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1997   MOUYS J-C, Histoire d'Anzin., Autremencourt : Office d'edition du livre d'histoire (1997) pp 186.
  GOLDBERG PJP, 'Fiction in the archives: the York cause papers as a source for later medieval social history.', Continuity and Change (1997) 425-45.
  TWOMBLY R, 'Cuds and snipes: labor at Chicago's Auditorium Building, 1887-1889.', Journal of American Studies (1997) 79-101.
  ROTH M, 'Cholera, community and public health in gold rush Sacramento and San Fransisco.', Pacific Historical Review (1997) 527-52.
  MOEHRING E, 'The Comstock urban network.', Pacific Historical Review (1997) 337-62.
  LARSON LH & HULSTON NJ, 'Criminal aspects of the Prendergast machine [Kansas City 1880s-1950s].', Missouri Historical Review (1997) 168-80.
  MCINTYRE SL, ''Our secondary schools are not charitable institutions': class, gender and the teaching profession in nineteenth-century St Louis.', Missouri Historical Review (1997) 327-44.
  MAITLES H, 'Confronting fascism: attitudes of the Glasgow Jewish community in the 1930s.', Local Historian (1997) 106-16.
  DAILEY J, 'Deference and violence in the postbellum urban South: manners and massacres in Danville.', Virginia Journal of Southern History (1997) 553-90.
  TRUMPER D, Lost Shrewsbury., Stroud : Sutton (1997) pp 126, il.
  Memories of Fratton., Portsmouth : WEA (Portsmouth Branch Local History Group) (1997) pp 52, il.
  PICK JB & BUTLER EW, Mexico megacity., Westview Press (1997)
  MACKENZIE JD & CUNNINGHAM RR, Old Portpatrick., Ochiltree : Stenlake Publishing (1997)
  MACDONALD M, Old Torridon: notes on the history of Torridon., Evanton : Torridon Publishing (1997)
  BLYTH M, Old West Kilbride: the tattle toon., Ochiltree : Stenlake Publishing (1997)
  HOPKINS A, Oxford., Oxford : Oxford UP (1997) pp 22, il.
  PARKER K, Radnorshire's old county town: a history of Presteigne., Woonton [Hereford] : Logaston Press (1997) pp x + 246, il.
  GUILLEN R, 'The Air Force, missiles, and the rise of the Los Angeles Aerospace Technopole.', Journal of the West (1997) 60-6.
  WORLEY WS, 'A legacy to a city: Kansas City architects George Kessler, Henry Wright and Sid and Herbert Hare.', Kansas History (1997) 192-205.
  RIPP-SCHUCHA B, ''This naughty, naughty city': prostitution in Eau Claire from the frontier to the progressive era.', Wisconsin Magazine of History (1997) 31-54.
  HUNT J, Lordship and the landscape: a documentary and archaeological study of the Honor of Dudley c1066-1322., Oxford : British Archaeological Reports (1997) pp 186, il.
  BEAUVALET S & BOUTOUYRIE P, 'Du geste qui tue au geste qui sauve. Epidemies et procedures medicales invasives a Paris au XIXe siecle: l'exemple de ]a matemite de Port Royal.', Annales de Demographie Historique (1997) 135-55.
  MOLDOVEANU M & FRAMPTON K, Barcelone, architectures de I'exuberance., Madrid : Lunwerg (1997) pp 250,il.
  MURPHY DE et al, Battleground Berlin: CIA vs KGB in the cold war., New Haven : Yale UP (1997) pp xxv + 530,il.
  PRIETO NI, Beautiful flowers of the Maquiladora: life histories of women workers in Tijuana., Austin : U of Texas P (1997) pp xxvi + 115,il.
  BORDE C, Calais et la mer, 1814-1914., Villeneuve-d'Ascq : PU du Septentrion (1997) pp 346.
  BLONDEAU M, Charenton-le-Pont vu par ses peintres: 1900-2000., Paris : Citedis (1997) pp 124,il.
  CARRAZ P, Clichy-la-Garenne., Joue-16s-Tours : A Sutton (1997) pp 128,il.
  MANSEL P, Constantinople: histoire d'une ville desiree, 1453-1924., Paris : Seuil (1997) pp 576.
  ABLEY B, Spennymoor., Stroud : Chalford (1997) pp 128, il.
  TRIBALAT J & PETUAUD-LETANG M, L'echoppe bordelaise: Bordeaux, la ville aux dix mille echoppes., Bordeaux : A edition (1997) pp 160.
  WATSON F, Accrington's changing face., Blackpool : Landy Publishing (1997) pp 64,il.
