart (1975) pp xxviii + 213, il
  HEMINGWAY P, 'Downtown without direction.', Canadian Journal of Sociology (1975) 55-83.
  POND CC, The Chingford line and the suburban development of Walthamstow and Chingford., Walthamstow Antiquarian Soc (1975) pp 21, il
  RAMSAY WM, The cities and bishoprics of Phrygia. [Reprint of 1895-97 edn]., New York : Arno (1975)
  BIHALY A, The journal of Andrew Bihaly., London : Joseph (1975) pp ix+229, il
  LLOYD-JONES T, Liverpool old and new., Wakefield : EP Publishing (1975) pp [S] 98, il
  SIEGEL M, New Orleans: a chronolodcal and documentary history 1539-1970., Dobbs Ferry, NY : Oceana (1975)
  PAWSON M, Port Royal, Jamaica., Oxford : Clarendon (1975) pp xv+204, il
  OTTENSMANN JR, The changing spatial structure of American cities., Lexington, Mass : DC Heath (1975) pp xiii+209, il
  BIDDLE M, 'Excavations at Winchester, 1971: tenth and final interim report, Pt1. and Pt.2.', Antiquities Journal (1975) 96-126; 295-337.
  JACQUEMET G, 'Belleville aux XIXe et XXème siècles: une methode d'analyse de la croissance urbaine à Paris.', Annales, Economies, Sociétés, Civilisations (1975) 819-43.
  REVEL J, 'Les privileges d'une capitale: l'approvisionnement de Rome a l'époque moderne.', Annales, Economies, Sociétés, Civilisations (1975) 563-74.
  GLASCO LA, 'The life cycles and household structure of American ethnic groups: Irish, German and native-born whites in Buffalo, New York, 1855.', Journal of Urban History (1975) 339-64.
  MADISON JH, 'Business and politics in Indianapolis: the branch bank and the junto, 1837-1846.', Indiana Magazine of History (1975) 1-20.
  FAIRBANKS GR, The history and antiquities of the city of St Augustine, Florida. [Reprint of 1858 edn]., Gainesville : Florida UP (1975)
  DONELLY FK & BAXTER JL, 'Sheffield and the English revolutionary tradition 1791-1820.', International Review of Social History (1975) 398-423.
  CARY O, 'The sparing of Kyoto - Mr Stimson's 'pet city'.', Japan Quarterly (1975) 337-47.
  MORRELL JB, 'The Leslie affair: careers, kirk and politics in Edinburgh in 1805.', Scottish History Review (1975) 279-300.
  BURNHAM TG, 'Branch to Bromley North.', Railway Magazine (1975) 56-9.
  MUSCATINE D, Old San Francisco: the biography of a city from early days to the earthquake., New York : Putnam (1975)
  CLARKE D & STOYEL A, Otford in Kent: a history., Otford : Otford & District Hist Soc (1975) pp xiv+297, il
  HINSHAW RE, Panajachel: a Guatemalan town in thirty year perspective., Pittsburgh : Pittsburgh UP (1975)
  REA JE, How Winnipeg was nearly won, in McCormack AR & Macpherson I eds, Cities in the west., Ottawa : National Museum of Man Mercury Series (1975) pp 237-68 [76]
  DUNCAN GS, Adult education in early Victorian Torquay; with particular reference to the contribution of the church, in Porter J ed., Education and labour in the south-west., Exeter : Exeter University (1975) pp 21-44
  TREASE G, London: a concise history., London : Thames & Hudson (1975) pp 224, il
  STACEY M et al, Power, persistance and change., London : Routledge & Kegan Paul (1975) pp xii+196, il
  BARLEY M & CULLEN R, Nottingham now., Nottingham : Nottingham Civic Soc (1975) pp 49
  SAWYERS L, 'Urban form and the mode of production.', Journal of Radical Political Economics (1975) 52-68.
  PICKVANCE CG, 'On the study of urban social movements.', The Sociological Review (1975) 29-50.
  Leicester's architectural heritage., Leicester : City Planning Dept (1975) pp 72
  KEANE P, 'A study in early problems and policies in adult education: the Halifax Mechanics Institute.', Histoire Sociale/Social History (1975) 255-74.
  ROBERT JC, 'Les notables de Montréal au XIXe siècle.', Histoire Sociale/Social History (1975) 54-76.
  BONNER A, 'Ali Bey in Mecca 1807.', History Today (1975) 196-203.
  RICHARDSON J, 'Emperor of Paris Baron Haussmann 1809-91.', History Today (1975) 843-9.
  COWIE LW, 'Whitefriars in London.', History Today (1975) 436-41.
  HYMAN I, 'Notes and speculations on S. Lorenzo, Palazzo Medici, and an urbanproject by Brunelleschi.', Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (1975) 98-120.
