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2001   SOLOMIDOU-IERONYMIDOU M, 'Medieval sugar mills of Episkopi Serayia and Kolossi, Cyprus', American Journal of Archaeology (2001) 254
  CARR K, 'Roman, Visigothic and Islamic houses: changes in the construction of Iberian domestic space over time', American Journal of Archaeology (2001) 306
  GOTHAM KF, 'A city without slums: urban renewal public housing and the downtown revitalization in Kansas City Missouri', American Journal of Economics and Society (2001) 285-316
  NAISH PD, 'Fantasia Bronxiana: Freedomland and Co-op City', New York History (2001) 259-99
  ADLER JS, '‘Halting the slaughter of innocents’: the civilizing process and the surge in violence in turn-of-the-century Chicago', Social Science History (2001) 29-52
  VENKATESH S, 'Chicago’s pragmatic planners: American sociology and the myth of community', Social Science History (2001) 275-317
  NELSON JA, '‘Abortions under community control’: Feminism, nationalism, and the politics of reproduction among New York City’s young lords', Journal of World History (2001) 157-80
  MCINTOSH T, 'Urban demographic stagnation in early modern Germany: A simulation', JInH XXXI (2001) 581-612
  GRONIM SS, 'Geography and persuasion: maps in British colonial New York', WMQ LVIII (2001) 373-402
  BREEDLOVE AM, '‘Inspired and possessed’: San Francisco women newspaper publishers', California History (2001) 48-62
  FULTZ M, 'Charleston, 1919-1920: the final battle in the emergence of the south’s urban African American teaching corps', Journal of Urban History (2001) 633-649
  DAVISON G, 'The European city in Australia', Journal of Urban History (2001) 779-793
  RAY I, 'Imperial policy and the decline of the Bengal salt industry under colonial rule: an episode in the de-industrialisation process', Indian Economic and Social History Review (2001) 181-205
  ARBELAEZ MS, 'Low-budget films for Fronterizos and Mexican migrants in the United States', Journal of the Southwest (2001) 637-57
  WALL R, 'The family circumstances of women migrating permanently or temporarily to Sundsvall in the nineteenth century', Scandinavian Economic History Review (2001) 46-61
  RAST J, 'Manufacturing industrial decline: the politics of economic change in Chicago, 1955-1998', Journal of Urban Affairs (2001) 175-90
  NGUYEN JH, 'Laying the foundations: domestic service in Natchez, 1862-1877', Journal of Mississippi History (2001) 35-62
  POLASKY J, 'Transplanting and rooting workers in London and Brussels: a comparative history', Journal of Modern History (2001) 528-560
  DI BARTOLO L, 'The geography of reported domestic violence in Brisbane: a social justice perspective', Annales de Geographie / Australian Geographer (2001) 321-341
  DOWDY GW, '‘A business government by a business man’: E. H. Crump as a progressive mayor, 1910-1915', Tennessee Historical Quarterly (2001) 162-75
  MCCORMICK A, 'Nottingham’s underground maltings and other medieval caves: architecture and dating', Thoroton Society Transactions (Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire) (2001) 73-99
  WOLFF L, 'Dynastic conservatism and poetic violence in fin-de-siècle Cracow: the Habsburg matrix of Polish modernism', American Historical Review (2001) 735-764
  NEAMINI S, 'Desaix devant Thèbes', Annales Historique de la Révolution Française (2001) 63-68
  WHITEHAND JWR & CARR CMH, 'The creators of England’s inter-war suburbs', Urban History (2001) 218-234
  REVILL G, '‘Railway Derby’: occupational community, paternalism and corporate culture, 1850-90', Urban History (2001) 378-404
  KLUSAKOVA L, 'Between reality and stereotype: town views of the Balkans', Urban History (2001) 358-377
  COQUELET C, 'Organisation et articulation de l’habitat précoce dans les villes du Nord de la Gaule', Revue du Nord (2001) 9-14
  MONNET P, 'Ville réelle et ville idéale à la fin du Moyen Age: une géographie au prisme des témoignages auto-biographiques allemands', Annales Histoire, Sciences, Sociales (2001) 591-621
