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1984   JACQUEMENT G, Belleville au XIXe siècle, du faubourg à la ville., Paris : EHESS (1984) pp 452
  REISSNER A, Berlin 1675-1945: the rise and fall of a metropolis: a panoramic view., London : Wolff (1984) pp 165, il
  VAUGHN-ROBERTSON CA & VAUGHN-ROBERTSON G, City in the Osage Hills, Tulsa, Oklahoma., Boulder : Pruett (1984) pp vii+196, il
  HILLMAN E, 'London's infrastructure: towards 2000 and beyond.', Built Environment (1984) 282-4
  HOLCOMB B, 'Women in the rebuilt urban environment.', Built Environment (1984) 18-24.
  LISLE-WILLIAMS M, 'Merchant banking dynasties in the English class structure: ownership, solidarity and kinship in the city of London 1850-1960.', British Journal of Sociology (1984) 333-62.
  WILLIAMS N, 'Wolverhampton garden suburb.', Blackcountyman (1984) 6-13.
  HASWELL RF & BRANN RW, 'Voortrekker Pieter Mauritz Burg.', Contree (1984) 16-19
  COX N & COX J, 'Probate inventories: the legal background.', Local History (1984) 133-45; 217-28.
  WRIGLEY C, 'The General Strike, 1926, in local history. Pt. 1: the Government's volunteers; Pt 2: the strikers and their families.', Local History (1984) 83-9; 36-49.
  GREENFIELD GM, 'Patterns of enterprise in Sao Paulo: preliminary analysis of a late nineteenth century city.', Social Science History (1984) 291-312.
  PACK JR, 'Urban spatial transformation: Philadelphia 1850 to 1880, heterogeneity to homogeneity?', Social Science History (1984) 425-54.
  HENDERSON J & KARN V, 'Race, class and the allocation of public housing in Britain.', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies (1984) 115-28.
  WOODHOUSE J, 'The educational crisis in Salisbury 1888-1890.', Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society (1984) .
  MARLIN JT, Contracting municipal services: a guide for purchase from the private sector., New York : Ronald (1984)
  HINE WC, 'Black organized labor in reconstruction Charleston.', Labour Historian (1984) 504-17.
  WALVIN J, English urban life 1776-1851., London : Hutchinson (1984) pp 216
  GROVES R, A review of recent housing research in England and Wales., Birmingham : Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, U of Birmingham (1984) pp 46
  DE VRIES J, European urbanization, 1500-1800., Cambridge, Mass : Harvard UP, (1984) pp xvii+398, il
  BATAILLE G, Boulogne sur Mer., Dunkerque : Ed des Bellfrois (1984) pp 313, il
  STERN RAM, GILMARTIN G & MASSENGALE J, New York, 1900: architecture and urbanism, 1890-1915., New York : Rizzoil (1984) pp 520
  WHITEHAND JWR & WHITEHAND SM, 'The physical fabric of town centres: the agents of change', Institute of British Geographers Transactions (1984) 231-47.
  ZELL ML, 'The social parameters of probate records in the sixteenth century.', International History Review (1984) 107-12.
  DELETANT D, 'Genoese, Tatars and Rumanians at the mouth of the Danube in the fourteenth century.', Slavonic and East European Review (1984) 511-30.
  DUCKAM BF, 'Road administration in South Wales: the Carmarthenshire Roads Board 1845-89.', Journal of Transport History (1984) 45-65.
  THOMAS RH, 'Black suburbanization and housing quality in Atlanta.', Journal of Urban Affairs (1984) 17-28.
  STELTER GA, 'The classical ideal: culture and urban form in eighteenth-century Britain and America.', Journal of Urban History (1984) 351-82.
  NEEDELL JD, 'Urban reforms of Rio de Janeiro under Pereia Passos.', Journal of Urban History (1984) 383-422.
  ALLEN L, 'Doing it better the French way.', Town and Country Planning (1984) 303-5.
  SMYTH B, 'Slowing up the pace of London's greening.', Town and Country Planning (1984) 356-8.
  SAPIN C & BAILEY KY, 'The story of a medieval town: Flavigny, a town in the Burgundian hills stands the test of time.', Archaeology (1984) .
  SWIFT RE, ''Another Stafford street row': law, order and the Irish presence in mid-Victorian Wolverhampton.', Immigrants and Minorities (1984) .
  BARLOW G, 'A first night prologue for the new theatre, Lincoln's Inn Fields.', Theatre News (1984) 51-3.
  EVANS R, 'Theatre music in Nottingham 1760-1800.', Thoroton Society Transactions (Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire) (1984) 47-53.
  AMELANG JS, 'Barristers and judges in early modern Barcelona: the rise of a legal elite.', American Historical Review (1984) 1264-84.