  BEARMAN R, The history of an English borough: Stratford-upon-Avon, 1196-1996., Stroud : Sutton (1997) pp xxii + 218, il.
  BOAST M, The story of the Borough., Southwark : London Borough of Southwark (1997) pp 35, il.
  WYATT P, The Uffculme wills and inventories: 16th to 18th centuries., Exeter : Devon and Cornwall Record Society (1997) pp xl + 311, il.
  HIRSHFIELD D, 'Gender, generation, and race in American shipyards in the Second World War.', IHR XIX (1997) 131-45.
  BONDS JB, 'Opening the Bar: first dredging of Charleston, 1853-1859.', South Carolina Historical Magazine (1997) 230-50.
  AHEIMBERG C, 'La garde civique genevoise et la greve generale de 1918, un sursaut disciplinaire et conservateur.', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1997) 424-35.
  ZELLER O, 'Geographie sociale, loisir et pratique culturelle: abonnes et abonnements au theatre de Lyon (1761-1789).', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1997) 580-600.
  LASSERE M, 'Le XIXe siecle et ('invention du tourisme funeraire.', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1997) 601-16.
  TITTLER R, 'Reformation, civic culture and collective memory in English provincial towns.', Urban History (1997) 283-300.
  GAYRARD P, Draguignan., Barbentane : Equinoxe (1997) pp. 284,il.
  SCHNEIDER H & VORLAUFER K eds, Employment and housing: central aspects of urbanization in secondary cities in cross-cultural perspective., Aldershot : Avebury (1997) pp xviii + 257,il.
  KWON V, Entrepreneurship and religion: Korean immigrants in Houston, Texas., London : Garland (1997) pp xiii + 159,il.
  CROSSLEY D, 'The Rolt memorial lecture 1995: the Fairbairns of Sheffield: surveyors' records as a source for the study of regional economic development in the 18th and 19th centuries.', (AR XIX (1997) 5-20.
  BOGGER T, Free blacks in Norfolk, Virginia, 1790-1860: the darker side of freedom., London : UP of Virginia (1997) pp xiii + 264.
  LANDAIS H ed, Histoire de Saumur., Toulouse : Privat (1997) pp 432,il.
  MALVEZIN R, Histoire des juifs a Bordeaux., Belin-Beliet : Princi Negre (1997) pp 375.
  MIALON J-D, journal d'un bourgeois du Puy au XVI11e siecle ou Le vrai journal de Jean- Dominique Mialon., Saint-Julien-Chapteuil : Roure (1997) pp 150.
  POZZO DI BORGO R, Les Champs-Elysees: trois siecles d'histoire., Paris : La Martiniere (1997) pp 400,il.
  CLARKE DB, 'Consumption and the city, modern and postmodern.', Internal Journal of Urban and Regional Research (1997) 218-37.
  RAY BK, HALSETH G & JOHNSON B, 'The changing 'face' of the suburbs: issues of ethnicity and residential change in suburban Vancouver.', Internal Journal of Urban and Regional Research (1997) 75-99.
  MORENOFF JD & SAMPSON RJ, 'Violent crime and the spatial dynamics of neighborhood transition: Chicago 1970-1990.', Social Forces (1997) 31-64.
  SCHUSTER AMH, 'Ancient Sepphoris: portrait of a cosmopolitan city.', Archaeology (1997) 64-6.
  KIM J, Seoul: the making of a metropolis., Chichester : Wiley (1997) pp xvi + 261,il.
  LIMMER R, Six Heritage tours of the Lower East Side, a walking tour., New York : NewYork UP (1997) pp xi + 214,il.
  TUSA A, The last division: a history of Berlin, 1945-1989., Reading, Mass. : Addison Wesley (1997) pp xi + 431,il.
  MOHL RA ed, The making of urban America [reprint]., Wilmington : Scholarly Resources (1997) pp x + 388,il.
  BAILLE B, Toulonnais, ton histoire, tes rues., Toulon : Presses du Midi (1997) pp 120,il.
  MARTI M, Ville et campagne dans I'Espagne des Lumieres: 1746-1808., Saint-Etienne : PU de St Etienne (1997) pp 344.
  ROUX A de, Ville neuves: urbanisme classique., Paris : Desclee De Brouwer: Rempart (1997) pp 143,il.
  SKIPP V, A history of Greater Birmingham: down to 1830., Studley : Brewin (1997) pp 96, il.
  GUERIN F, LE JEUNE Y & VISSET L, 'L'ilot de la Boucherie a Nantes: etudes environnementales au Xffle siecle.', Annales de Bretagne (1997) 7-15.
