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X   XIONG VC, 'Recent approaches to studies of pre-modern Chinese urban history', Journal of Urban History (2003) 187-98
  XIA PLANES X, Education et politique en Chine: le rôle des élites de Jiangsu, 1905-1914, Paris : éds. EHESS (2001) pp 438
  XU J,, YEH A & WI F,, 'Land commodification: new land development and politics in China since the late 1990s.', Internal Journal of Urban and Regional Research (2009). 890–913.
  XUE CQL, ZOU H, LI B & HUI KC, 'The shaping of early Hong Kong: transplantation and adaptation by the British professionals, 1841–1941', Planning Perspectives (2012) 549-68.8 Shaping the urban environment, 70 Town planning (and environmental control)

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