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Q   CHEEK W & CHEEK ALC, 'Culture and kinship: John Mercer Langston in Cincinnati: 1840-48.', Queen City Heritage (1989) 25-36.
  CHEEK W & CHEEK ALC, 'Culture and kinship: John Mercer Langston in Cincinnati 1840-48.', Queen City Heritage (1989) 25-36.
  VENABLE HL & McGLOTHLIN JD, 'The quality of housing and working conditions in the development of public health in Cincinnati 1798-1900.', Queen City Heritage (1991)
  JACKSON KT, 'The beginning of the end: World War II and the American city.', Queen City Heritage (1996) 3-10.
  MILLER RE, 'The war that never came: civilian defense in Cincinnati, Ohio during world war II', Queen City Heritage (1991) 3-22.
  MIDDLETON S, 'We must not fail!!!*: Horace Sadduth, Queen City entrepreneur', Queen City Heritage (1991)
  BAHRA PJ, 'Refreshing enjoyment, healthful excitement: early bicycling in Cincinnati.', Queen City Heritage (1996) 14-34.
  ROSENTHAL B, 'The New Deal art projects in Cincinnati.', Queen City Heritage (1996) 19-36.
  HARMON F, 'Nineteenth century female offenders, vagrants, and nuns: a Cincinnati experiment in prison reform.', Queen City Heritage (1998) 25-38.
  WHYMAN J, 'A three week holiday in Ramsgate during July and August 1829.', Queen City Heritage (1989) 3-17
  LINDENMEYER K, 'Views from the life of Paul Briol: Cincinnati’s unconventional photographer.', Queen City Heritage (1989) 9-25.
  HEAPS JD, 'The cultivation of the Taft Museum neighborhood 1900-1932', Queen City Heritage (1995) 3-22.
  'Una guistizia personalizzata: I tribunali civili di Roma nel XVII secolo', Quaderni Storica (1999) 389-412
  LINTEAU P-A, 'La montée du cosmopolitanisme montréalais.', Questions de culture (1982) 23-53.
  SIMCOX K, 'A town at war: Shrewsbury 1939-1945.', Queen City Heritage (1989) 3-17.
  SPRAUL-SCHMIDT J, 'Designing the late nineteenth century suburban landscape: the Cincinnati Zoological Garden', Queen City Heritage (1993) 40-51.
  ROSS S, 'We who built the Queen city.', Queen City Heritage (1989) 13-29
  BLUM C, 'A devotion to the West: the settlement of Cincinnati, 1788-1801.', Queen City Heritage (1990) 3-20.
  TOLZMANN DH, 'The German image of Cincinnati before 1830.', Queen City Heritage (1984) 31-38
  BERAUX N, '‘Women’s work’ vs ‘men’s work’ in nineteenth century Cincinnati.', Queen City Heritage (1989) 17-32.
  LAKES R, 'Ambition and success: technical schooling in nineteenth century Cincinatti.', Queen City Heritage (1989) 29-41.
  REGINA K, 'A soldier's story: the life of Bob ToeWater', Queen City Heritage (1991)
  WESTHEIMER C, 'The durable Cincinnati stock exchange', Queen City Heritage (1991)
  MASON J, 'Owen Wister [1860-1938]: champion of Old Charleston.', Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress (1972) 162-85.
  RAMELLA F, 'Industria e transformazioni sociali: appunti per una ricerca sui tessitori del Biellese.', Quaderni Storica (1973) 192-201
  MILLER ZL, 'Corruption ain't what it used to be: city politics, ethics, and the public welfare', Queen City Heritage (1991)
  HURLEY D, 'A vision of Cincinnati: the worker murals of Winold Reiss', Queen City Heritage (1993) 81-96.
  LINDEN-WARD B, 'The greening of Cincinnati: Adolph Strauch's legacy in park design', Queen City Heritage (1993) 20-39.
  DATTA K, 'A Portuguese travel account of eighteenth century Bengal.', Quarterly Review of Historical Studies (1998) 20-8.
  ANSELMI S, 'Commerci, porti, e marine mediterranee fra Mediaevo et Eta moderne.', Quaderni Storica (1973) 233-37.
  CANGI EC, 'Krankenhaus, culture and community: the Deaconess Hospital of Cincinnati, Ohio,1888-1920', Queen City Heritage (1990)
  CHACE LL, 'Otto Onken: his Cincinnati scenes', Queen City Heritage (1991) 21-29.
  SCHARF J & STAGER R, 'It all started with steamboats: the Niles works and the origins of Cincinnati's machine tool industry.', Queen City Heritage (1996) 35-48.
  SCHWENINGER JN, 'Sustaining the civil authorities: the Ohio National Guard and the Cincinnati riot of 1884.', Queen City Heritage (1999)
  WALTON PJ, 'Robert Yaxley, Tudor Physician', Q (2011) 253-62.2 Population, 18 Medicine, London Medieval-early mod (1459-1540) medical profession
  SALMAN J, 'Grub Street in Amsterdam? Jacobus (I) van Egmont, the devil's corner and the literary underground in the eighteenth century', Qua (2012) 134-57.9 Urban culture, 76 Exchange of information

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