  WINTER J & ROBERT J-L, Capital cities at war: Paris, London, Berlin 1914-1919., Cambridge : Cambridge UP (1997)
  KERSHEN AJ, 'Morris Cohen and the origins of the women's wholesale clothing industry in the East End.', Textile History (1997) 39-46.
  FAY-SALLOIS F, Les nourrices a Paris au XIXe siecle [reprint]., Paris : Payot (1997) pp 288.
  GALY R, Les rues de Bordeaux: des origins a nos jours: dictionnaire historique et biographique., Belin-Beliet : Princi Negre (1997) pp 190,H.
  LASSAVE P, Les sociologues et la recherche urbaine dons la France contemporaine., Toulouse : PU du Mirail (1997) pp 398.
  MENJOT D ed, Les villes frontiere: Moyen Age-epoque moderne., Paris : L'Harmattan, Universite des sciences humaines de Strasbourg (1997) pp 226.
  DESHAYES D, Lisieux., Joue-des-Tours : A Sutton (1997) pp 127,il.
  BAYARD F, Lyon sous l'ancien regime., Paris : Perrin (1997) pp. 267.
  BECHARD-LEAUTE A & LEAUTE Y, Pontivy., Joue-les-Tours : A Sutton (1997) pp 128,il.
  HUGHES CPF, 'The National School in Victorian Llandrindod.', Radnorshire Society Transactions (1997) 117-31.
  LOOBEY P, Chiswick & Brentford., Thrupp : Sutton (1997) pp 126, il.
  CRUMMY P, City of victory: the story of Colchester - Britain's first Roman town., Colchester : Colchester Archaeological Trust (1997) pp 160, il.
  ESSEN R, Ealing, Hanwell, Perivale & Greenford., Stroud : Sutton (1997) pp 126, il.
  HAWKES JW & FASHAM PJ, Excavations on Reading waterfront sites, 1979-1988., Salisbury : Wessex Archaeology (1997) pp x + 214, il.
  FUDGE TA, 'Icarus of Basel? Oecolampadius and the early Swiss reformation.', JReIH (1997) 268-84.
  BRENNAN B, ''Being Martin': saint and successor in sixth-century Tours.', Journal of Religious History (1997) 121-35.
  HOY S, 'Caring for Chicago's women and girls: the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, 1859-1911.', Journal of Urban History (1997) 260-94.
  ORMROD D, 'Feeding the cities.', Journal of Urban History (1997) 468-73.
  VIEHE FW, 'The revival of urban politics: pro-growth versus slow-growth as an organising theme for the late twentieth-century city.', Journal of Urban History (1997) 657-65.
  BALDWIN P, 'Antiprostiution reform and the use of public space in Hartford, Connecticut, 1878-1914.', Journal of Urban History (1997) 709-38.
  ELKIND SS, 'Building a better jungle: anti-urban sentiment, public works and political reform in American cities 1880-1930.', Journal of Urban History (1997) 53-78.
  BRADLEY J, 'Russia's cities of dreadful delight.', Journal of Urban History (1997) 120-9.
  CHRISTOPHER AJ, ''The second city of the empire': colonial Dublin, 1911.', Journal of Historical Geography (1997) 151-63.
  BARRINGTON R, 'A Venetian secretary in England: an unpublished diplomatic report in the Biblioteca Marciana, Venice.', HR LXX (1997) 170-81.
  SNOWMAN D, 'How does the garden grow?', History Today (1997) 5-8.
  CUSSINET M-F, 'Theatres de province (1870-1914).', Cahiers d’Histoire (1997) 267-90.
  ZELLER O, 'L'animal clans le ville d'Ancien Regime: quelques reflexions.', Cahiers d’Histoire (1997) 543-54.
  MASSARD-GUILBAUD G, 'Les citadins auvergnats face aux nuisances industrielles (1810-1914).', RCon (1997) 5-48.
  LINTON M, 'Les femmes et la Commune de Paris de 1871.', Revue Historique (1997) 23-47.
  KLEIN NM, 'The politics of scripted places: Las Vegas and Reno.', Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (1997) 151-99.
  VASCONCELLOS EA, 'The making of middle-class city: transportation policy in Sao Paulo.', Environment and Planning (1997) 293-310.
  LORD E, 'Trespassers and debtors: Derby at the end of the sixteenth century.', DeAl (1997) 97-109.
  MYERS DJ, 'Latin American cities: internationally embedded but nationally influential.', Latin American Research Review (1997) 109-23.
  CROCITTI J, 'Social policy as a guide to economic consciousness: villas operarias in Rio de Janeiro, 1890-1910.', Luso-Brazilian Review (1997) 1-15.