  PATRICK RP Jr, 'A nail in the coffin of racism: the story of the Columbians', The Georgia Historical Review (2001) 245-66
  LEWIS RD, 'A city transformed: manufacturing districts and suburban growth in Montreal, 1850-1929', Journal of Historical Geography (2001) 20-35
  KINDA A, 'The concept of ‘townships’ in Britain and the British colonies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries', Journal of Historical Geography (2001) 137-152
  FREUND B, 'Contracts in urban segregation: a tale of two African cities, Durban (South Africa) and Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)', Journal of South African Studies (2001) 527-546
  LAFI N, 'Ville arabe et modernité administrative municipale: Tripoli (Libye actuelle), 1795-1911', Histoire Urbaine (2001) 149-168
  AUBERT G, 'La noblesse et la ville au XVIIIe siècle. Réflexions à partir du cas rennais', Histoire Urbaine (2001) 127-149
  DART G, '‘Flash style’: Pierce Egan and literary London, 1820-28', History Workshop Journal (2001) 181-205
  HARRIS R & LEWIS R, 'The geography of North American cities and suburbs, 1900-1950', Journal of Urban History (2001) 262-292
  JACKSON KC, 'The Sidgwicks of Skipton: the rise and fall of a family firm (1785-1890)', Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (2001) 133-153
  MULLER EK, 'Lubove’s Pittsburgh', Pennsylvania History (2001) 336-53
  HUFF WG, 'Entitlements, destitution and emigration in the 1930s Singapore great depression', EcHR LIV (2001) 290-323
  MARTIN CT, 'New unionism at the grassroots: The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America in Rochester, new York, 1914-29', Labor History (2001) 237-253
  MRAZ J, 'Photographing Mexico', Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos (2001) 193-211
  QUINAULT R, 'From national to world metropolis: governing London, 1750-1850', London Journal (2001) 38-46
  WAREING J, '‘Violently taken away or cheatingly duckoyed’: the illicit recruitment in London of indentured servants for the American colonies, 1645-1718', London Journal (2001) 1-22
  HYDE CK, '‘Detroit dynamic’: the industrial history of Detroit from cigars to cars', Missouri Historical Review (2001) 57-74
  FONSECAM & SOBREIRA M, 'Unbridled development of urban space and its implications for the preservation of landmarks: the Morro da Archaeological Site, Ouro Preto, Brazil', Cities (2001) 381-389
  MCKENNA CD, 'Two strikes and you’re out: the demise of the New York Herald Tribune', Historian (92, 93, 94, 95, 98) (2001) 287-308
  THORNTON P & OLSON S, 'A deadly discrimination among Montreal infants, 1860-1900', Continuity and Change (2001) 95-135
  BUCHANAN TC, 'Rascals on the antebellum Mississippi: African American steamboat workers and the St. Louis hanging of 1841', Journal of Social History (2001) 797-816
  HURD M, 'Scandinavian childhoods (review essay)', Journal of Urban History (2001) 72-80
  PATTON RL, 'Mining the Gold Coast: the development of Shaw Industries in Georgia’s carpet capital', Atlanta History (2001) 4-20
  KOSCHNIK A, 'The democratic societies of Philadelphia and the limits of the American public sphere, circa 1793-1795', WMQ LVIII (2001) 615-636
  DUBERT I, 'Attraction urbaine et dynamiques migratoires du service domestique en Galice; 1752-1924', Annales de Demographie Historique (2001) 155-176
  SELIGMAN AI, '‘Apologies to Dracula, Werewolf, and Frankenstein’: white homeowners and blockbusters in postwar Chicago', Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (2001) 70-95
  MOHL RA, 'Race and housing in the postwar city: an explosive history', Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (2001) 8-30
  GUNNARSDOTTIR E, 'The convent of Santa Clara, the elite and social change in eighteenth century Queretero', Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies (2001) 257-290