  GARCIA MT, 'Merchants and dons: San Diego's attempt at modernization 1850-1860.', Journal of San Diego History (1975) 52-80.
  HIGGS R, Urbanization and inventiveness in the U.S. 1870-1920, in Schnore LF ed., The new urban history., Princeton : Princeton UP (1975) pp 247- 59 [34]
  ASPINALL PJ, 'Thomas Sambourne: a building speculator in late eighteenth century Sheffield.', HuAS (1975) 161-6.
  BOWEN ER, 'Urbanism and the scope of government.', Policy Studies Journal (1975) 332-39.
  WARD PJ, From Talworth hamlet to Tolworth tower., Surbiton : Author (1975) pp 67, il
  SCHNORE LF, Further reflections on the new urban history, in Schnore LF ed., The new urban history., Princeton : Princeton UP (1975) pp 3-11 [34]
  STARBUCK JC, Hamburg,West Germany: a bibliography of articles in English., Monticello, Ill : Council of Planning Librarians (1975) pp 7
  GOLDSWORTHY E, Recollections of old Truro., Taunton : Barnicott (1975) pp 88
  JACKSON GW, Reflections on Auckland harbour., Auckland : Collins (1975) pp 96, il
  ELLING C, Rome: the biography of her architecture from Bernini to Thorvaldsen., Boulder : Westview (1975)
  RAKE DJ, 'Spatial changes in industrial activity in the East Midlands since 1945. III: the footwear industry.', East Midlands Geographer (1975) 173-84
  RIDEN P, 'An early 15th century Chesterfield rental.', Durham Archaeological Journal (1975) 6-11.
  MAY G, 'Bedford Park: the first garden suburb is 100 years old. Homes and gardens', Urban History Yearbook (1975) 68-73.
  BRENT CE, 'Urban employment and population in Sussex between 1550 and 1660.', SAc (1975) 35-50.
  WELLS C, Bristol's history., Bristol : R Winstone (1975) pp 97-181, Vol 2
  TAYLOR R et al, Britain's planning heritage., London : Croom Helm (1975) pp ix+230
  WILHELM PA & TORRONG R, Urban growth., Rochelle Park, NY : Hayden Book Co (1975)
  ROBSON BT, Urban social areas., London : Oxford UP (1975) pp 64, il
  ROBERTSON B, 'Roman Camden.', London Archaeology (1975) 250-5.
  HENNING P, Graaf Reinet: a cultural history, 1786-1886., Cape Town : Bulpin (1975) pp viii+272
  Hen dref - Caernarfon - the old town., Caernarfon : Gwynedd Archives Service (1975) pp 58, il
  HAY P, High street and market Newmarket and its beginnings., Newmarket : Author (1975) pp 28, il
  MORRISH AV, Buildings of Lancaster., Lancaster : Lancaster City Museum (1975) pp 18, il
  JACKSON S, Inside Monte Carlo., London : WH Allen (1975) pp [7] 278, il
  COLE P, Modern and traditional elites in the politics of Lagos., Cambridge : Cambridge University Press (1975) pp ix+297
  McCAMPBELL AE, 'The London parish and the London precinct 1640-1660.', Guildhall Studies in Londonl History (1975) 167-24.
  ELLIOTT B, 'Loughborough's first school board election, 31st March 1875.', Leicestershire Historian (1975) 10-14.
  Six historic views of Exeter,with descriptive notes., Exeter : Devon County Council Library Services (1975) pp 13, il
  FRIEDRICHS CR, 'Marriage, family and social structure in an early modern German town.', CHA Hist Papers (1975) 17-40.
  JENSEN RE, 'Bellevue: the first twenty years 1822-1842.', Nebraska History (1975) .
  RODWELL K, Historic towns in Oxfordshire: a survey of the new county., Oxford : Oxford Archaeological Unit (1975) pp 2-202, il
  KEENE ED, History of Bourne from 1622 to 1937., Bourne, Mass : Bourne Hist Soc (1975) pp 221, il
  TURGEON PP, La vie à Ste Claire pendant 150 ans., Ste Claire (1975) pp 202
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  WALLER HD, History of the town of Flushing, Long Island, New York., Harrison, NY : Harbor Hill Books (1975)
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  SCRIBNER RW, 'Civic unity and Reformation in Erfurt.', Past and Present (1975) 29-60.
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  KLENKE M, 'Economic revitalization of Gastown historic site, 1966-1974.', Urban Reader (1975) 20-3.
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  The ancient parish of Giggleswick including the townships of Giggleswick, Settle, Langcliffe, Stainforth and Rathmell., Giggleswick : Giggleswick School (c 1975) pp 131, il.
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