  PRICE JM, 'Glasgow, the tobacco trade and the Scottish customs 1707-1730.', Scottish History Review (1984) 1-36.
  BLOOMFIELD E, 'Bibliography: recent publications relating to Canada's urban past.', Urban History Review (1984) 121-59; UHR 14
  COLLINS J, Oppida: earliest towns north of the Alps., Sheffield : Department of Prehistory, University of Sheffield (1984) pp x+250, il
  VION-DELPHIN F, Le district urbain du pays de Montbéliard: structuration, solidarité et équipment d'une agglomeration originale., Montbélaird : Archives Municipales (1984) pp 56
  ALLAM JP, Medieval and post medieval finds from Exeter 1971-1980., Exeter : Exeter City Council (1984) pp 377, il
  GOOSE NR, 'Decay and regeneration in seventeenth century Reading: a study in a changing economy.', Southern History (1984) 53-74.
  TAYLOR J, 'Plague in the towns of Hampshire: the epidemic of 1665-6.', Southern History (1984) 104-22.
  DOUCET M & WEAVER JC, 'Town fathers and urban community: the roots of community power and physical form, in Hamilton, Upper Canada in the 1830s.', Urban History Review (1984) 75-90.
  FREZOULS E, 'Evergétisme et construction urbaine dans le Trois Gaules et les Germanies.', Revue du Nord (1984) 27-54.
  OURSEL H, 'Les vitraux de l'Eglise du Sacré-Coeur à Lille.', Revue du Nord (1984) 599-618.
  TAILLEFER M, La franc-maonnerie toulousaine sous l'Ancien Régime et la Révolution 1741-1799., Paris : Documentation française (1984) pp 316
  BOSANQUET CBP, London: some account of its growth, charitable agencies and wants. [Reprint of 1868 edn]., New York : Garland (1984) pp xi+323
  Ratby probate inventories 1621-1844., Leicester : Chamberlain Music and Books (1984) pp 50
  STRICKLAND TJ, Roman Chester., Nelson : Hendon (1984) pp 48, il
  KIDD AJ, 'The Social Democratic Federation and popular agitation among the unemployed in Edwardian Manchester.', International Review of Social History (1984) .
  SHAW G, 'Directories as sources in urban history: a review of British and Canadian material.', Urban History Yearbook (1984) 36-44.
  ADCOCK B, 'Regenerating Merseyside docklands: the Merseyside Development Corporation 1981-1984.', Town Planning Review (1984) 265-89.
  FRANCIS D, '1919: the Winnipeg general strike.', History Today (1984) 4-8.
  NELSON D, 'The CIO at bay: labor militancy and politics in Akron, 1936-1938.', Journal of American History (1984) 565-86.
  BOYLAN AM, 'Women in groups: an analysis of women's benevolent organizations in New York and Boston, 1797-1840', Journal of American History (1984) 497-523.
  GULLIVER S, 'The area project of the Scottish Development Agency.', Town Planning Review (1984) 322-34.
  DANIELS R, 'Hope House, West Street, Yarm.', Cleveland and Teeside Local History Society Bulletin (1984) 37-41.
  FRANCIS JONES G, Cows, cards and cockneys., Borth : Author (1984) pp 143
  LAWRENCE SMITH K, God hath made me laugh: an autobiographical story of life between the wars in Worcester., Sheffield : Bridge (1984) pp 174, il
  OSBORNE D, Halstead and Colne Valley at war 1939-45., Halstead & District Local History Soc (1984) pp 85
  DUBOIS J & BEAUMONT MALLET L, Sainte Genéviève de Paris: la vie, la culte, l'art., Paris : Beauchesne (1984) pp 168
  ADKINS B, 'The old vicarage Horsefair, Banbury.', Cake and Cockhorse (1984) 139-42.
  LABUSCHANGE E, 'Jacobsdal - juweel van Wes-Transvaal: the town of Jacobsdal - gem of the Western Transvaal.', Restorica (1984) 9-16.
  FOLLIE MM, 'De quelques bibliothèques metatrices au temps de la Papauté d'Avignon.', Revue Francaise d’Histoire de Livre (1984) 247-56.
  SALMO N, 'L'édition chinoise dans le mond insulindien (fin XIXe siècle - début du XXe siècle).', Revue Francaise d’Histoire de Livre (1984) 111-35.
  SHAW SG, 'Les débuts de l'imprimerie gouvernmentale et commerciale en Jede.', Revue Francaise d’Histoire de Livre (1984) 371-80.
  GONTHIER N, 'Délinquantes ou victimes: les femmes dans la société Lyonnaise du XVe siècle.', Revue Historique (1984) 25-46.
  JENNINGS JC, 'La presse havraise et esclavage.', Revue Historique (1984) 45-71.