  TAYLOR LD, 'The mining boom of Baja, California from 1850 to 1890 and the emergence of Tijuana as a border community', Journal of the Southwest (2001) 463-92
  ALLEN D, 'The public water supply of Ipswich before the Municipal Corporations Act of 1835', SuffIAH XL (2001) 31-54
  LEWIS R, 'Redesigning the workplace: the North American factory in the interwar period', Technology and Culture (2001) 665-84
  BLUM AS, 'Conspicuous benevolence: liberalism, public welfare, and private charity in Porfirian Mexico City, 1877-1910', Americas/The Americas: A Quarterly Review of Inter-American Cultural History (2001) 7-38
  SHUMWAY JM, '‘The purity of my blood cannot put food on my table’: changing attitudes towards interracial marriage in 19th century Buenos Aires', AM (2001) 201-220
  FRIEDMAN D, 'Fiorenza: geography and representation in a fifteenth-century city view', Zeitschrift fur Kunstgeschichte (2001) 56-77
  WHELAN Y, 'Symbolising the state - the iconography of O’Connell Street and environs after independence (1922)', Irish Geographer (2001) 135-156
  ZHAO Z, 'Registered household and micro-social structure in China: residential patterns in three settlements in Beijing area', Journal of Family History (2001) 39-65
  JOHNSTON R, FORREST J & POULSEN M, 'Sydney’s ethnic geography: new approaches to analysing patterns of residential concentration', Annales de Geographie / Australian Geographer (2001) 149-162
  WALKER R & LEWIS RD, 'Beyond the crabgrass frontier: industry and the spread of North American cities, 1850-1950', Journal of Historical Geography (2001) 3-19
  SIDNEY MS, 'Images of race, class, and markets: rethinking the origin of US fair housing policy', Journal of Planning History (2001) 181-214
  RIMMINGTON GT, 'Thomas Robinson: evangelical clergyman in Leicester, 1774-1813', Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society (2001) 105-117
  KEENE D, 'Issues of water in medieval London to c.1300', Urban History (2001) 161-179
  EMBRY J, 'North Logan: a town without a plan', Utah Historical Quarterly (2001) 139-51
  DAUMALIN X & RAVEUX O, 'Marseille (1831-1865). Une révolution industrielle entre Europe du Nord et Méditérranée', Annales Histoire, Sciences, Sociales (2001) 153-176
  HALL C, 'Cities of empire', Journal of Urban History (2001) 193-199
  SELF R, 'Writing landscapes of class, power and racial division: the problem of (sub)urban space and place in postwar America', Journal of Urban History (2001) 237-250
  LOTITO MP, A cidade como espetáculo: publicidade e vida urbana na Sao Paulo dos anos 20, Sao Paulo : Annablume (2001)
  RUBIO PF, A history of affirmative action, 1619-2000, Jackson : University of Mississippi Press (2001)
  MARTINSON T, American dreamscape: the pursuit of happiness in post war suburbia, New York : Carroll & Graf (2001)
  CORLISS W, Ancient structures: remarkable pyramids, forts, towers, stone chambers, cities, complexes, Glenn Arm : The Sourcebook Project (2001)
  DAVID F, Au temps de l’industrie textile. 2. Darnétal, Joué les Tours : A Sutton (2001) pp 128, il
  MUIR JH, Glasgow in 1901, Oxford : White Cockade (2001) pp xxxi + 255, il
  ALIS RL (2nd ed), Histoire de la ville et de la baronnie de Sainte-Bazeille: depuis l’époque gallo-romaine jusqu’à nos jours, Paris : Le livre d’histoire (2001) pp 630
  Ipswich from the first to the third millennium: papers from an Ipswich Society symposium., Ipswich : Ipswich Society (2001) pp ix + 99, il
  HICKMAN D ed, Lincoln wills, 1532-1534, Woodbridge : Boydell Press (2001) pp xxviii + 474
  RENDELL J, Old Bude, Catrine : Stenlake (2001) pp 48, il
  LALLEMAND P, Pont-à-Mousson: un siècle de vie quotidienne, Sarreguemines : Pierron (2001) pp 211
  ROBERTS D, Reflections of Swansea, Derby : Breedon Books (2001) pp 213, il
  HATCHER J & MERLANE G eds, Richmond: a review of the millennium, Richmond : Richmond and District Civic Society (2001) pp v + 91, il
  MIRANVILLE A, Saint-Paul de la Réunion: histoire et mutations d’une petite ville coloniale, Paris : L’Harmattan (2001) pp 144