  LEONARD SJ, 'Denver's postwar awakening: Quigg Newton, Mayor, 1947-1955.', California History / Colorado Heritage (1997) 13-24.
  LOATS CL, 'Gender, guilds, and work: identity perspectives from 16th century Paris.', French Historical Studies (1997) 15-30.
  SISITKA J, 'Floating mills in London: an historical survey.', EAR XD (1997) 21-30.
  MILLER ZL, 'Thinking, politics, city government: charter reform in Cincinnati,1890s-1990s.', Cincinnati Historical Society Bulletin (1997) 24-37.
  ROWLANDS A, ''In great secrecy': the crime of infanticide in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, 1501-1618.', German History (1997) 179-199.
  FOUCRIER A, 'Les effets des risques naturels sur une societe developpee. L'exemple des tremblements de terre en Californie.', Histoire, Economie et Société (1997) 533-47.
  MAGRI S, 'L: interieur domestique. Pour une analyse du changement dans les manieres d'habitez.', Genèses (1997) ,146-64.
  MICHIE RC, 'London and the process of economic growth since 1750.', London Journal (1997) 63- 90.
  CROXSON B, 'The public and private faces of eighteenth-century London dispensary charity.', Medical History (1997) 127-49.
  DE VILLE K, 'New York City attorneys and ambulance chasing in the 1920s.', Historian (92, 93, 94, 95, 98) (1997) 291-310.
  HARDY A et al, 'Archaeological investigations in Paradise Square, Oxford.', Oxoniensa (1997) 153-62.
  BUCH-LYONS BA, ''No promised land': oral histories of African-American women in Cincinnati.', Oral History (1997) 9-14.
  CRINSON M, 'Abadan: planning and architecture under the Anglo-Iranian oil company.', Planning Perspectives (1997) 341-59.
  ABBAS A, Hong Kong: culture and the politics of disappearance., U of Minnesota P (1997)
  ASHLEY F, SINFIELD S & LEE G, Kirkby & district: a second selection., Stroud : Sutton (1997) pp 126, il.
  BLACK A, 'Lost worlds of culture: Victorian libraries, library history and prospects for a history of information.', Journal of Victorian Culture (1997) 95-112.
  MONHOLLON RL, 'Taking the plunge: race, rights and the politics of desegregation in Lawrence, Kansas, 1960.', Kansas History (1997) 138-59.
  JUBERT M-O, 'Le theatre a Toulouse au milieu du XIXe siecle.', Annales du Midi (1997) 53-70.
  SIMPSON LM, 'Women, real estate and urban growth: a case study of two generations of women property owners in Redlands, California, 1880-1940.', California History (1997) 24-43, 72-4.
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  CUISSET S et al, Lorient, tranches de vi(11)e., Le Faouet : Liv'editions (1997) pp 96.
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  CULL NJ, 'Overture to an alliance: British propaganda at the New York World's Fair, 1939-1940.', Journal of British Studies (1997) 325-54.
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  THILLAY A, 'La liberte du travail au faubourg Saint-Antoine a 1'epreuve des saisies des jurandes parisiennes.', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1997) 634-49.
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  Rugby Local History Research Group, Rugby & district: a second selection., Stroud : Sutton (1997) pp 126, il.
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  HUMPHREY S, Southwark, Bermondsey & Rotherhithe: a second selection., Stroud : Sutton (1997) pp 127.
  MANNING P & F, Torpoint., Stroud : Chalford Publishing (1997) pp 128, il.
  MAITLAND FW, Township and borough., London : Routledge (1997) pp ix + 220, il.
  PARNELL C, Truro., Stroud : Chalford (1997) pp 128, il.
  BONNET C, Athenes des origins a 338 av. J-C., Paris : PUF (1997) pp 128.
  BAIDUIN P, Atlas historique des villes de France: Evreux., Paris : CNRS-Editions (1997)
  LUCAS B, Chdteauroux., Joue-les-Tours : A Sutton (1997) pp 126,il.
  PAMPANINI A, Cities from the Arabian desert: the building of Jubail and Yanbu in Saudi Arabia., London : Praeger (1997) pp xv + 209,il.
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  La place dans 1'espace urbain., Rennes : Ecole regionale des beaux-arts de Rennes (1997) pp 100.
  LE BOTERF, La vie parisienne sous l'Occupation., Paris : France-Empire (1997) pp 600,il.
  MERANZE M, Laboratories of virtue: punishment, revolution and authority in Philadelphia, 1760-1835., Chapel Hill : U of North Carolina P (1997) pp xii + 338.
  CHEVALIER L, L'assassinat de Paris., Paris : Ivrea (1997) pp 320.
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