  WHITES L, 'The charitable and the poor: the emergence of domestic politics in Augusta, Georgia, 1860.', Journal of Social History (1984) 601-16.
  WARD D, Country towns., Readers Digest Assoc (1984) pp 183, il
  Urban conservation and historic buildings: a guide to the legislation., London : Architectural (1984) pp ix+118
  DEWAR D, Urban policy and city development., Cape Town : SA Labour & Development Research Unit (1984)
  HITCHMAN HG, Harwich: a nautical history., Harwich : Author (1984) pp 151, il
  BONNET R, 'La Fronde des officiers: mouvement réformiste ou rébellion corporaliste?', Dix Septieme Siecle (1984) 323-40.
  CONSTANT JM, 'La troisième Fronde: les gentils hommes et les libertés nobilaines.', Dix Septieme Siecle (1984) 341-54.
  CASSELL M, Inside Nationwide: one hundred years of cooperation., London : Nationwide Building Soc (1984) pp 151
  VINER D, 'Tetbury brewery and Cirencester maltings.', Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology Journal (1984) 31-6.
  AITKEN P et al, The Homesteads: Stirling's garden suburb., Stirling : Aitken (1984)
  DANIELS R, 'The medieval defences of Hartlepool, Cleveland: the results of excavation and survey.', Durham Archaeological Journal (1984) 67-71; 2
  EVERITT S, Lost Berlin., London : Garland (1984) pp viii+461
  LLOYD D & KLEIN P, Ludlow: a historic town in words and pictures., Chichester : Phillimore (1984) pp 132, il
  SANTMYER HH, Ohio Town., New York : Harper & Row (1984) pp 309, il
  HURL LF, 'The Toronto Housing Company, 1912-1923: the pitfalls of painless philanthropy.', Canadian Historical Review (1984) 28-53.
  WALKER RB, 'Advertising in London newspapers 1650-1750.', Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1984) 315-50.
  LEE A, Cheltenham racecourse., London : Pelham (1984)
  WALTON JE, A history of Dalton-in-Furness., Chichester : Phillimore (1984) pp xiii+129, il
  DALY ME, Dublin the deposed capital: a social and economic history 1860-1914., Cork : Cork UP (1984) pp 373, il
  Barton on Humber in the 1850s: cradle to the grave., WEA Barton on Humber Branch 1 (1984)
  SILL M, 'Land ownership and industry: the East Durham coalfield in the nineteenth century.', Northern History (1984) 146-66.
  CALLCOTT M, 'The challenge of cholera: the last epidemic at Newcastle upon Tyne.', Northern History (1984) 167-86.
  ROUSE JW, A case for vision, in Porter PR & Sweet DC eds, Rebuilding America's cities: roads to recovery., New Brunswick : Centre for Urban Policy Research (1984) pp 22-32
  CROUCH P, A glimpse into Edwardian Haverhill., Haverhill & District Local Hist Soc 1 (1984)
  TALBERT RJA ed, Atlas of classical history., London : Croom Helm (1984) pp 224
  REEDER DA ed, Charles Booth's descriptive map of London poverty 1889., London Topographical Soc (1984)
  SZUCHMAN MD, 'Disorder and social control in Buenos Aires, 1810-1860.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1984) 83-110.
  BAYLOON N et al, 'Inner city versus new town: a comparison of manufacturing performance.', Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (1984) 21-30.
  RABINOWITZ HN, 'Half a loaf: the shift from white to black teachers in the negro schools of the urban south 1865-1890.', Local History (1984) 156-60.
  PARTON AG & MATTHEWS MH, 'The returns of Poor Law out-relief - a source for the local historian.', Local History (1984) 25-31.
  PACK JR, 'Urban spatial transformation: Philadelphia, 1850 to 1880, hetrogeneity to homogeneity?', Social Science History (1984) 425-54.
  BILES R, 'Ed Crump versus the unions: the labor movement in Memphis during the 1930s.', Labour Historian (1984) 533-52.
  WOODS DC, 'Customary rights and popular legitimation: industrial stealing in the Black Country.', West Midland Studies (1984) 7-20.
  GLASCO LA, 'Ethnicity and social structure: Irish, Germans and native-born of Buffalo, NY, 1850-1860.', California History (1984) 114-34.
  CABANTOUS A, 'Rodez et sa populations dans la première moitié du XVIIIe siècle: évolution d'emeuble et attraction ungratoire.', Annales du Midi (1984) 149-70.
  LEE BA et al, 'Testing the decline of community thesis: neighbourhood organisations in Seattle, 1929 and 1979.', American Journal of Sociology (1984) 1161-88.
  ANDERSON L, 'Hard Choices: supplying water in New England towns.', Journal of Interdisciplinary History (1984) 211-34.
  RUDEL TK & NEAIGUS A, 'Inflation, new homeowners and down grading in the 1980s', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies (1984) 129-38.