  MADIGAN T, The Burning: massacre, destruction, and the Tulsa race riot of 1921, New York : St. Martin’s (2001)
  LIGNEREUX Y, 'L’éloquence des lieux; le pont de la Saône à Lyon en 1635', Histoire Urbaine (2001) 103-118
  TADDEI I, 'L’encadrement des jeunes à Florence au XVe siècle', Histoire Urbaine (2001) 119-132
  LAFON X, 'Libre propos: Sur les fondations coloniales romaines', Histoire Urbaine (2001) 169-187
  BJORN L & GALLERT J, Before Mowtown: a history of Jazz Detroit, 1920-60, Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press (2001)
  BEAUFILS M & BEAUFILS J, Biarritz, Joué les Tours : A Sutton (2001) pp 128, il
  BURTON RDE, Blood in the city: violence and revelation in Paris, 1789-1945, Ithaca; London : Cornell University Press (2001) pp xv + 395, il
  RONDEL E, Brest: un port pour l’Amérique 1917-1919, Fréhel : Astoure (2001) , il
  SOUYRI JC, Carmaux, Joué les Tours : A Sutton (2001) pp 128, il
  POSTIC M, Carrier et la terreur de Nantes: récit, Paris : L’Harmattan (2001) pp 302
  MILLER S ed, Charters of the new minster, Winchester, Oxford : Oxford University Press (2001) pp lxvii + 244
  WATT J, Choosing death: suicide and Calvinism in early modern Geneva, Kirksville : Truman State University Press (2001)
  MONTCLOS B, Civilisation de Saint-Pétersbourg, Paris : Mengès (2001) pp 278, il
  DYSON S, Community and society in Roman Italy, Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press (2001)
  PIKE JR, Torquay: a photographic history of your town, Teffont : Black Horse for WHSmith (2001) pp 62, il
  DUMONT J & DUMONT M, Dammarie-les-Lys, Joué les Tours : A Sutton (2001) pp 128, il
  COCKS C, Doing the town: the rise of urban tourism in the United States, 1850-1915, Berkeley : University of California Press (2001) , il
  FOGELSON RM, Downtown: Its rise and fall, 1880-1950, Yale University Press (2001)
  BOYER R et al, Draguignan, 2.000 ans d’histoire, La Tour d’Aigues : Ed. de l’Aube (2001) pp 192, il
  SANDRONI C, Feitiço decente: transformaçoes do samba no Rio de Janeiro, 1917-1933, Rio De Janeiro : Editora UFRJ (2001)
  SLAP AL, '‘The strong arm of the military power of the United States’: the Chicago fire, the constitution, and reconstruction', Civil War History: A Journal of the Middle Period (2001) 146-63
  COBURN A, 'No second Eden: social conditions in Harpenden in the late 1850s', Hertfordshire’s Past (2001) 17-21
  AUGUST A, 'A culture of consolation? Rethinking politics in working-class London, 1870-1914', Historical Research (2001) 193-219
  RUGGIN F-J, 'The urban gentry in England, 1660-1780, a French approach', Historical Research (2001) 249-270
  CALHOON CM, 'Tuberculosis, race, and the delivery of health care in Harlem, 1922-1939', Radical History (2001) 101-20
  LYONS CA, 'Single in the Quaker city', Reviews in American History (2001) 15-22
  SEAGER DR, 'Barre, Vermont granite workers and the struggle against silicosis, 1890-1960', Labor History (2001) 61-79
  MODELL J, Suburbanization and change in the American family., Derby : Breedon (2001) pp 214, il
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  HEPPLEWHITE P compiler, Newcastle upon Tyne, Stroud : Tempus (2001) pp 128, il
  SOUZA R, Nice, capitale d’hiver: le développement urbain de Nice au début du XXe siècle, Nice : Serre (2001) pp 256, il
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  GAILLARD M, Paris au temps de Balzac: l’époque romantique, Etrepally : Presses du Village (2001) pp 206
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  LEDERHENDLER E, New York Jews and the decline of urban ethnicity, 1950-1970, Syracuse UP (2001)
  ROME AW, The bulldozer in the countryside: suburban sprawl and the rise of American Environmentalism, Cambridge : Cambridge UP (2001)
  ABROMAVICI P & MOURNAUD C, Un rocher bien occupé: Monaco pendant la guerre 1939-1945, Paris : Seuil (2001) pp 372
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