  KIPNIS BA, 'Plant size and urban growth.', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies (1984) 53-62.
  LUBELL H, 'Third world urbanization and international assistance.', Urban Studies/Utopian Studies (1984) 1-13.
  HOFFMANN S, 'Kitchener Public Library 1884-1984.', Waterloo HS (1984) 34-9.
  NICOLET C ed, Des ordres à Rome., Paris : Publication de la Sorbonne (1984) pp 280
  1851 surname index of Manchester., Manchester : The Society (1984) pp iv+59, il
  PURLE B, A chronology of Rochester to 1899., Rainham : Meresborough (1984) pp 24
  HANNIN V, 'La fondation de l'hospice de la charité [1779]: une expèrience médicale au temps du rationalisme expérimental.', Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine (1984) 116-30.
  WALSH LS, 'Urban amenities and rural sufficiency: living standards and consumer behaviour in the colonial Chesapeake, 1643-1777.', Journal of Economic History (1984) 109-17.
  EDNER SM, 'The evolution of an urban intergovernmental transportation decision system: Portland's investment in light transit.', Journal of Urban Affairs (1984) 81-96.
  SCRANTON P, 'Milling about: family firms and urban manufacturing in textile Philadelphia, 1840-1865.', Journal of Urban History (1984) 259-94.
  CURR GG, 'Who saved York walls? The roles of William Etty and the Corporation of York.', York History (1984) 25-38.
  HALL M, 'Who know, but it may continue?': 200 years of Methodism in Quinton., Halesowen : Quinton Methodist Church Council (1984) pp 54, il
  CREPILLON P, 'Une vade mecum honfleurais du début du XIXe siècle.', Annales de Normandie (1984) 413-20.
  CHAPPE F, 'Paimpol (1880-1914) Mythes et réalités.', Annales de Bretagne et des Pays de L'Ouest (1984) 171-92
  YUJI O, 'Tange Kenzo: a half century of architectural achievements.', Japan Quarterly (1984) 193-6.
  BARBER BJ ed, Guide to the Quarter Sessions Records of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1637-1971 and other official records., Wakefield : West Yorks Archive Services (1984)
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  BURNS KV, The Devonport dockyard story, Liskeard : Maritime Books (1984) pp 126, il
  LAMOUREUX G, Ottawa 1900-1926 et sa population canadienne-française., Ottawa : author (1984)
  RIPLEY P, 'Village and town: occupation and wealth in the hinterland of Gloucester 1660-1700.', Agricultural History Review (1984) 170-8.
  VAN NAS W, 'The role of suburban government in the city building process: the case of Notre Dame de Grâces, Québec, 1876-1910.', Urban History Review (1984) 91-103.
  LOTTIN A, 'Le bannissement des protestants de Lille après le paix d'Amiens (1579-1582).', Revue du Nord (1984) 481-98.
  DERVILLE A, 'Les origines de Gravelines et de Calais.', Revue du Nord (1984) 1051-69.
  BLACKWELDER JK, Women of the Depression: caste and culture in San Antonio., College Station : Texas A&M UP (1984)
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  FORSYTHE B, 'Prisons and panopticons.', Social Policy and Administration (1984) 68-88.
  BRADLEY J, ''Once you've eaten Khitrov soup, you'll never leave': slum clearance in late Imperial Russia.', Russian History (1984) 1-28.
  McLEOD H, 'Class and religion in the late Victorian city.', Studi Storica (1984) 87-107.
  DUNCAN R, Calderbank: an industrial and social history., Coatsbridge : Monklands Library Service (1984) pp 36, il
  OLDFIELD G, 'The Nottingham lace market.', Textile History (1984) 191-208.
  DEBERCH M, 'Les oeuvres imprimées des mission européennes au Japon à Goa, Macao, Manille: 1588-1630.', Revue Francaise d’Histoire de Livre (1984) 187-205.
  ARMITAGE P, 'New evidence of black rats in Roman London.', London Archaeology (1984) 375-82.
  CRUMP J, 'Patronage, pleasure and profit: a study of the Theatre Royal, Leicester 1847-1900.', Theatre News (1984) 77-87.
  HOWARD D, 'Working class culture and fascism in an Italian industrial town 1918-1922.', Social History (1984) 1-24.
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  MORRISH PS, 'Church attendance at Ripon in 1891: a contemporary assessment.', Northern History (1984) 217-23.
  McCALMAN I, 'Unrespectable radicalism: infidels and pornography in early nineteenth century London.', Past and Present (1984) 74-110
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  Stafford shoes., Stafford : Staffordshire County Council Education Depart (1984)
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  LOTCHIN RW ed, The martial metropolis: US cities in war and peace, 1900-1970., New York : Praeger (1984)
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